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  1. I’d like to get into the world of breeding f fish for profit, and I’m using profit very loosely here because I’m totally fine with spending more money to keep a tank running than I make on the fish I sell. My question is what fish can I keep in my shed year long that would be fairly easy to breed for at least part of the year. I live in SC and the shed is not insulated, I’ve kept a 10g in there before and in the summer the water would stay in the mid 90s. At winter it won’t go under 65. Any suggestions on something that could tolerate these temps? Also specifically I’d love to keep some shrimp, would any of the typical species be ok?
  2. Hey all, At this time I've hit my maximum on aquarium realestate. I can't find a new spot to put an aquarium without driving the people I live with mad. At the same time, I'm also enjoying the fruits of breeding fish for profit, and I'd like to continue expanding that side of my hobby. My fish for profit tank is a 40B with a fancy strain of dumbo guppies that have been very prolific as well as some bristlenose plecos I've been growing out for a year that are on the cusp of sexual maturity. I'd like to add another strain of guppies to my profiteering set up, but I don't have room for even an extra ten gallon. So, my thinking is to either put a divider in the 40B or upgrade that 40B to a 55 I have sitting in storage with one or two dividers in that one. I've been eyeing the dividers that Flip Aquatics sells, thick sponges designed to keep shrimp strains from cross breeding. I figure if they're good enough to keep baby shrimp from crossing over, it might be good enough to keep two strains of guppies from crossing in the same tank. So, my questions for the forum are: What are your experiences with Flip Aquatics' tank divider? Can they be installed on a drained but not dry tank? Would they work with undergravel filters? Would they be effective in keeping fry from crossing over? Any alternatives to this product that would have a similar effect? Pictures of your setups would also be great. Thanks!
  3. Just wanted to share a success story. I brought in some fancy guppies from Twin Cities Guppies almost a year ago with the intent of doing fish for profit, inspired by Cory's series. My area had a dearth of quality guppies, seemingly because all the local breeders had moved on to other live-bearers and cichlids, so I decided to go for it in my 40 gallon. I've definitely diverged from Cory's advice by going specific strain as opposed to nice mutts, and I'm doing it in a much bigger tank than a 10 or 20, but apparently I've hit the market right. I've only been selling them to my store for the last three months, and just today they've called asking me for more, apparently demand is through the roof. The last time I delivered, I sold them 30 fish and they were sold out within a week. I'm actually running up to the point we're I don't know if I can keep up with the volume, which is an exciting problem to run into. I understand this might be a boom and bust scenario, and I'm okay with that; I'm very patient, and I've got some other breeding projects in the works to take its place. It's just really gratifying to have the fish store call you instead of the typical other way around, and I wanted to share that mark of success with you all. Thanks for all the support and tips! (The thumbnail is one of my juveniles)
  4. I have breeding for profit tank with tons of cherry shrimp and tons of plants and it is hard to catch them any suggestions to make it easier.
  5. Whenever @Cory mentions guppy “whales” I think of this tank. Here’s a few females ready to explode fry. This is a 5th grade classroom breeding-for-profit set up. This right-hand side of a divided 33 gal long is “mutt guppies” and yellow neocaridina.
  6. I originally had a Guppy/BN Pleco Breeding Tank but what I found was the BN Plecos did really well and the guppies just weren't breeding as well. I am separating and putting the guppies in a 40 Breeder with guppy grass. I wanted to add corydoras from another tank to give the bottom some activity but didn't want them to disrupt guppy breeding. I don't think they would eat the fry but wanted to have success since I am restarting my breeding operation. Don't care to breed the corydoras if it happens it happens. Putting the BN Plecos in a separate tank with more driftwood and hiding places so they can get attention and have easier access to catch to sell.
  7. Sold grown up Fry and Plants at LFS today. Got $62. Anacharis, Ludwigia Repens, Wisteria, Water Lettuce Corydoras Aeneus (Bronze Corys), Koi Angelfish, Electric Blue Acara. Not gettin' rich, but it helps offset the hobby.
  8. Hi everyone hope ye are doing well. I have 6 raphael catfish that i have raised their about 3 and a half inches now. Does any1 have any idea what could i sell them at.
  9. I am unintentionally breeding cloud minnows in my snail tank. I used them to cycle my main tank. So this has lead me to some thoughts and questions. What do you do with the babies when they grow? How do you get into becoming a professional fish breeder? THANKS
  10. Alright I have this empty 10 gallon. It was one of the starter kits that came with little led lights and a filter. I am planing on setting up a "breeding for profit tank" (i know there isn't much profit involved, so its more for fun). I plan on putting mollys and cherry shrimp. I would like to keep these lights that came with the tank even though I know not many plants will thrive under those conditions. Here are the plants I was thinking about -Hornwort -Cryptacorne Wendetii -Moss -Possibly Anubius What do you guys think? Are these plants require more light? Here is the starter kit: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/tetra-complete-led-aquarium-kit-10-gallon/6000187104461?cmpid=sem_google_en_pla_none_6530281610_83783310932_None&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAiAu8SABhAxEiwAsodSZOBmNBnUF7KgV2gLLbwHIGL_t1wG7xm8XnM_NDDjTl9bKSbn8v0-shoCQUIQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds The lights are just two small led lights.
  11. Knowing that breeding fish won't create a profit, I wanna create a breeding to make money tank. Here is what I'm thinking, let me know what you guys think: 10 Gallon heavily planted with floating plants, guppy grass, moss Cherry Shrimp Fancy Guppies Will the guppies eat the baby shrimp even with the heavily planted setup?
  12. i have got a cycled 20 gallon tank , planning to start breeding guppies for profit just to try. any recommendations to choose from.
  13. As I posted in the intro section I think it is time to setup some new tanks for breeding guppies. But hoping to get some advice. My goal is to setup 2 tanks where I can breed and be able to sale to the local store. I know I won't get rich but $50-75 per month is good for me. My question is over the years having breed guppies in my other tanks after a while the line starts to degrade. To prevent that from happening here is my idea let me know what you think. Ebay has little higher quality guppies so pick up a trio for $50. Then keep them together for about a month and then move one female to a new tank. Once spawned that will give me two of the same line. Then every 3-4 generation swap 5 or 6 males from each tank. My thought is 3-4 generations should be about every 12 months maybe a little more but to be safe. That should keep the lines pretty stable for years. What do you all think? Will this work or better to buy low quality and just drop 4 or 5 new males from the store in a year to each tank? I also know just guppy even higher end ones won't do $70 per month. So going to add Java moss or guppy grass and shrimp to the tanks. Between those two with the guppies I'm pretty sure I can get that out of each tank. Not sold on the idea of guppy grass, I know it grows faster but could be a little too much if the stores don't buy enough of it. My starting tank will be a 30g long 12" W, 12"H, 48"L (I think that is 30g) and I'm thinking of picking up a 20g long for my second. Put a fresh filter in my large tank last night to start seeding it and by the time I get fish (maybe 2 weeks) it will be ready to go in the starting tank. Then will start another filter for the other tank. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks
  14. How would you go about selling your fish and what are some beginner fish to breed I have asked about breeding discus before but from my research they don’t seem like the best for a beginner to breed(please correct me if I’m wrong)I’ve heard about mollies being a good one for beginners any other recommendations
  15. Tried selling online a few time only to have posts removed for not using punctuation the way they wanted or having buyers fall off the face of the earth. So I called up my LFS today just to check if they bought fish from hobbyists. They asked a few questions (species size and whatnot) then told me a price range they usually offer. Brought them right over and got more than I was initially expecting in cash with no negotiation. It was a pretty awesome experience. Update: stopped in today to check how the fish I sold them were doing and there were only 3 left! They sold 14 since Monday! The owner was extremely happy with them and said they will take any fish I have in the future. I asked if there's anything they have trouble getting that they'd like me to try breeding and they are having trouble getting small angelfish. Apparently only larger ones are getting imported. So I might be setting up the 20 high sitting in my basement soon.
  16. Hi, I'm new here, so I dont know all the ins and outs yet... Anyway, I have a 55g tank in my living room with African cichlids that I want to swap out for South American cichlids. 1) does anyone know which Black Diamond Blasting Media is the fish approved one? I was looking at the medium size at Tractor Supply, but I dont see any info about its actual size or whether it is rounded or sharp, or even WHAT it is made from. (Reviews say positive things, but who knows if they know which bag they bought lol) 2) I was thinking about electric blue acara, and geos, but I have no idea whether I can BREED those together. Basically looking for some pretty fish that are in demand that could live in a small tank in ones or twos (bigger customer base vs 13" fish that need 8 billion gallon tanks lol) 3) I'm in college, so maintenance needs to be fairly simple. Discus are out because of that. The tank is cycled and about 1 or 2 years old. I run two Penguin 350s on it, so no issues with filters etc. Thanks!
  17. Hi there folks, I've watched the breeding for profit series several times and today decided to turn my 15G long tank into what I hope is something that's going to work. My LFS has taken fish from me in the past for cash payments and we've got a good relationship built up. I'm mostly here to ask if you folks think this tank is going to work with the way it has been set up. The centre has a bundle of java moss, a nice cluster of rocks for the shrimplets, some valesneria, java fern on wood and a small crypt. Stocking is 10 painted fire red shrimp and my own line of red cobra guppies (1 male 5 female) that I bred from tiger endlers and sunset guppies. Thank you from the UK, Josh.
  18. Hi everyone. I'm looking for suggestions on species to breed for profit in my 10 and 55 gallon aquariums. I'm open to pretty much anything that can sell well and be reasonably easy to breed (German Blue Rams would be the highest difficulty I'd go for). I'm thinking at least one livebearer...not sure which tank to designate for that species though. Thanks for your suggestions!
  19. Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone has suggestions as far as livebearer species I could breed in a 10 gallon to sell to a local store. There are so many strains to choose from I just can't decide! Not sure if makes more sense to breed a group of assorted Platies or guppies or go for a more specific strain. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. We should all share our ideas on 55g breeding for profit set ups. I am in the process of putting one together. After watching several of Corey's videos on breeding for profit, here is what I have come up with. 2M/4F guppy or endler (i can't decide) 1M/2F Ancistrus or a fancy pleco such as Blue Phantom Cherry Shrimp Corydoras (will try for Sterbai if I can find some) Java Moss or Juppy Grass What do you think of this set up and do you see any issues?
  21. Hey, I'm looking to start breeding angelfish!! Here is what I plan for my setup to look like does this seems alright? 20 Gallon - Angelfish Pair to lay eggs (I will have two angel pairs) 10 Gallon - First week or two of frys life x2 40 Gallon - For the 3 week old angelfish (only one one of these but do you think I could divide the 40 in half to a 20 to support two different batches of fry?)
  22. I want to breed ramshorns as a project, how would I do it? And every one I sell is profit since I am a kid so lucky me
  23. Hey, I'm looking to start supporting my hobby in one way or another, so I wanna start breeding fish. One fish I have always wanted to breed was discus or angelfish. Does the following sound good for a discus breeding setup: -25 Gallon For Breeding -25 Gallon grow out tank. Do you think I will need more grow out tanks? How often do discus eggs hatch and how can I prevent them from breeding till I'm ready for there next batch? Could I move one of the discus to another tank, and then move him/ her back to the breeding tank when I'm ready for another batch? Or is there something I could do with the tempeture?
  24. Hi everyone! So I have an 80 gallon BN Pleco Guppy Tank that I have set-up to breed and hopefully get enough numbers to eventually sell either online or to a LFS. The BN Pleco population has exploded (I actually pulled caves to help slow them down for a bit while the young grow up) The guppies have mostly stagnated. I have a handful of fry but not as much as when I had guppies in a community tank. The plant cover is val and dwarf sagiteria with a lot of wood and rock. Duckweed on top Not sure what else I can do to slow the plecos down and speed the guppies up. Looking for any tips!
  25. so I realized I spend to much on aquariums so what do I do I should set up another one. well not just any tank one for breeding fish so my stocking idea is 6 to 10 long fin white clouds pair of bristlenose plecos colony of cherry shrimp (they go in first and get established before other fish) maybe gold mystery snails then tank would probably be a 20 long or 40 breeder if you see any issues let me know thanks for the help
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