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  1. About a week for mine lol still some stragglers left but not many after that
  2. Also I forgot to mention I give them brine shrimp and black worms on a regular basis. Also micro worms for the fry.
  3. It still has the same risk imo despite their practices being much better than other places. Also I'm in Florida so certain plants may not make the trip so well.
  4. I have a hard time finding those around me and also have grown sceptical of buying new plants as every time I introduced new ones I seemed to get sick fish. I know quarantine them... No good excuse for not doing that other than impatient and was too trusting of the supplier.
  5. I'm definitely working on it lol it's a new scape so I gotta give it some time to grow in. Don't worry I used old aquasoil along with the wood and plants from other tanks so plenty of bb for this little tank. Also gonna be getting a nano hob to replace the crap internal filter. Been doing water change every other day too.
  6. I think I've decided to go with imperial tropicals! They have a great price and offer local pickup
  7. It most certainly will be delightful! All the plants were taken from my other tanks. They were massively overgrown so I figured I'd set up a new one no sense in wasting all the plants. I like the also I wanted to keep a certain amount of open space in the scape for my other ones seem kind of crowded with plants which isn't always a bad thing but gives me OCD sometimes and I have to walk away
  8. Right now I have a crypt in the back left. I think it's a spiralis but I'm not certain. Also I have some pearl weed, an Amazon sword back right, narrow leaf java ferns all over, a couple windelov Java ferns to be placed still, and I'm not sure the red plant is I believe some type of ludwigia but I'm not sure on that one either.
  9. Anyone in the central Florida area have cherry shrimps for sale or know where I can get some good ones reasonable price? Would like to get some local
  10. Where should I put the last few plants? Any other suggestions? Leave them here or on YouTube
  11. I'd love to get my hands on some of those! Maybe we could do an exchange at some point. I love that these species can be kept in small tanks and without a heater!
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