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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, What actually happens to unhatched eggs that accidentally get put into tanks that are being feed BBS? do they rot? are they edible? are they a huge concern? thanks in advance!
  2. My community tanks love this stuff! I'm undecided whether to wait for the bulk package to come back in stock or finally take the plunge in the brine shrimp hatchery. Anyone know if it'll be awhile?
  3. I thought I'd share my DIY brine hatchery. It's a standard inverted water bottle design but I wanted to make sure it had light and temperature control all in a standalone package. I definitely didn't need to make it this fancy but I had fun doing it and now I know I'll have a very consistent setup. I've got a 4watt LED strip light on the side providing hatch inducing light and a ring of LEDs on the very bottom to encourage the bbs to swim to the outlet at harvest time. I also couldn't find a small 12W heater anywhere so I made one from nichrome wire, sand, and a 12mmx100mm test tube. I also added a temperature probe and a controller to keep it at 27C/81F All totaled I think I spend about 10$ worth of parts that I already had laying around.
  4. Hi all. Using ACO bbs, aquarium salt and baking soda. 3x in a row my hatch has largely failed. I had incredible success previously, and suddenly am getting less than 10% hatch...over a 24h window. I actually looked really closely at the floating "shells" It is about 50% dead hatched brine. I am flummoxed. So they hatch and...die? Why? Baking soda and salt have not changed. I changed out my nano air pump for a new one...can the air flow be too high? Or temp? It is about 80-81...provided by a incandescent bulb, that is only on in the day. I suspect it gets cooler at night.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with instant baby brine from Ocean Nutrition? It seems like a cool concept buy I'm skeptical, I mostly have betta, croaking/licorice/chocolate gourami fry, and occasionally dwarf cichlids. It's a little pricey, but I'm wondering if it would be worth having a bottle or two on hand incase something ever went wrong with my microworms of brine shrimp hatchery. Thanks for any help!
  6. Liquid gold!!! So today was my best hatch ever with the Aquarium Co-op brine shrimp eggs. I’ve heard they are now back in stock. The difference for me with this hatch is using a new product that I’ve been testing for the Co-op. Not going to say it is right yet cause there is still testing to be done. The Gold Standard of brine shrimp eggs. Just sayin’
  7. I am excited to hatch my first brine shrimp. I would feed them to some Pygmy Cory Cats and some guppies. I was wondering if I don’t strain them and put the salt in the tank will it hurt the Pygmy Cories since they don’t have scales.
  8. Help. Im doing 1L mixtures of 2 tablespoons of pickling salt (morton brand, it says only salt in the ingrediants) 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, and heating to 80 degrees. The container is inside a small tank within which im using a heater to heat the ambient water around the bbs hatcher to 80 degrees. Everything was washed with hot water and has not come in contact with any chemicals/soaps. Im at the 24 hour mark with very few live bbs2, im talking almost none, and a small amount of dead bbs in the bottom. What am i doing wrong? Prior to this method i used pre mixed salt/bs mixtures and had decent succes.
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