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Found 24 results

  1. Hey Nerms, I recently picked up a baby brine shrimp hatchery (San Fran brand) since baby brine is *incredible*. However, I don’t have a ton of tanks (7) due to apartment life at the moment. I have seen Cory’s videos on hatching but my question is, once hatched how long can I keep the hatched bb alive before they will die? Can I put the live baby brine that I don’t use in the fridge and keep them for a few days? Or is the more logical option just to use less eggs per hatching? I am thinking I won’t need an entire egg pack worth of baby brine to feed my tanks for a single day but I’m new to hatching live so any advice is appreciated. My goal is to make it as cost effective as I can and reduce waste as much as possible. Any other helpful tips are much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I picked up some smaller fish lately and want to start hatching brine again. My last several hatches have been pretty bad. How much salt should be added to the Ziss hatchery? Also, I've ordered some new brine shrimp eggs as my eggs may have gone bad. Can eggs be kept in the freezer? I read that somewhere and kept my eggs there for a few months. Thanks
  3. I realize I'm asking a goofy question 🙋🏻‍♂️but when I receive the Brineshrimp Eggs am I supposed to pour the eggs into the can? or is it just packaging? AC doesn't seem give me impression they are going to send a needless can but its either the can or the ziplock package the eggs arrive in 🤷🏻‍♂️. What is the best way to store the eggs? I don't use much on a weekly basis. Thanks!
  4. Want to order brine shrimp from the coop but it’s summer here in kentucky. Will the heat in transit effect the eggs?
  5. I am somewhat new to hatching baby brine shrimps. I bought the Ziss hatchery, and aquarium coop eggs, of course! I listened to Cory’s video about 1000 times and I am somewhat satisfied with my results. But I wonder if I have too many unhatched eggs/shells? I put a light at the bottom, wait 5-10 minutles, double seive : first with a baby brine shrimp net, then with the ziss .10mm seiver. Here is my results. My concern is that Cory mentions that Dean once said unhatched eggs/shells can cause problems with small fry. My fry are clown killifish - sooooo tiny! So is this ok? Or are there things I should be doing to reduce the amount?
  6. My last can of eggs is giving me terrible hatches. Very dirty. I don't know what the problem is. Two cans before this all worked out nicely. And sorry for posting here but the contact us is a deadend.
  7. Cory was definitely in talks with whirlpool to get a brine shrimp container mold placed in it. Thanks Cory! 😉
  8. I know, probably impossible to tell over the internet, but I'm 0 for 2 for trying to hatch brine shrimp in the ziss and I must be doing something wrong. I've tried to do everything right, watched Cory's video at least a dozen times, and I get only like 25% hatch rate after 48 hours, with tons of empty salt water and eggs. I only have 6 small-ish tanks (36g or less), but I like to give them the best, so I've only been trying to hatch a teaspoon or two of eggs at a time. Is that part of my problem? Should I try brewing up a super full batch of like 2 tbs of BBS eggs? I even tried filling up the tumbler only half way, giving it just 1 tbs salt, to try to concentrate them more, and the water just turned cloudy and I had no better luck than a full tumbler. I have the air tube hooked up to a nano pump, dialed into a couple bubbles per second, I have a 5w heater I use only for BBS hatching which I'm sure to keep below the water line. I don't use a dedicated lamp or light source til I think it's ready to harvest, then I shine an old nano aquarium light on the bottom portion. But for the whole time they're incubating, I seem to get a lot of eggs and salt sitting on the bottom, no matter how much I stir. Is that also part of the problem? I also notice that, even though I have a municipal water supply, the chlorine level's pretty close to 0 out of the tap. Any tips for hatching out small batches of BBS? Or larger batches and saving them? In the meantime, I'm just ordering a bunch of instant BBS jars.
  9. Ordered my first batch of Aquarium Co Op Brine Shrimp Eggs. Presently, we hatch out about one liter every other day in our little fish room. Arrived on time (as always). Shipped in a zip-sealed bag inside of a pretty green Co Op can. Honestly, we don't need the can. We just use the bag. The cysts are much darker than those we've used recently. We're used to looking for the hatchery color to change, but with the dark cysts it looks pretty dark brown from the get-go. Not a problem. Just a difference. They hatch out really small -- which is wonderful! These BBS are about small enough after hatching (24-36 hrs) to feed tiny fry that normally require a few days worth of smaller foods before graduating to BBS. One thing: the hatched BBS are so small that a lot are lost in our shrimp net when washing. Use of a Coffee filter may be recommended to preserve as many as possible. Hatch rate appears excellent -- though we usually rinse early, because we're over-eager. Allowing for a full 48 hr hatch is best. Enough are ready at 36 hrs, though, that we usually feed at that time. Our Killi fry, Goodeid hatchlings, Okefenokee Pygmy Sunfish, Molly and Guppy babies, and that one Dwarf Gourami runner who ate all of its siblings last week . . . all say thanks tonight from their fat BBS-filled bellies. Keep up the excellent work, CoOp!
  10. Hello all. This is my first time on here and have some questions that some of you may be able to help with. I have been in the hobby for 30+ years. I had never seen a hydra in person until now. I recently purchased the ziss brine shrimp hatchery, salt and eggs from the Co-op. I hatched by first batch a couple days ago. I had never gone with live brine shrimp before but thought I would give it a try. Everything seemed to go great. However, 24 hours later I found these little green things all over my tank! On closer inspection they are indeed hydra. So I wiped down what I could to try to physically remove as much as I could. I know damaged hydra can multiply into more. I already had a second batch of shrimp eggs percolating. And went ahead and added them. Another 24 hours later and my tank is covered even more with hydra. The only addition to my tanks in Months has been the introduction of the brine shrimp. And since this is my first time seeing them in over 30 years in the hobby I find it too much of a coincidence! Has anyone else noticed this? Do hydra naturally hitchhike in with brine shrimp eggs?
  11. Hello all, What actually happens to unhatched eggs that accidentally get put into tanks that are being feed BBS? do they rot? are they edible? are they a huge concern? thanks in advance!
  12. Anyone else put their brine shrimp to bed? (lullaby songs playing) LOL
  13. I accidentally got a lot of unhatched brine shrimp eggs mixed in with the baby brine shrimp I fed to my fish. Should I be worried that my fish are going to get sick? Thanks in advance.
  14. San Francisco Bay brine shrimp (small tube) Hi, Do you have any of these in the store right now? We stopped by last weekend and bought some fish but these were out of stock. We were hoping to visit this afternoon-is it possible to pick up one dry item outside the storefront? Thanks, Volcano edit: or do you have predictions about when they will be restocked?
  15. Does your Brine Shrimp need to be refrigerated once opened? All of a sudden all hatching has stopped. We are re-ordering but have small fry needing a constant supply and nobody on Maui has any Artemia eggs! Also, is there a phone number for your store? John 808 268 5000
  16. Where should i store my brine shrimp eggs? Should i put them on a fridge? Im asking because in the fridge they get cold and it get humid in the side of the bag. I was wondering if i should put them in the can and put them on the fridge so that the eggs were more protected?
  17. I was browsing my local pet store and came across a brine shrimp hatchery that was half price. I have never hatched brine shrimp before so I figured I'd give it a shot, but the low price was due to the eggs expiring in 2018. Does anyone think that they will produce anything?
  18. 1. Larger package would be nice. Unless expiration time is an issue. How long can you leave them in the freezer without damage? 2. Current packaging seems extreme. I think the can is a waste of $$. Both lids on both cans that I bought did not seal very tightly (both the metal lid and the plastic cap). Possible to sell in the bag only?? That bag is nice. Feels tuff and seals well. Less packaging = lower cost for your loyal followers. enjoy your products ( well the ziss breeder box is kinda disappointing....you should look at selling the external ones..they are awesome), enjoy your videos, all the plants I have bought are awesome, your delivery and packaging is top notch.....just wish you would sell fish online...aqua huna is awesome too, but I could use fish to fill orders for frieght charges. One last thing...I tried to talk to a fellow who has black pandas that I saw on one of your videos....hit a dead end...I want some! Thanks Jack
  19. Liquid gold!!! So today was my best hatch ever with the Aquarium Co-op brine shrimp eggs. I’ve heard they are now back in stock. The difference for me with this hatch is using a new product that I’ve been testing for the Co-op. Not going to say it is right yet cause there is still testing to be done. The Gold Standard of brine shrimp eggs. Just sayin’
  20. Still a few days left for Christmas shopping, what are you going to get your fish?
  21. Hey Everyone, This may sound like a bit of a commercial, and it probably is. However, Aquarium Co-op now has their new Brine Shrimp Eggs in stock. So over the years I've used tons of brine shrimp eggs going back over 50 years. I'm fairly picky about how I select the products that I use and I had warned Cory and Randy that it would take a really good brine shrimp egg to get me to use them. A disclosure, I did do some early testing of these eggs over a month of daily use before the Co-op team had even figured out how to get them packaged and in stock. So they are available on the Co-op site now : https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/breeding-supplies/products/aquarium-co-op-brine-shrimp-eggs I just wanted to let everybody here some positives that I've found with these eggs. They have a really really good hatch rate, right up with the best I've used in the past. They are packaged in a 3.5 oz/100 gram can and are quadruple sealed for maximum freshness. This size package makes really good sense for the majority of hobbyist, not a tiny amount like the little .2 oz vial, and you don't have to purchase a large one pound can to get quality eggs. The separation once hatched is the best I've ever seen. This is for me probably the number one reason to use these eggs, it's a huge time saver and just makes everything with daily hatching of brine shrimp easier. So there you go, it's my commercial, but it is for a really good reason..... Did I mention the new Aquarium Co-op Brine Shrimp Eggs have a really good hatch rate and the separation once hatched is the best I've ever seen?
  22. Hey all, after watching the KG Tropicals stream, I decided I wanted to hatch some brine shrimp out. Only problem is what eggs should I get, I can't get the co-op eggs because I live in Canada and they don't ship to me. What brineshrimp eggs have you had the most success with?
  23. So I usually leave the bag of brine shrimp egg in the bar fridge but I totally forgot and left it on the counter for a day. Is the eggs still hatchable or do I need a new eggs? Currently doing a batch now but its on my mind that it has gone bad. has anyone done that before? thanks
  24. The scoop that comes with the 4lbs repashy is perfect for getting salt for hatching brine shrimp. If you can’t find a non metal spoon this works perfectly.
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