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  1. The Fluval Plant 3.0 lights are really nice, especially for the scheduling and light-level programming available thru the FluvalSmart app. I have ten of the Plant Nanos, several of the 15"-24" models, and one 24"-34" unit. I have spent a lot of time in the app to get things right for my tanks so that I can grow plants, keep algae under control, and get to enjoy my tanks when I am around. I will post my own details in a follow-up message, but I have some general tips to share before that. 1. Firmware Updates: When you do firmware updates, it might look like a two-step process, but you just have to be patient since the bootloader is updated first, and then the firmware, so don't interrupt the process or click what looks like an extra prompt. I have not done a firmware update for a while, so be aware that the user experience might change. If you mess up, or need to do the upgrade again, swipe left on your light in the FluvalSmart app for the option to Upgrade or Remove. 2. Copying Programs: You can copy programs between lights, but not between the Plant Nano and the larger models. So I can use the same program on various Nanos, but for my 15"-24" units, I have to create a new program, which I can then share between those units. The way to do this is to "Save as" your program on one configured light, and then go into the matching target light, and choose "Export", and pick the program. I would expect the option to be labelled "Import", but it is not at the time of this post. 3. Power and Timer: These lights do not seem to have any internal batteries to maintain the time. If you have a power outage or interruption, they will assume the power-on time is 00:00 (midnight), and count from there until you access the light via the FluvalSmart app, which will sync the time. 4. Naming and Password: When editing a light, you can use the three dots to Find, Rename, Set password, and Remove password. I recommend naming your lights, especially if you get more than one. You can even sort them by name or type in the light list, so think about the names in context with your room layout. Password might be useful with too-clever kids, or in a professional environment, like a retail store. 5. Modes: For each light, you have three modes, Manual, Automatic, and Professional. Manual gives you Off, or On, with a custom light level and no scheduling. This is the perfect mode to use for photography, showing your aquariums on off-hours, or if you need to make some darkness so you can sleep in, or film other tanks in the same room. Automatic is an easy scheduling mode with presets for Tropical River, Lake Malawi, and Planted, and you can modify or create your own. It only includes seven set points, so you get a ramp up, a sustained period, a ramp down, an evening low-light period (often just a little blue), and a full night period. Professional mode gives you ten set points, which allows you do do a lot more custom lighting choices, including simulating the sky of a certain region, running a siesta (low or no-light midday period, simulating cloud and tree cover), or even dual siestas, which is what I use. I will add more on this later, once I collect my app screenshots. 6. Plant Nano Tips: The mount only fits on rimless tanks without modification. The metal L-bracket can be used backwards for more height and less reach, which is great for emergent plants and hardscape. If you have an odd size tank, you can also add felt feet and run the Plant Nanos right on a clear hood or glass. I donated a Nano to someone to figure out a 3D-printed rimmed mount, and he designed an adapter. Here is the 3D print file from @AquariumThoughts for the rimmed mount for the Plant 3.0 Nano. You will also need an m8-1.25 nut. Fluval Nano Light Rimmed Tank Adapter by AquariumThouhhououghts - Thingiverse WWW.THINGIVERSE.COM More mounting options for the long version, thanks to @SpacedCadette: https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/topic/131-fluval-plant-30-scheduling-and-programming/?do=findComment&comment=215034 From @PlaneFishGuy: "Below is a quick cheat sheet I made for those just wanting to simply reduce the lighting intensity but keep the factory ratios in tact. I started with the factory "daylight setting" from the app when using the Fluval Plant Nano 3.0" More quotes are forthcoming. Please share your own Fluval Plant 3.0 programs. On iOS, the Overview tab shows the lighting program as a graph and a table. Our host, Aquarium Co-Op, carries these lights: Fluval Plant 3.0 LED NANO WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM 3 Year Warranty Programmable App Highly Water Resistant The Fluval 3.0 is the best planted aquarium light on the market in regards to functionality to cost ratio. Not only does this perform well, but it's backed by a 3 year... Fluval Plant 3.0 LED Light WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM 3 Year Warranty Programmable App Highly Water Resistant The Fluval 3.0 is the best planted aquarium light on the market in regards to functionality to cost ratio. Not only does this perform well, but it's backed by a 3 year...
  2. Ok so I think I know the answer to this question, but I’m curious to see others thoughts. I was surprised to not find a similar thread already when searching the forum, but When/how often should you do a water change? some say every week some say every 2 weeks once a month when nitrates hit 40 ”I never do water changes just top offs” discus owners seem to do it daily 😂 So when or how often do you do a water change and why?
  3. Best setting for a breeding tank of L134 want to get the light right got a couple plants in there well for a South American tank
  4. Stupid question but here goes. Corey if i have 3 lights and going with Co2 would i need 1 kasa timer for the 3 lights and 1 for the Co2 if i wanted the Co2 to go on 1 hour before? Thanks in advance .JT
  5. Ok, so I bought some Gold Dust Mollies this past weekend and after watching them for a day I was disappointed by what I was seeing. Two of them were thin and looking thinner. After a couple more days observation I could see white stringy poop and they didn’t look any better. I had Paracleanse on hand and I dosed the QT tank Tuesday. Yesterday the two fish were stressed to the max. They spent most of the day resting at the surface on water sprite foliage, and when they were swimming they were shimmying. They look much better today.Today is the day that I should treat them with the second dose of Paracleanse, but I’m concerned with how they did with the first round. So I am wondering if I should give them a break for a few days (2 maybe 3), and then start the treatment all over. I don’t know, maybe that would be worse. I thought I would source some opinions here and see what you all think.
  6. I'm new to the hobby and I have a 10 gallon cycled and ready to go. I'm planning on stocking it with 4 corys and a bachelor group of 4-5 endlers. I was wondering if I could add in both groups of fish at once today or if I should add 1 group this weekend and the other group next weekend.
  7. I have a female endler who I bought 17 days ago and she was already clearly pregnant (just starting to box out). She's now got a big, dark gravid spot and looks about to burst. I've been searching on the google machine for these signs, but I'm wondering if folks here have their own, maybe lesser known, tell-tale signs that a livebearer is about to give birth? I feel like she must be due any day now, and it's my first time owning fish in a long while so I'm really excited!
  8. Currently need some help in figuring out the optimal settings for my 40 breeder that is heavily planted and is currently struggling with balance because of the lack of Nitrates based on plant growth, and I feel the strength of the Fluval is to blame HELP!!!!
  9. Hello I have 2-125s, 2 -75s, a 55 gallon aquariums. All with shubunkin goldfish. All the tanks are overstocked. The water temp is 70 degrees in all tanks. I have no heaters in them. I have multiple filtration on each tank. Combination of hob, canister and sponge filters. I need to get on a filter cleaning schedule. I try to do a filter cleaning on each tank once a month. That's one filter on each tank once a month. I have 15 filters that plug into outlets and 11 sponge filters total. I also have pre filters on my hob and canisters. I usually rinse the pre filters along with the sponge filters. It's a little overwhelming. I change 50 percent water at least once a week. I run seachem matrix, coarse sponges and fine pads in all filters. I also have all bare bottom tanks. Let me know what I can do for the maintenance schedule. Thank you. Rob S
  10. I have recently got an ich problem that seemed to come out of no where. I tried to find some Ich X but I couldn't find any near me. I searched up some ich medications that were safe for plants and shrimp and Imaginaturium Parasite Remedy popped up. I bought it and I've used it before. I worked for me before but I just wanted to know if I could use the medication at night or if I should use it during the day? Also, it recommended for me to dose TWICE a day. What times should I dose if I do it twice a day? Should I dose one in the morning and one in the afternoon? Should I dose at night before I turn off the lights?
  11. It might've been a recent livestream where I think Cory mentioned anti-parasitic meds kill live parasites, but not eggs. Is it worth keeping fish in quarantine and giving them a second dose of parasite meds a few weeks after the first dose? Vary depending on species or circumstances? Curious to see what people think.
  12. What time do you guys change your water? Immediately after the lights come on? After a couple hours of the lights being on? Towards the end of your light cycle?
  13. I see a lot of stores use heat packs to ship fish during colder times of the year, but is there like a cut off temperature or time most stores stop shipping? I'm in the snow belt in upstate NY, and while we don't get as cold as Minnesota or North Dakota, we do get down to single digits for quite a few days each winter. I won't be ready to stock my newest tank until early November, but maybe as late as December. Temps will hover around freezing most days during that period, will they still ship then? TIA! {EDIT} I realize I can just contact a few stores and find out what their polices are, but I was hoping to get sort of a general rule for shipping
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