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  1. The Fluval Plant 3.0 lights are really nice, especially for the scheduling and light-level programming available thru the FluvalSmart app. I have ten of the Plant Nanos, several of the 15"-24" models, and one 24"-34" unit. I have spent a lot of time in the app to get things right for my tanks so that I can grow plants, keep algae under control, and get to enjoy my tanks when I am around. I will post my own details in a follow-up message, but I have some general tips to share before that. 1. Firmware Updates: When you do firmware updates, it might look like a two-step process, but you just have to be patient since the bootloader is updated first, and then the firmware, so don't interrupt the process or click what looks like an extra prompt. I have not done a firmware update for a while, so be aware that the user experience might change. If you mess up, or need to do the upgrade again, swipe left on your light in the FluvalSmart app for the option to Upgrade or Remove. 2. Copying Programs: You can copy programs between lights, but not between the Plant Nano and the larger models. So I can use the same program on various Nanos, but for my 15"-24" units, I have to create a new program, which I can then share between those units. The way to do this is to "Save as" your program on one configured light, and then go into the matching target light, and choose "Export", and pick the program. I would expect the option to be labelled "Import", but it is not at the time of this post. 3. Power and Timer: These lights do not seem to have any internal batteries to maintain the time. If you have a power outage or interruption, they will assume the power-on time is 00:00 (midnight), and count from there until you access the light via the FluvalSmart app, which will sync the time. 4. Naming and Password: When editing a light, you can use the three dots to Find, Rename, Set password, and Remove password. I recommend naming your lights, especially if you get more than one. You can even sort them by name or type in the light list, so think about the names in context with your room layout. Password might be useful with too-clever kids, or in a professional environment, like a retail store. 5. Modes: For each light, you have three modes, Manual, Automatic, and Professional. Manual gives you Off, or On, with a custom light level and no scheduling. This is the perfect mode to use for photography, showing your aquariums on off-hours, or if you need to make some darkness so you can sleep in, or film other tanks in the same room. Automatic is an easy scheduling mode with presets for Tropical River, Lake Malawi, and Planted, and you can modify or create your own. It only includes seven set points, so you get a ramp up, a sustained period, a ramp down, an evening low-light period (often just a little blue), and a full night period. Professional mode gives you ten set points, which allows you do do a lot more custom lighting choices, including simulating the sky of a certain region, running a siesta (low or no-light midday period, simulating cloud and tree cover), or even dual siestas, which is what I use. I will add more on this later, once I collect my app screenshots. 6. Plant Nano Tips: The mount only fits on rimless tanks without modification. The metal L-bracket can be used backwards for more height and less reach, which is great for emergent plants and hardscape. If you have an odd size tank, you can also add felt feet and run the Plant Nanos right on a clear hood or glass. I donated a Nano to someone to figure out a 3D-printed rimmed mount, and he designed an adapter. Here is the 3D print file from @AquariumThoughts for the rimmed mount for the Plant 3.0 Nano. You will also need an m8-1.25 nut. Fluval Nano Light Rimmed Tank Adapter by AquariumThouhhououghts - Thingiverse WWW.THINGIVERSE.COM More mounting options for the long version, thanks to @SpacedCadette: https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/topic/131-fluval-plant-30-scheduling-and-programming/?do=findComment&comment=215034 From @PlaneFishGuy: "Below is a quick cheat sheet I made for those just wanting to simply reduce the lighting intensity but keep the factory ratios in tact. I started with the factory "daylight setting" from the app when using the Fluval Plant Nano 3.0" More quotes are forthcoming. Please share your own Fluval Plant 3.0 programs. On iOS, the Overview tab shows the lighting program as a graph and a table. Our host, Aquarium Co-Op, carries these lights: Fluval Plant 3.0 LED NANO WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM 3 Year Warranty Programmable App Highly Water Resistant The Fluval 3.0 is the best planted aquarium light on the market in regards to functionality to cost ratio. Not only does this perform well, but it's backed by a 3 year... Fluval Plant 3.0 LED Light WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM 3 Year Warranty Programmable App Highly Water Resistant The Fluval 3.0 is the best planted aquarium light on the market in regards to functionality to cost ratio. Not only does this perform well, but it's backed by a 3 year...
  2. I have one of those oops fishkeeping stories that starts with well-intentioned kids gifts, zero knowledge & quickly dead fish. Feel bad, learn stuff, meet cool people, start again, "accidentally" buy three tanks while learning. You know, that old chestnut. Anyway the 15 gallon attempt number two (with enough knowledge to keep the fish alive for a month and spending a small fortune), has gone really well and the family and I are ready to do something with the other tanks. Here is a list I am keeping and adjusting as I build the built in fish area for the 32 gallon in the living room, and finish remodeling my office to house the 15 and the 2.6. Interested in feedback on the stocking ideas: Fluval Spec 2.6 Gallon Amount Species Common Name Notes 6 Cherry Shrimp Color and interest 1 Olive Nerite Snail Algae 1 Water Sprite In Substrate 2 Java Moss 1 substrate, 1 floating Substrate Spectrastone Fast River Gravel w/ small amounts of Fluval Stratum underneath Hardscape Driftwood, small river rocks Heater Fluval P10 Filtration Spec OE with AqCoop Nano sponge & Ziss water stone Lighting Spec OE light Fertilizer Easy Green Fluval Flex 15 Gallon Amount Species Common Name Notes 1 Honey Gourami Centerpiece 6 Harlequin Rasbosas Small shoaling group 2 to 3 Red Racer Nerite Snails Algae control 3 Albino Cory's Clean up crew 1 Water Sprite Corraled Floater 2 Aponogenton Crispus Background 3 to 6 Anubias Nana Petite Planted in Drifwood 3 Java Moss Foreground Substrate Small amounts of Fluval Stratum strategically burried under Spectrastone Fast River Gravel Hardscape Dark driftwood (Seasoned) & Grey Slate rocks stacked and glued into a cave for quiet time Heater Fluval P50 Filtration Flex OE with biomass in both slots and standard split head, filter floss at intake grills, & Aq Co-op small sponge filter w/Ziss stone Lighitng Flex OE light bar Fertilizer Easy Green Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Amount Species Common Name Notes 4 Salt & Pepper (hasbrosas) Cory's 1 large 3 small for ID on Jack's original fish 2 Blue Moon Platy's m&f (maybe we get some frye) 1 Large Mystery Snail Lynde's original snail (big fella) 2 Gold Racer Nerite Snails Amp up algae control with the big fella 6 Zebra Danios hope to school with the Glofish Danios 3 Glofish Danios 1 Purple (Lillie's fish), 2 Blue...just in case shoal splits from Zebras. 1 Water Sprite Corraled floater to propogate other tanks 2 Amazon Sword Background 2 Java Fern Background 4 Java Moss Attach to Driftwood/rocks in Midground 2 Cryptocoryne Lucens Foreground Substrate Spectrastone Special Black with strategically placed Fluval Stratum underneath Hardscape Driftwood, Sponge Bob's House, Large & smooth river stones from yard Heater Fluval M200 Filtration Flex OE with biomass in all slots, filter floss at intake grills, Aq Coop Medium sponge filter w/ziss water stone Lighting Flex OE Aquasky with App Fertilizer Easy Green
  3. I wanted to add a bit more about why I like dual siestas, but I thought the topic should be separate from the Fluval 3.0 lighting thread. My dual siesta reasoning is 90% human, and 10% for a little bonus in organic soil Walstad tanks. I am not trying to promote it as a special formula for fish rooms or all tanks. I rejoined the hobby in 2018, after running marine tanks for a while until 2011, and under-gravel, plastic plant tanks as a kid. I spent a lot of time researching lighting, especially after I setup my first organic soil tank, and started to understand the balancing act between light, decomposition, algae, and plants. The corner case I was trying to solve involved the following: Organic soil Walstad tanks, bedroom setup, weekday enjoyment vs weekend enjoyment, and algae vs plants. I wanted to be able to grow my plants, let plants out-compete algae, and see what was happening when I was in the room, without disrupting anything. I could setup a weekday schedule, which was frustrating for weekends, or the opposite. There was no way to do a consistent 6-8 hour schedule without missing a ton of tank-viewing time. Before we got Fluval Pro Mode, I watched a few of Bentley Pascoe's videoes about using timers to trick the lights into more control points by resetting to midnight on a power-cycle. I also started reading Diana Walstad's book at the same time, where she discusses soil decomposition, CO2, plants, and algae, as well as siestas. My understanding is that plants ramp up photosynthesis faster than algae, so every slice of darkness-to-light favors the plants for a certain amount of time. In the meantime, with an organic soil substrate, the darkness allows for more production of CO2 from decomposition. The CO2 from decomposition is much lower than CO2 injection, but it is real. Once we got Pro Mode, I tried to find a way to slice up the time schedule so that I could get the equivalent of 6-8 hours of sustained light in a broken-up format, so I could wake up with my tanks at 07:00, enjoy them throughout the day, and have one hour of 1-2% blue from 21:00-22:00. I am getting 6-8 hours of normal light in 14-15 hours. That is what I tried to do with those schedules. I had to use triangle peaks rather than sustained peaks, since we don't have enough set points, but if you were to slide those triangles together, and overlap the middle ramp-ups, and ramp-downs, it would look more like a regular 6-8 hour schedule. I measured the pH changes with my Apex, along with temperature changes. Cheers
  4. Hi, I have a 15g Fluval Flex and am very interested in loaches, I know of the kuhli loach, the dwarf chain loach, and the hillstream loach. Are there any other small species that could work in my tank? Thanks, Jack
  5. This post was originally dedicated to my 35 gallon hexagon that I refurbished but I have decided that it is now the journal for my MTS journey! I hope you all find my MTS entertaining or aspiring as I grow my aquarium addiction! So I acquired an old 35 gallon hexagon aquarium from a friend that had been sitting empty and unused for quite a few years. The tank leaked, the stand had mold or mildew in the wood and was just over all in pretty rough shape. I stripped all the old silicon out and resealed the tank. Sanded and painted the rims. Sanded and sealed the stand with Killz and then painted it black. I replaced the old hinges with new stainless ones and added a matching handle. The tank did not come with a lid so I made a custom one from a plexiglass. Got it all scaped up. Now I'm waiting on the fish to arrive. Let me know what you think!
  6. Hey all... I'm low on food and so I'm shopping. True story (that I wish was not) but my fish LOVE Fluval bug bites. Like crazy pants, look like they have been starving 5 minutest after I just fed them. I don't WANT to take out a second mortgage, but they love what they love...😁 Worse, I can't get them at ACO, and I really don't like buying stuff elsewhere because, well, ACO is awesome, as we all know. Now, I am well aware of WHY the Aquarium Co-op doesn't carry them. I'm not AT ALL asking why, or asking for a change. What I DO want to know is what voodoo black magic Fluval is putting in this food?! My fish think it is crack. And really I have weird allergies, so foods NOT including bloodworms matter for me. That's how I got their addiction started... I'm telling you, I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but their reaction makes me want to start RAISING BLACK SOLDIER FLIES (primary ingredient). I mean, yeah that's a dumb idea for guppies, but pretty sure the cichlids and chickens would be ecstatic. What flake food do your fish think is crack? Bonus points of it is not made by Fluval... I guess I should just go back to hatching 5 batches of brine shrimp a week...
  7. Absolutely love fluval flexes, but their pumps are kind of powerful for such a small tank. My betta and neons get blown away all around and struggle to remain calm, plus the food gets all scattered and sometimes end up outside the fish's range of vision. This is a quick DIY, cheap flow reducing method I managed to come up with. You can do it too with things you, being a fish keeper, most likely have lying around. Just 2 pieces of sponge and some zip ties. You just have bend around the sponge peices around the nozzles and zip tie them in place, then cut excess tie. Can even "control" the flow by slightly sliding around the pieces of sponge! Hope you find this useful.
  8. I noticed there is a topic for fluval planted 3.0 settings. I snagged a fluval aquasky 2.0 for like 50$, so I got it. I love the features and the PAR lighting on my plants. Just wanted to share my daylight settings for those that might have this light. It has a cool morning, 5.5 hours of full sun to feed my plants, and a warm sunset. I have been using this for my 30g foe almost 2 months, and getting great growth on all my plants.
  9. Fluval lists Aquarium Co-op as a dealer for their air pumps. I am unable to find it listed. Does anyone have experience with their new A series air pumps? Looks like a great product on Fluval's YouTube video.
  10. Hello everyone today i decided to buy a fluval 207 canister filter and i had some questions about it.I currently have a hang on back and a sponge filter in my 37 gallon aquarium but my hang on back isn’t working that well anymore.my question was if i could completely take off the hang on back and throw away its media or do i have to put the filter media in the new canister filter.
  11. Hello everyone today i decided to buy a fluval 207 canister filter and i had some questions about it.I currently have a hang on back and a sponge filter in my 37 gallon aquarium but my hang on back isn’t working that well anymore.my question was if i could completely take off the hang on back and throw away its media or do i have to put the filter media in the new canister filter.
  12. Has anyone had this problem with a fluval canister? I got my 406 canister for some time now, but a few months ago it started to do this horrible rattling sound, as if the impeller is hitting something, or is stuck, and then it stops cause the impeller cover falls off. It always happens after a water change, it is so bothersome that I've considering just thworing it to the trash and just buying an internal filter or even a hang on back. I just need it for mech filtration since I got multiple sponge filters. I even bought a new impeller, ceramic shaft, gasket and impeller cover but it still has this problem. I also make sure to expel all air and clean the impeller thoroughly before plugging it but this problem always comes up. It's always the same: Plug in - > work for 3 seconds - > CRAAAACACARCRCRC - > stops cause impeller cover comes off - > Open it to put impeller cover back up then rinse and repeat lol I'm on my wits end lol, now I know why Cory hates canisters. I've sent multiple e-mails to fluval but they #trippin and haven't got a reply. I'd be happy to have just sponge filters but I like my water to be clear so I need mech fitlration. Any suggestions?
  13. New Fluval test kit has PH reading 5.5-6! As did my tap water and bottled water. I exchanged it for a new one today thinking it was faulty. Aquarium store also tested their water and got same results as mine. Tried again. Same results. Local city water tests at 7.2 to 7.8. My research says chlorine can throw off results? What is going on with this reagent? Any ideas? First pic is first test. Second pic is new kit with aquarium water on left and tap water on right.
  14. So Fluval E300 heater.... 125 gallon tank. In use for about a month. Mounted 45 degrees with the bottom towards the intake of a Fluval FX6. Ambient room temperature is about 72 degrees. The E300 shows 77.5, my little thermometer attached to the tank shows 78ish(probably closer to 79), and a thermometer with the probe I drop in the water shows 78ish, so I'm sure the water is close to where it should be. I do have a Eheim Jager 300W Heater at the other end. But for the last couple of days it has been flashing between 77.5 and LF, which my understanding is Low Flow. No other errors. I've searched the net and have an open ticket with Fluval, but thought I try here. I'm not getting the LF. The FX6 is open all the way, and from the sound of the output it sure sounds like good flow. So should I be worried? Any more troubleshooting I can do?
  15. What's the best light I can get for ~$200 for a 4ft (length) x 1ft (wide) x 1.5ft (height) tank? I'm thinking to buy the Fluval 3.0 48" light but I'm wondering if for about the same amount of money I can get a better one? The main goal with the tank is to grow all kinds plants so the customization feature available in the Fluval 3.0 is really a great point.
  16. I was curious if anyone knows the diameter of the rubber adapter for the output for the fluval 306? I want to attempt to make a spray bar but am unsure on the size of pvc to buy and don’t want to take my output apart just to get a measurement. I tried looking online but am having difficulty finding it.
  17. I'm recently getting back into the hobby, and I've seen various references to Ultraviolet technology used to "purify" water. Seems pricy. Will this make for a happier ecosystem, or have folks experienced some unintended consequences? (Benefits vs. risks)
  18. Am I the only one having issues with these kit? I tried both 45 and 95 and they work for a couple of days then a hose comes loose, a leak appears... or suddenly the co2 can’t reach the diffuser and a connection somewhere just explodes?!
  19. Good Afternoon, Yesterday we while at our LFS we were browsing and came across the very fish that my teen had mentioned wanting a few months ago. Ranchu Goldfish This is Boba Pearl. Our latest addition, s/he is currently new fish quarantining and is awaiting the cycling and completion of his/her new home. We are new to this species. So, any advice, facts and experiences you can share are greatly appreciated. Specifically, we are setting up the tank this weekend, and were thinking of a planted and layering with fluval plant and shrimp stratum lava soil and river rock / pebbles on top. Constructive critisism welcome. Thanks guys and gals. We are super excited about our new baby!
  20. How do you put a fluval plant nano on a rimmed 40 breeder?
  21. HI All, I got a Fluval Chi tank, like in the picture below for a baby guppy tank or quarantine tank. I also have a Aquarium COOP filter in there to give it it's good bacteria from the other tank. The filter that comes with the CHI and has a light with it, is over top. I think that it's sucking the food in after I feed the baby guppies. Do you think I can tank that off the tank if I have the other filter in there? It also has a light attached and I don't believe I can just have the light functioning and not the filter. I read that baby guppies need at least 12 hours of light. They'll get the room light during the day but that's not directly on the tank. What do you think?
  22. Hi All, I am looking to improve my plant growth and think my lighting may be too weak. The tank is 110 gallons. Planted with many varieties of plants from low to medium light, none of the high variety. I am running CO2. I am using a Finnex Ray 2 and plants are doing ok, all but the Vallisneria.. other carpeting plants are doing what they are supposed to. Ammania Gracillis is struggling and repens has died. This is leading me to believe the spectrum is off or intensity. My question is about doubling up the light, adding another light, or removing this one and getting a completely new fixture. From what I have read, the spectrum of light may be a cause of concern for the Ray 2. Would adding a Fluval 3.0 or Beamswork Evo Quad do any good?
  23. I had green water problem that won't go a way on my 60gallon have try everything I have reduced lighting hours increase water changes covered my tank with cover and left light of for 5days so I got a fluval uvc clarifier it been going one week but has not had any effect any one use fluval uvc clarifier had problem with it or any one have any ideas to get rid of my green water problem
  24. Hi their! Need some help setting up a basic schedule. Fluval planted nano on a 3 gallon tank. Depth is 8 inches from water surface to dwarf hair grass (which is my only plant). Do you have a recomened intensity? Want to make sure its strong enough, but won't fry the grass. Thanks!
  25. All right so here is a silly thing to whine about but it’s really frustrated me for a long while. To actually try to get in the fluval spec V to do plant trimming I have to take the lid and light off (it’s a planted plus HLC)...then it’s dark in there...even with the overhead on. If I leave the light scooted over to the side, I’m paranoid it’ll fall in or fall out. I tried a headlamp but I’m worried that freaks my fish out. Geez, Idk what I want from you really? I don’t know. Anyone have any words of wisdom? Do you use a headlamp? Just ignore me. Haha I’d like a really step by step procedure video of someone trimming their plants. Ya got that somewhere in your saved videos?
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