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  1. My favorite tank here at home right now is a 10-gallon with some cherry shrimp and a small school of chili rasbora (rasbora brigittae). There are a handful of snails in there too. It's just a really fun tank to watch.
  2. It's worth mentioning that the ancistrus species of catfish that a lot of people call plecos do grow quickly when young. We bought my little Rio Ucayali bristlenose when she was about a 1.5 inches long in late June / early July. She's easily doubled in size since then but has slowed down recently. Our really little long fin green dragons are growing more slowly but it definitely seems to happen in spurts.
  3. If it were me, I'd plan on trading in the angel fish and the sharks. Based on what I've heard and read, neither will work well in a 29g long term. Then I'd beef up the cory population and settle on one or two mid or top level species. Aquarium Co-op has a video with some great suggestions for a 29-gallon tank.
  4. It's a new plant for me, but I'm really like the Bacopa caroliniana that I picked up a couple weeks ago. It's so pretty. I don't have a picture handy, but here's a link: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/live-plants/products/bacopa-caroliniana
  5. I don't order a lot because the brick and mortar store is only a few miles away. But I buy lots and lots of plants! Non live purchase - the tubing. That stuff is lovely.
  6. Spent the evening setting up a quarantine tank and then working on the plague of algae in my 40 gallon. At this point I think I'm ready to leave the lights off during the day and just turning them on for a few hours in the evening. The tank is not in front of a window but we have large windows all over the place and I think it's getting too much natural light. It's the only tank with a problem and a problem it is. Lots of long green hair algae!
  7. My son is the catfish fan in the family and he has a couple of these in his tank. We're hoping we have a pair, but it'll be a while before we know. In the meantime, I've fallen in love with them. They're cute and gorgeous all at the same time. Here's hoping for babies sometime next year!
  8. I forgot to pick up an air stone when buying materials for the shrimp tank. Since the shrimp were moving out of my little quarantine tank, I used the air stone from that sponge filter and got on with it Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to buy one during subsequent trips to the Co-op. Which brings us to tonight's bedtime story: If you scavenge an air stone from your quarantine tank, one of your fish will get sick. When you try to set up the quarantine tank, you'll probably need a sponge filter. When you realize you don't have an air stone (for the filter) you'll dig through all your old supplies. When you pull out that old HOB, you'll realize you don't have any cartridges. When you look for some course sponge (to cobble something together), you'll realize that your husband threw it away. When you go back to the drawing board, you'll pull out a random cartridge (for a filter you might not own anymore). When you realize that it's way too big, you'll get out the scissors and chop it up, ditch the carbon and fold it up to go inside the filter. The End The shrimp tank with the coveted air stone: (Yes, I know that the top of the filter popped off. It must have happened when I was moving cords to free up a few outlets.)
  9. We had several fry make it through the first week, and I saw them eating. But they were all gone shortly thereafter. Mom was guarding eggs again recently but I'm not sure what happened with them. She's still hiding in the rock caves, so there may be more fry but I haven't seen them. The quarantine tank is empty right now, so if I do see more fry, I can move them over. I don't think they're going to survive in the community tank. In other news the chili rasboras bred in the new 10-gallon shrimp tank. Our lone fry there is growing like a little weed. We've seen a couple baby shrimp in that tank but either they didn't make it or they are harder to find.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. You're not alone! 94 / 18.8 / 5 This doesn't include the quarantine tank that is housing detritus worms and plants. I need to clean that out, but I keep wondering if I should feed the worms to the other tanks. None of the other tanks have any visible. I think they showed up in the quarantine tank because my son was over-feeding the shrimp.
  11. We started up a 10-gallon tank for cherry shrimp and added some chili rasboras as well. I knew they were egg scatterers and assumed that we'd never see any fry. But lo and behold, we spotted a tiny litty fry swimming around near the surface in the tank. I can only assume that all of the cover we added for the shrimp allowed this one little guy to survive. I happened to have some Sera Micron growth food on hand. So I was actually prepared for once! It turns out that the rasboras love the stuff as well so at least I'm not over-feeding the tank trying to get food to one fry. 😛 Unfortunately, no pictures. He's super tiny!
  12. When I read this, I thought you were talking about something like a Roomba for aquariums. Now I'm wondering if that's my dream aquarium device.
  13. Ooh! I used to love that stuff. Did an old lamp after college. That's a smart idea! I'll have to try that next time I have an empty tank. OR! I could put some on a poster board and try attaching it to the bank. I usually use black cling-ons. (Scrape them off Jim!)
  14. I currently have a 40 (standard? tall?) and I'm wishing it could be just a little larger. I have a schools of 12 tetras and 12 panda corys as well as a pair of dwarf cichlids and it feels like it's on the verge of being over-crowded. I assumed that the 55 would be the next best step (not likely to happen as I, like @Ken Burke, enjoy being married.)
  15. I use one these and like it, but they aren't always easy to find. Our 10-gallon shrimp tank is also a Topfin and it's sounds like the lids are similarly awful. I'm thinking of going with the suggestion made by @Streetwise.
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