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  1. So I was recently going through the Home Depot website and decided to try searching "seiryu stone", I came up with these results: Home Depot seems to be selling the bulk amounts of stones that Lowes was, although from what I can tell some of them are a bit more expensive. I've also noticed them selling other hardscape such as ohko/dragon stone as well as others. If you search "lifegard" on the Home Depot website you get a bunch of options in terms of hardscape for pretty good prices. Hope this helps!
  2. As a Cichlid keeper I am always on the lookout for large rocks to furnish my aquarium, some that I've collected are over 70 lbs. (and are of course my fishes favorites) While in the lawn and garden section of my local menards I found these resin rocks designed to cover unsightly utilities. Man it would be WAY easier to use hollow rocks like this in my tanks. Has anyone used something like this before? What should I be looking out for in fish behavior/ water parameters to tell me that these are not aquarium safe? I bought a medium size one and will chuck it in a tank tonight.
  3. Hi, so I was wondering if it would be dangerous, or hurt a hillstream loach if I were to put ohko/dragon stone into an aquarium since the edges are sharp and they might try getting algae from the rock? I've seen some people saying it's fine to put kuhli loaches with ohko stone, and the two species seem share the same behaviour of scavenging around on the bottom from what I've seen on YouTube? Thanks!
  4. I decided to dedicate a journal to my new twenty gallon high! I’m excited to post updates as it progresses in the future! The past few days have been pretty tedious, with a lot of cumbersome lifting, back and forth spray painting, and plenty of adjustments.. with some occasional amounts of frustration and tons of determination in addition. Most of the work lately has entailed building up the rock structure. I originally had it set lower, but realized that the height needed to be increased; I used mesh bags full of rock to add to it. Unfortunately, that had offset the half of the structure I had built (the right side was almost completely bare at the time). So, I spent well over four hours trying to get it all back into place, which finally resulted in the placement I was looking for. Afterwards, I added the rest of the structure and stabilized it all into large sections with spray foam. Following that, once the spray foam had dried, I had to remove the sections to take them up to the attic to spray paint them. It was a little frustrating at times, and a mesh bag was stuck to some foam and pulled off a small section before I could remove it in time. But, it was a small error, and I moved on to spray painting them all as thoroughly as I could before calling it a night on the brunt of the work. Though, I did clean the glass to try and remove all of the gunk and dried spray foam aftermath. There are some spots I still might need to touch up on, but a vinegar and water mix seems to be taking care of most of it. Today, I was mostly spray painting everything every few hours, rotating all of the rocks every time I did so. I did leave the bottommost structure in the aquarium to try and keep the placement of the other structures more consistent, as they all have to fit in place. In order to spray paint that one, I tore up some old newspaper and used that to block the glass on the sides and bottom, then I applied the spray paint. To try and minimize the fumes, since I sleep in the living room and right next to the tank (and my betta fish, Samphan, is in a holding tank on the table tray close by), I covered the top of the aquarium with a blanket and a pillow from off of the couch. It seemed to do the trick well, but I made sure to monitor my fish just in case, as well as fan out the area by him with a magazine, since the ceiling fan doesn’t work and it was too cold and snowy to open a window. I spent a couple hours over half the day on it all, and once the spray paint was up to my liking and the touch ups were completed, I took all of the rock structures back down and added them back into the tank. I made the mistake of adding them out of order and managed to offset everything, so it was maybe two hours of adjusting them all back into how they were originally placed, though not completely the same. The friction from the adjustments chipped a little paint away, so I added the newspaper back in and touched up the spots. A paper moved without me noticing, and some spray paint got on the glass. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove. This is the resulting product, and I’m pretty satisfied with it. This is my first attempt at a hardscape, and I made my own sketch of how I would maybe envision the scape to be prior to doing this all. So, that is what I would go back and forth referencing at. The rocks were collected years ago from Oklahoma when I visited family and spent a few hours in the insanely hot weather collecting rocks and driving a car for the first time, although that was the only time I was ever able to drive. I remember seeing a lot of scorpions, snakes, and frogs while collecting them all. They were much bigger than this, and filled the entire space of the trunk, but my mom and I hammered them down to make some interesting, but decently sized, pieces for this tank. Here is the rough sketch of the hardscape, although the driftwood is included on it, it has yet to arrive. So, I will add it later on to the aquarium. I really enjoy sharp angles and curves, so I tried to implement some of that into my original concept. I didn’t reference any photos, so it probably isn’t accurate to nature, but this is what I had fun coming up with. I tried to pick rocks that matched this, and I’ll add some smaller ones to the bottom once I add all of the substrate (I plan on using organic potting soil and Seachem fluorite dark, capping it all in black sand). I like heavy contrast and black is a great color for it, especially when mixed with plants and a brightly colored betta, so that is the color I chose for the rocks, though they were originally a rusty orange color. The spray paint hopefully will prevent the rocks from eroding much in the tank, as it has a primer in it as well, and I applied a lot of layers (though the spray paint is aquarium safe). I think it worked out well, and I’m surprised I was able to match it pretty close to my concept sketch, though I did change some things, like bulking out the left side, and bringing the other down a little lower. It is definitely a little more sizable in person though. The next steps are to add substrate, and hopefully the driftwood, once it arrives. All of the mesh bags and spray foam will be covered, and I’ll have to add smaller rocks in some spots afterwards. Following that, I will add my plants. I do plan on purchasing more tomorrow, as I have a case of ‘Plant Collectoritis’, which I’m thinking will be some tissue cultured and sustainable Bucephalandra, Bolbitis (I’m thinking maybe Bolbitis heudelotii or maybe something smaller), Java Fern Trident Leaf, potentially something else. I have a holding tank full of plants that will also be apart of this scape, and I will try to implement the majority, as I enjoy a bit of a jungle.
  5. Since I rehomed the territorial pleco who had one of my 29g tanks tied up, I can redo that tank. Woohoo! It's been set up as it is for 5 years next month! The photo is how it looks as of today. I did a trim on the crypts day before yesterday. They were crazy-wild and had taken over. They're still some coming up in places I don't want them, but since I want to redo the tank, I left them where they are. The trimming was mainly to cut back the ones that had leaves covering the water surface. I didn't want them cutting the light so much that the other plants I put in recently wouldn't get enough light. Anyway, I've been hankering to redo this tank, and now I can since it's unoccupied. I think I have the plants I want, though if I need more, I know where I'll be getting them. 😁 I plan to populate the redone tank with swordtails, cories, and zebra danios, with possibly a blue, gold, or dwarf gourami (my favorite) - a combination that's worked really well for me in the past. I'll be ordering those online, which means they won't be ordered until spring. So I don't have to hurry through this "remodel". Right now, the tank contains a big hunk of mopani driftwood and a Top Fin cave decoration, but I intend to remove the mopani and replace it with rock hardscape and some manzanita. Whether I leave the cave decoration in or not depends on the rock I end up using. What I can't make up my mind about is the stone/rock for the hardscape. I plan to reuse the existing substrate, which is gravel and sand with eco-complete underneath. (Photo below.) Needless to say, with the combination of colors in my gravel, I have a lot of leeway for rock colors. Every time I look at options, though, I get overwhelmed. So many choices, and I'm not sure if any of them have drawbacks. I'll be ordering them online from an aquarium hardscape supplier, so I'm not worried about getting a type that's not aquarium safe. So, what's your favorite stone to work with? Why is it your favorite? Are there any you do NOT like? If so, why?
  6. I have a lot of thin slate from a roofing project that was never finished by the previous homeowner. I've never used rocks beyond aquarium gravel, and I'm semi-paranoid that if I make a rock pile, it will tip over and crack the glass. I realize that I learned to stack blocks as a toddler and that tons of people scape with rocks, but hey, we all have our quirks. I have a big fake Texas holey rock in my new 29g and the fish love it, but I'd like to add more hides/line-of-sight blocks. The substrate is sand and the current residents are peaceful, but I want to add plants and wood or rocks for more baby shrimp hides. I'd love pictures and tips for using rocks. Thanks!
  7. Hi folks, hopefully this is a quick an easy question for more experienced aquarists. My house came with a bunch of leaky, broken ponds in the backyard. I've since dismantled them, but I'm left with a bunch of rock that was used to make up the various water features feeding the ponds. Some of them are visually interesting bits of rock and I was hoping to use them in a new aquarium I'm setting up for my wife. I've given all these pieces a good scrub in some clean water, and generally the water runs cleanly off them. If I really hit 'em with a scrub brush, they'll give off a bit of rusty tinge. They don't react to vinegar or anything like that and seem to otherwise meet the requirements for aquarium safe rock. Does anyone see any reason not to use this rock in an aquarium? A quick bit of research says the rust won't harm the fish, but I figured I'd throw the question to someone other than Google. Thanks all!
  8. Hello! One of my newest aquascaping ideas includes medium - large rocks from the ocean that I collected. Is it safe to put it in a freshwater aquarium? If so, does anyone do anything to the decor before adding? Thanks!
  9. Bought this from a freshwater tank at LFS. It appears it used to be live rock in a saltwater aquarium. After having it in my tank for a year, I've decided I want to remove the purple stuff. Anybody have any good methods for doing this? I think it is Ohko(dragon) stone, but not sure.
  10. First-time caller here, but I thought this would be a great place to post about a successful experiment with my aquarium. I have envied the rock backgrounds Cory has been showing off lately, but had decided to just to paint the back of my tanks like normal. After rooting through the random leftover paint bin in the garage, I came across an old spray paint from my youngest daughter's old school project. Her project was to create a solar system out of styrofoam balls; mine became an experiment to see if it would look like as a backdrop in an aquarium. Long story short, this "Stone Texture Finish" spray paint looks great! I applied it to the outside of the aquarium on the back, and it looks like a reasonable rock analog! Cheap way to add a rock look to your aquarium. https://www.amazon.com/Krylon-K18201-Coarse-Texture-Granite/dp/B000BZX6VO/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=black%2Bspeckle%2Bpaint&qid=1600793761&sr=8-5&th=1
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