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  1. The 29 gallon was my way of dealing with the ongoing covid-19 working from home isolation made worse when our outdoor stomping grounds went up in flames the first week of September. So, I thought if I can't escape into nature, I'd bring some inside. Its haphazardly put together I suppose. I wanted plants so it has aquarium soil under the beach gravel we'd hung onto for 20 years since we last had an aquarium. The large piece of bored-out scoria in which I've planted three cryptos was from that same aquarium. A large piece of obsidian creates a retaining wall for the deaper soil section in which I planted what I thought was a nice tall green sword. Its a red melon sword, and its new leaves are red and lovely but still short. The plants in this tank are mostly from LFS because I hadn't found Aquarium Co-op yet when setting it up. Once the tank cycled I added 11 pygmy corydoras and 6 glowlight tetras. Later I took out gravel on one side to give the Cory's sand and added 6 cherry shrimp. Had so much fun watching the pygmies the first month or so. Then I got my fluval light and added 8 black neon tetras and the pygmies went into hiding. I've since relocated the black neons, in case they were just too much for the cory's and reset the new light to less intensity and hours, but the pygmies continue to hide as soon as they detect our feet on the floorboards. The snails come in with the plants, and hopefully they'll find their balance soon and level off. Scooter the butterfly loach is settling in nicely, and the shrimp have molted and doubled in size. The 75 gallon is about a month behind, originally it was supposed to house fancy goldfish but somehow it didn't work out that way. It has three stories, again with plant soil under gravel which is layered over small scoria in bags behind the retaining walls. The gravel is larger because we planned on goldfish, but it's nicely rounded and we also have sand on the lowest level, which we feed over. The majority of the plants in the big tank are from Aquarium Coop. Water Sprite, windelov java fern, drawf sag, various cyptos, a annubias and some Val that still needs to settle in. I've added floating lettuce and anacharis locally. My husband made the lid with tubes for pathos roots and we have three Co-op sponge filters, one in each corner. Its home now to 4 golden white cloud minnows. They were purchased as a group of 7 and were very small, 3 did not make it past the first 48 hours, but the remaining four have grown and colored up and we'll add a few more when we have the opportunity. The 8 relocated black neon are here, and I've added 8 more today for a nice size school in this larger tank. We are now up to 6 false jullii. They've been gathered up in pairs and with various states of abused barbels which we hope will regrow with plenty of water changes and a nice variety of food. For flair we have 2 pair honey gourami and two unpaired drawf gourami. One of the honey gourami already tried to raise himself a family in one of the pathos tubes. We hope to add some as yet undetermined algae eaters and shrimp to this tank, but its starting to feel about right, the plants are a bit bigger now than in the picture. I'm having a harder time with the 29 tall nano tank. The top of the tank needs something, pencil fish maybe, that will stay at top better than the black neons did. But we haven't found any top swimmers yet. And I've increased the driftwood cover for the pygmies, but they responded by moving in and staying in rather than gaining confidence and coming out. Since I already have eleven, I'm not sure if adding additional pygmy corydoras would coax them out again, or just result in a well stocked while apparently empty tank. 😞 Water in both runs 72-76 degrees, 7.4 Ph, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, nitrates unfortunately never seem to test out below 20 (we have 8 already from the tap) but we do at least 10% weekly water changes and I test the water twice a week and do a second partial change if nitrates look closer to 40 on either test. Which is a more likely occurrence in the smaller tank. Still trying to find that just right amount of food. I recently spoted a very small assassin snail in the 29. Bit of a shock actually, so I don't know if that means we have just that one snuck in on a plant with the pond snails, or more. I guess we'll find out in a while.
  2. Hi, I currently have a 125 litre (roughly 33 gallon) community tank that I want to add more fish to but I’m scared about stocking to much. Currently in the tank are: gold opaline gourami panda garra Khuli loaches (3) red eye tetras (5) blue king tetras (3) my plan was to get more blue kings and red eyes, and then a small group of cory cats. how many of each could I get before I’d be full? I do weekly water changes and it is a planted aquarium that I am hoping to add more plants too very soon (I’ve posted about my struggle with plants in the plant thread if you wouldn’t mind nipping across, mines the one with plants turning brown/having brown algae on them) Thanks in advance x
  3. Hey guys hoping I could get some help.woke up this morning and seen my gourami looking like this he’s still breathing but barley.any idea what it could be? Thanks in advance guys
  4. Hi all, Just over two weeks ago, my female koi betta started showing signs of illness: low energy, swollen gills, pine coning on right side with a slightly swollen eye on the left side. during these past two weeks... She's still interested in food. we treated her with Maracyn (the full recommended dose) and Paracleanse (also the recommended dose) at the first sign of symptoms. She became more active, but the pineconing extended to her whole body. So we moved to daily aquarium salt baths at 1 tsp per gallon and 25% water changes every other day. no signs of improvement. Then a week ago, we moved on to trying ich-x with no signs of improvement. Then last Saturday, the 3rd, we moved her into quarantine and threw the med trio at her all at once and we are letting it sit for a week. her pineconing has encompassed her body now and she is distended on her right side. her left eye is still a bit swollen. she maintains an appetite and swims around still. the distention appears to be where her kidneys ought to be. her buoyancy is fine, so I don't think it is her swim bladder. What's odd about this is our dwarf gourami of 3 years suffered from the same symptoms a few months ago and his illness slowly progressed over the course of 2 months before he passed. We thought it was mostly age and his genetics as a mass produced fish, but with our betta getting sick with the same symptoms, it seems a bit odd. Our betta lived with some bronze corydoras, and they show no sign of illness, just their same wiggly selves. before all this we dewormed the fish twice and nitrates never crept past 40ppm. no ammonia or nitrites ever. We feed bug bites tropical and spirulina formula small amounts daily. GH: ~150 KH: ~120 Ph:~6.8-7.2 Temp: ~80F Could this in fact be age/genetic fragility, and ornamental Anabantoidei just lose kidney function over time? Can Ich become internal or hide under scales and develop symptoms like dropsy? Thank you for your time and any replies. Best, G
  5. So I figured I would try and breed some of the fish I have, (noob here with beginner fish of course), and settled in on my gold gouramis.. I did my research in regards to their spawning needs, and it played out perfect in a 10g tank! The fry started free swimming on 09/07. I removed mom and dad back to their community tank. I had hundreds of fry! I couldn't believe I hit pay dirt this quickly. Surely beginners luck. After a day or two I became very concerned about a smell, like rotten eggs permeating from the fry tank. I began to trouble shoot this smell, and maybe it was some eggs gone bad, but I think it was more a substrate issue. Ultimately, I had to get them out of there, and into a safer environment. A clean cycled 10g tank was my answer. Lesson number one: Have an all the way through plan from pairing up two fish, all the way to what your going to do with hundreds of new fish! Migrating them all to a better world, I fumbled my way through an extracting process from the bad tank, and lost many of them due to not having a tried, and true transfer method. Had it not been for the putrid smell in the original tank, I may not have had to move them at all. Anyhow since then, I decided to upgrade them all into a 20L last week located on my covered patio. The water changes, and vacuuming are easier for me there. So in growing them out from a 10g to the 20g, I was able to count them all in the transfer. I yielded exactly 101 fry, lost one a few days ago via a 20% water change, just didn't see the little guy. 😞 The benefits of the upgrade are obvious both ways. For me it's more time between water changes and cleaning. The fry are loving the extra space, and my ability to maintain a constant temperature for them, or more importantly avoid a drastic temp. change on them, is much easier. Our late nights, and early mornings here in San Antonio, Texas were dipping into the low 60°s high 50°s a week and a half ago, my heater kept the 20L in the low 70°s still. What I've learned in the macro thus far is that it may be easy to breed some fish, it's work in ensuring the growth and development of fry. That being said, the work spawned from an inner passion yields an inner reward. In my case the reward is the feeding of that passion. I want to see these little guys grow, I want to transfer all of them again into a 55, and see them all color up before they are ready to go to their new homes. That part of the story is to be continued... I didn't have an all the way through plan. Many of you have may have been on this path a hundred times over, and reading about my first time happening now, I hope brings a smile into your day. Comments and advice most welcome. One question. Should I dose these fry at just over 4 weeks old with a preventative antibiotic? Thank you for taking the time to read and or respond. Where else could I share this adventure ? 🙂 Pics soon.
  6. I just brought home my first fish, a pair of Dwarf Gourami. I was nervous walking into the fish store because I haven't been going out during pandemic barely at all. Then the store manager was pretty aggressive in the way she handled the fish and it was pretty off putting but I just wrote it off as being in the business for a long time. After she scooped them out she said "You have aquarium salt right?" And I said "I don't" and she said "Oh you need it, it is a necessary component, we put it in all of our aquariums, 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons." I knew something wasn't right but at the moment I couldn't recall that you don't want to use salt in a planted tank. I bought it anyways cause she was so intense about it. She had asked me if I had a plants prior to this. She also basically said I was dumb for planning on drip acclimating them. She said drip acclimation was useless unless they had traveled a long distance for a long time. (I still drip acclimated them when I brought them home because I don't think it hurts either way.) Do you think she knew there was something already wrong with my fish? I've attached a picture in case someone who knows more sees something I do not. They are both very active but the powder blue one is slightly less quick and his head is a little wider than the other. They are spending a lot of time right up on the glass like they are trying to find their tank boundaries. They both ate flakes after I got them acclimated into the tank. I just ordered the trio of meds to have my bases covered if something obviously wrong starts to present itself. I'm just nervous I guess, to have been given such odd advice. Tank Info: Fishless Cycled for 5 weeks GH KH pH Nitrite Nitrate Temp 300 120 7.8 0 20 78.3
  7. He has been like this for about 5 months he is eating pooping and swimming normally he isn't acting like the dwarf gourami that died of dropsy please any idea
  8. Greetings! I currently have a 20 gallons with 3 orange dwarf mexicain crayfish (cpo) and 13 1/2 white cloud minnows (one is in quarantine. Not sure he will make it) I also have a 10 gallons cycling and I can’t quite decide what I want in it! I was very ill advised for the 20 gallons and don’t want to repeat the experience. And yes I am doing my research but it seem there is always one answer and it’s opposite about everything 😭 Tank is 10 gallons, pH about 7.6. I have a heater. Aqueon HOB 10 filter, air stone, Plastic plants, rocks, cholla wood, moss balls, flourite black. I might try to grow few plants/moss if possible with the cheap led light in the lid? I would love a gourami. (Honey? A female blue powder?). I dream of having corydoras (panda or julii or albino, not a fan of the pigmy) but afraid the tank is too small for a school of them? Plus my substrate is not sand... Not really a fans of tetra/danios Maybe guppy or platy or molly? (All male, no breeding). And if I can’t go with cory... what bottom dwellers? Shrimps would be eaten by the gourami... too small for hillsteam loach... So... what are your toughts? Any idea/suggestions? Do you think gourami + cory would be ok? It’s important for me that my fish thrive and doesn’t suffer just for my own enjoyment. Thank you!
  9. Hello all, over the past day or so one of my gold gouramis has been acting lethargic (spending most of his time laying on a lava rock which is abnormal for him). I was looking him over this evening and discovered what looked like some sort of a scratch or wound on the left side of his head right in front of his gills. I also noticed a small amount of translucent substance coming from his anus earlier in the day that wasn’t there this evening. Shortly after I noticed the abnormality on his head he started flashing for about a minute specifically rubbing the spot on his head. No other fish are exhibiting any of this behavior in the tank. Any help/suggestions are appreciated. 75 gallon planted tank about 10 months old. Ph 7.4, nitrates 20 ppm, temp 80F, gravel substrate with about 4lbs crushed coral. Ppm of tank water is 100.
  10. Has anyone kept both the croaking and sparkling gouramis, and if so, what did you perceive as differences?
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