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Found 23 results

  1. Hi I have a question I have a 40 breeder with a congo puffer and 3 panda garas. And their doing great. Im in college so moving a 40 gallon tank every semester can be a chore so what I was going to ask was could a congo puffer live solo in a 20 long ? If not that is perfectly fine I was just wondering. The other thing is could he or she live comfortably without overstocking and live happy and not stunt growth.
  2. Hi everyone! I have a spare 29 gallon tank that I would love to put a Pig nose puffer in, I have quite a few different freshwater puffer species, so I know I would be perfectly capable of keep one, my question is that I know a 40 breeder would be the perfect tank size for them, but would a 29 tall be adequate... I have seen many mixed suggestions online and just can make up my mind so I would love to get some other opinions
  3. Alright everyone, open question. What is your favorite tank size and why? I'm really into nano tanks at the moment (5-10 gallons) because I like experimenting with everything you can do in such a small ecosystem. And because they are small, there is a guaranteed interaction between all of the denizens of the tank, which I also enjoy experimenting with. Who else has a favorite?
  4. I'm pretty sure I will be firing up my second 20 high and tearing down the existing one. I really don't have room or equipment to be running two 20s. I'm considering getting one of my 10s up and running and putting my Angelfish in it since he doesn't play well with others. Is a 10 gallon too small for a solitary Angelfish?
  5. I would like to keep some us native fish. I like pumpkinseeds because but they can get to 5" can I keep a pair in a 20 tall with nothing else and live plants. I would think it would work because you can keep a pair of angels in a 20 tall and they get 6" and a lot taller.
  6. I am curious what everyone's favored tank size. I love the 40 breeder and the 150 fat boy. I think my favorite small tank is the 40 breeder. I love the 53 I had but it's so hard to get one.
  7. So i know pea puffers are quite small, and do fine in a 5 gallon tank, however what is the optimal size tank for a single pea puffer? Like what would make them the most happiest? Is 5 gallon perfect? Or would they rather prefer a 20 gallon? Also can you keep a school of them, or are they territorial like a Betta?
  8. So i purchased a 500L aquarium (after using aquarium calc its actually 540L) with a steel tubing type stand, it is crazy heavy (took 3 of us to carry it up 2 flights of stairs and barely made it) once i fill it with water i estimate it to be roughly 3/4 of a ton, my apartment is an old 1950s building made from solid concrete and from what i saw as a plumber lifted boards in my bathroom a few years back my floor is also concrete with beams across it and floorboards fitted to that. My question is basically should i continue to fill and stock this monster tank, i cannot find any blueprints or floor plans for these apartments anywhere so have no max load to go on.
  9. We (My husband and I) decided (just a couple months ago) that I shouldn't expand our collection of tanks. I know for us that it's a smart choice, time and money wise. Our daughter then offered us her out grown 12"-14"-48". I have the perfect place for that in my office so my husband (great man that he is) conceded to, "one more, that's really it). We have a dedicated 20high for guppies. I was wondering if I could get some advice/suggestions for making this one tank to act as several for more selective breeding. I'm hoping for 3 at least to ?.
  10. So I am gonna build a tank for my axolotl for when he’s an adult (around 6 months out) but I want to get a wild type axolotl for him to live with of the same sex could this be a problem and my second question is I could either move my discus into a 75 and use there 55 for the axolotls or just buy another 55 witch would you go with and why
  11. Whats your favorite Tank Size? I really like 20 gallons/ 29 gallons, I think that they are a perfect size for breedinf community fish. You can breed fish and have a community of other fish (breeding apistos and having cardinal tetras, etc.)
  12. I have a stocking idea and not sure what size tank would be right. Stocking 6-8 Panda Corey, 10-15 white skirt tetras, 10-15 Black skirt Tetras, 20 or so fancy guppies, 10-15 neon tetra, 10-15 Glow light Tetra, a hand full of snails and maybe some shrimp if the Coreys will leave them alone. I have a 20 gal now with these fish and shrimp minus the Coreys, in much smaller numbers and find the tank very enjoyable I have java fern, water sprite and anbus as the plants in the tank.
  13. What does everyone feel is the Min tank size to keep shrimp in safely?
  14. Hi all I've just setup a 305L Aquarium (80 us gallons) and it measures 40" wide by 2ft deep. Do we think this tank is large enough to keep clown loaches? Thanks Aaron
  15. I am looking at getting a 75 gal glass tank in the next month or so. This would be my 2nd tank - my 1st one a 15 gal just completed its cycle. Is this going to be too big of a jump for a newbie? I don't know if bigger means I need more experience. I was going to go with a glass tank, and regardless of the size I end up with I am wondering if I need to do anything additional to the bare tank before I add water to it. (e.g., reinforce w/ additional silicone) I jumped in blind to my child's 15 gal 😆 and I want to make sure I set this larger tank up correctly from the start. And lastly a question about stands. I realize if I go with a 75 gal the total weight of the tank could be close to 900 lbs. What are your favorite types of stands to use? I want something that is furniture quality as the tank will be in my front room with my piano. Do I have to you use an official aquarium stand? If I want to buy a piece of quality furniture, (not Ikea stye) what should I look for to make sure it will hold all the weight? Thank you fish friends!
  16. This may seem like a dumb question but here it goes. I'm going to medicate a 36 Gallon tank. I have to use one packet per 10 gallons of water. Do you all think it would be safe to assume I'm closer to 30 gallons of actual water in the tank then 36 gallons after facturing in the substrate and decorations, right?
  17. With the Petco dollar per gallon sale, I want to get a tank strictly for Neocardinia (and maybe some otis or cleanup crew). What do you think is the ideal Tank size?
  18. Hi everyone! I’m so glad I found Cory an Aquarium Co Op. The videos and forums have been super helpful in getting back on track. Just wanted to introduce myself and the kids. I have a tall 37 gal planted tropical community aquarium. Running a medium sponge filter and hot rodded a top fin hob 40 with a coarse sponge prefilter and two coarse sponge cutouts for inside. The tank has 1 juvenile angelfish, 3 dwarf cobalt blue gourami, 5 red coral platty, 5 albino corys, 1 hillstream loach, 1 giant mystery snail and 1 nerite snail. Been running like this for 4 months or so. Do I have enough filtration for the bio load? I’m pretty sure I’m pushing the limits on tank size as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  19. I have just enough space in my living room for either a 55 gallon, a 72 gallon bowfront, or a 60 gallon (same footprint as 55 but taller). My husband loves the look of the bowfront and I love that it’s a larger size that would still fit in the space, but I heard recently they may be more prone to leaks. Anyone have experience or knowledge on if bowfronts are more likely to leak? I noticed the 72 bowfronts are hard to find new, but don’t know if it’s due to COVID or because the manufacturers are discontinuing them. Also, if you were planning on a planted tank, would you go for higher water volume (like the 60) or would the shorter 55 gallon be a better bet? I’m looking at used options and unsure what to get. Fish will probably be cherry barbs, green neon tetras, otos, and honey gouramis. Obviously the 55 is easier to find, but I’m leaning toward a bowfront if I can find a good one and it’s not leak prone. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  20. I was recently asked by a friend which is the smallest tank a betta can go in, I told them a 5 gallon if they do not have live plants. I keep two bettas in 3 gallon( going to upgrade soon) and a 10 gallon both heavly planted. so I was just wonder what the minimum for a betta. I personly think It is okay to put a betta in a tank smaller then 5 gallons if it planted, what are your guys thought?
  21. Hi everyone. I’ve been reading tons of articles online about Fahaka puffers and as always I’m seeing lots of conflicting info on recommended tank size. I’m in the UK so don’t have the same standard size tanks as you have in the US but I’m looking at having a custom tank built for him. I have space for a 4x2x2 and I’m thinking I’ll have a sump. Can anyone who has experience of keeping these fish tell me if that will be a large enough tank long term? Thanks
  22. I currently have a 38 gallon with all fake plants, but id like to try a tank with all real ones. What tank size has worked well for you, and should I focus on length or height? Lastly, what small fish (schooling or not) have been your favorite for planted tanks? Thanks!
  23. Hi all, I have seen many different preferences on what conditions for a tank to keep angelfish in and I’m curious on other people’s opinions. I have heard nothing under 18 in depth, 40 breeder is too shallow, a 29 is fine, but with all of this I am not looking for a community but maybe a pair and then a bottom feeder to clean up after them. What are ideal conditions for raising angelfish.
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