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  1. I have a 20 gallon long tank with 7 ember tetras, shrimp, and two bristle nose pleco. The tank has live plants. What are these flea looking creatures and how can I get rid of them. There are so many of them living in the tank. Some have managed to get into my 75 gallon I guessing from moving plants around. The problem is not so bad in the 75 gallon I am assuming due to larger fish and the team of Cory's. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. @eatyourpeas thanks, I do have a pipette that goes upto 5 ml. I would still need to know how much to put into my tank. I think I remember hearing on a video one pump is equal to 1ml. I am just not sure.
  3. I have a question.... the pump on the bottle of easy green is not working.... does one pump equal one ml?
  4. I didn't like the PIMAFIX to much, which is a natural tree oil. The methylene blue I am using is branded Kordon. I am giving it a try to see how it works. This current batch of eggs is smaller and I might have to wait for a bigger batch to really be able to compare the two products.
  5. All 9 betta are still doing well and looking very happy. I do have an issue. I have a snowball pleco in the tank with them. I dont think he likes it in there. I am going to have to switch my plecos around.
  6. The new eggs are in here with methylene blue
  7. @ange thank you very much. We found a small batch of eggs today. Not sure which cory it was.
  8. Added some guppy grass to the tank today.
  9. I am guessing between 30 to 40 corys made it so far. I feed them some live baby brine today. They look so cute with their bellies full of brine.
  10. I do need better lights for my aquarium
  11. @ange okay will do... I am 3 days in now. We are keeping an eye on them.
  12. lol for sure... only a 10g and I kinda feel I am pushing it with 9 in there. Plants are from Co-op :)
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