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Found 5 results

  1. Our corydoras and neon tetras have been awesome tank mates, but what else? Anyone here have experience with a large sorority (15). We don’t love danios or harlequin rasboras, but heard they’re great. What else? Thoughts on female dalmatian mollies - maybe 3?
  2. The idea of it seemed cool to me. We are giving it a try. Upto to now all the ladies are getting along. Here is a picture of our tank looks like. We have a total of 9 betta female in the tank.
  3. So, I am not sure if I am actually going to do this, but would it be possible to have a betta sorority in a 20 gallon (7+ females) and have one male betta? Would there be aggression? Would breeding happen? A betta sorority has always been in the back of my mind, and I’m curious of what would happen if one male was added to the mix.
  4. I've never kept one but have seriously thought about it. What is required (aside from luck) to have success in a sorority for more than just a year or so? I've considered keeping bettas again because I'm falling back in love with them but have only kept them in solo/community settings. Would several females be at a better chance of success when they're in a larger tank with dither fish? With the information I have I feel like I'd personally be happiest with any betta (male or female!) in a solo or small community setting. Factors in failure I've often heard: As the females mature and become egg-bound, their aggression toward each other increases. The tank is overstocked and there is not enough territory. The tank is understocked and there aren't enough fish to disperse aggression.
  5. I've kept individual Bettas before but I'm two weeks into my first betta sorority, 30 gallon tank. I am battling an outbreak of ich with slowly increasing water temperatures (currently 85f), slowly increasing salt (currently 1 tbs/ 2 gallon), and super ick cure. Ph is about 7 and ammonia nitrate nitrite and all very low. I've noticed the Bettas like to hangout by my filter surface skimmer (tidal 55) and look stuck but they swim away easily when offered food. In the picture below I watched the white fish swim up and push the others to make room. I'm wondering if this is normal behavior or something to be conserned about? None of my other Bettas in small (5gallon) individual tanks have ever done this. Thanks for any input.
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