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  1. in this order are my favorite types of videos 1 wild fish collecting such as the Peru and Florida videos 2 Farm/ fish room tours such as "1000 gallon aquarium" and the goliad farms or "The best fish farm in the world.( no clickbait)" 3 your travel videos and what you see that in the world of fish keeping 4 your tours of your store and home fish room and what is exciting to you 5 outdoor tubbing
  2. Who all on here has done a fish collecting trip? I used to collect sunfish and other natives back when I was legally aloud to do so but now I can't do it alone because of local laws. How many of you have your own collection story's and pictures. I also want to here about if you have gotten fish from out of the country like a Amazon or Africa trip. Again I would love pictures and for you to talk about your experience. Here is a photo of some of my natives that I had to buy
  3. Ok so I have been quiet for a little bit so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask I feel like I miss things if no one asks. So if you have questions feel free to ask. Ok so update time I did some stuff. Here is a few pictures of things I got some more rainbow shiners I also got some new darters and a few other new things (I have kinda lost track of all that is in there) so here are some pictures. I lost my big stone rollers so I fed them to my big turtle in the room dose anyone else feed the lost fish to other things? I have always had things that would eat any cull fish or anything that passes away I just want to know if that's weird
  4. I have a 300 gallon that I have posted about on this forum where the biggest fish is under 6 inches and I have a few cpd in there. It's a super fun tank I would say the average size fish in there is about 2-3 inches most of them are US natives. I really need to update that post lol here is a sneak peak at the tank
  5. I would do Neocaridina shrimp and put some CPDs out there as well for winter. But at your high temps for the summer you could put it in full shade that will help with the swings for the species listed above or if you did half sun you could probably breed a Cory or pleco species
  6. I have a soft spot for the big guys so I would have to say a wels or a Jau I also like the look and name of the goonch here are two photos that I pulled off the internet
  7. Bottom feeders are beneficial but not necessary I would do a little school of loaches in that tank they can do pretty well with cichlids
  8. Here is my monster in my 300 hill stream tank it's about a 7 foot log that is still has not sunk
  9. The Minnesota aquarium society is doing zoom meetings on the first Thursday of the month here is a link feel free to join us. Next month is about bettas https://aquarium.mn
  10. Their are a lot of mid size South American that will do great in a 40 breeder. You could probably do a jack Dempsey or a Salvini Cichlid you could also do a group convicts. If cichlids are something that interest you then their are a lot of species that will work well for you.
  11. I have found Anubis and Val dose surprisingly well in cooler temps what are you trying to keep that low?
  12. Ask and you shall receive here are some full tank shots. Also their are a lot of caves in the rocks it's kinda hard to see so I took a few pictures of a few that are easier to see
  13. No chiller I'm up in Minnesota so my water temp will stay I in the low 60s in the winter when I do weekly water changes water out of the tap is between 40-50 so it's more just not heating the tank. In the summer the temps rise into the mid to low 70s. Darters are a little hard to raise up from my understanding because they are just really small when they hatch. This is a resource I have found through my local club Johnny Spawned Lately AQUARIUM.MN
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