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  1. The Minnesota aquarium society is doing zoom meetings on the first Thursday of the month here is a link feel free to join us. Next month is about bettas https://aquarium.mn
  2. Their are a lot of mid size South American that will do great in a 40 breeder. You could probably do a jack Dempsey or a Salvini Cichlid you could also do a group convicts. If cichlids are something that interest you then their are a lot of species that will work well for you.
  3. I have found Anubis and Val dose surprisingly well in cooler temps what are you trying to keep that low?
  4. Ask and you shall receive here are some full tank shots. Also their are a lot of caves in the rocks it's kinda hard to see so I took a few pictures of a few that are easier to see
  5. No chiller I'm up in Minnesota so my water temp will stay I in the low 60s in the winter when I do weekly water changes water out of the tap is between 40-50 so it's more just not heating the tank. In the summer the temps rise into the mid to low 70s. Darters are a little hard to raise up from my understanding because they are just really small when they hatch. This is a resource I have found through my local club Johnny Spawned Lately AQUARIUM.MN
  6. As for the question yes they can be kept with rainbow darters the darters sty low in the tank however the darters do not like flake or pellet food. In my 300 I have both and they are doing well however you have to be mindful of a few things. the darters love black worms and other bottom dwelling foods they do well on frozen foods as well. the shiners will out compete them for the food. Also the darters love fish eggs and are surprisingly good at finding them. Here are two of the 4 species of darter I have right now I am getting 2 more secret ones soon😉
  7. I did black dirt in mine in order to get the most algae growth for my fish to feed on. You can do really any substrate if you want you can also use pots for substrate and plants and that helps with taking it down in the fall
  8. Ok I was sick of looking at the bag of gravel in the tank so I removed it and replaced it with a few rocks. What do you guys think? Should I move the rocks around? Also if there is anything you would like to see more pictures of please ask and I will try to get come good ones
  9. I would say if it's a small tank you should just get a bigger one if you have a 29 I would upgrade to a 40 breeder or a 55. If you can't go larger I would go to petco for a dollar per gallon sale and just pick up a new one
  10. What I did is I focused on the species that really interest me. I got less tanks and I went bigger. I do have one tank that I can play with a little more and that's my 90 gallon I give myself a year to make it what I want it to be and if I'm not happy I change everything about it so I can keep new things and try other things. I also do summer tubing it helps too. I have my 800 gallon gar tank my 300 gallon hillstream tank and my 90 gallon community. In the summer I had a 110 stock tank that made about 400 shrimp for me
  11. If I were you I would dig a hole for those ponds and get some stock tanks for your summer tubing. I see some green houses in the back there I would put a few in there to experiment with the temps and see how long you can keep Tropicals outside. For those in ground ponds I would put them in ground a do a nice little year round water garden you could get a little waterfall going and have some cool US native minnows or do gold white clouds year round.
  12. Ice is really powerful and can be very unpredictable if you aren't being safe. Ice that freezes at different temps will react to changes in temp differently. For example if the lake freezes at 30 degrees and the temp drops 20 degrees the ice will get more and more brittle and will begin to brake up. If you are fishing out on the lake and the temps drop you could get stranded in the middle of the lake.
  13. As of the last update I have added some more plants some crypts and a few Anubis I also added some fish and I have some more darters on the way. The new fish I added are 6 gold shiners 1 silver flying fox and 3 albino bristlenose plecos. Other then that not much is new I still have the bag of rocks to hold down the wood. And here are some pictures
  14. In that same tank I would also breed a nice bristlenose pleco like super red or lemon.
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