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Your fishroom must haves!


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What are you fish room must have items! Items that you use on a regular maybe even daily basis when getting your hands wet.

I dont necessarily have a fish room but I have 3 aquariums, 2 of which in the basement. Items that I use every day to maintain these aquariums...

  1. Aquarium Co-Op Towel. Having a towel by you at all times when doing a waterchange, trimming plants, etc. is a must! I probably spill some water every time! Its a great towel to dry your hands and clean up the water drops on your floor. Its the perfect size to hang from your shoulder as you work. My only complaint... I only have one! I got mine from a aquarium co-op care package, but as soon as they start shipping to Canada I'm getting at least two more. 
  2. Specimen Container. I like how easy they are. When not in use hang them on the back of your aquarium. I often use them to hold my plant cuttings as I await a plan for them, or even to scoop up water from the aquarium into a bag. I often use it to fill up my smaller aquarium after a waterchange to assure I dont stir/ digup too much substrate, mulm or even plants. I use the Lees Specimen Container, however for you americans you have the aquarium co-op specimen container!
  3. API Master Test Kit. I use this often when needing an accurate sample of what my water chemistry looks like. Usually before a waterchange or when I see a sick or dead fish.
  4. Tetra Test Strips. Or really just any accurate test strips, aquarium co-op has made there own version. I use these most when I'm feeling a little too lazy to pull out my API Master Test Kit, or when I just need a fast sample.
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Python water changer.

Dedicated set of towels, located nearby.

2 each 2-1/2 gallon buckets, one for carrying the end of the python around (my fishroom is also called the livingroom) and one for plant trimmings and whatnot. One of them also takes Cherry Shrimp to the LFS every other week equipped with a shower cap to keep splashing down. 

CoOp test strips.

Infrared thermometer.

That's what I use always.

There are of course all the fertilizers, foods and meds.

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Clean quart sized yogurt containers.  I use these all the time for water changes on the smaller tanks, scooping up fish, moving fish from tank to tank, bagging when I sell, keeping sponges from dripping all over my floor, etc..  They're my free version of a specimin container I guess--disadvantage: they're not clear.  

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1. Nearby bathroom with sink and toilet

2. Dehumidifier(s)

3. Linear Piston Air-pump (confession: I don't have one yet...)

4. Refrigerator and Freezer

5. A Closet

6. Stool(s)



7. Mini Step Ladder

8. Specimen Containers (5x min)

9. Nets (5x, different colors, sizes, mesh densities)

10. Python with gravel vac (I add extended hose for a long draw)

11. Siphon hoses



12. Dry foods tote ( I store in fridge when not feeding)

13. Towels (the small Aquarium CoOp towel is amazing)

14. Scissors (Aquascape trimmers plus normal scissors)

15. Liquid syringes with added airline tubing for feeding, measuring, dosing, etc



16. Lighting Timers

17. API Freshwater Testkit

18. 4.5 Gallon Buckets ( 3x min)



19. Dean-style Fry Trays (confession: I still need to make these)

20. Brine Shrimp Hatcheries



21. Extra Sponge Filters (can never have too many)

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On 1/9/2022 at 8:13 PM, Fish Folk said:

3. Linear Piston Air-pump (confession: I don't have one yet...)

I have probably way fewer tanks than you, but I have one of these and a central air line.  Worth every penny! So much air available.  Plus, I added a low pressure gauge so I can keep track of the supply.  That's been clutch! 

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Water change hose, 5 gallon buckets (water out) and 1 gallon jugs (water in), towel. Plastic razorblade for scraping glass if the nerites were sleeping on the job. Long handled spoon for rearranging sand (I used a mcflurry spoon on my 20L but need to make the handle longer for my 40B.)

A comfy chair to sit and watch at feeding time.

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Squeeze bottles from Walmart for fish food

Plastic dish pans from Dollar Tree for all kinds of stuff

Magnetic hooks from Harbor Freight for hanging tools and towels on metal racks

Brass grommet kit to turn any towel into a hanging towel

Kasa Wifi timer for lights

Coop Algae Scrubbers

A nice workbench/workspace

Mason jars for scooping some water instead of always grabbing a hose

Something to play music while you're working in the fishroom, I prefer a FM radio

Interlocking EVA foam tiles, makes kneeling and working more comfortable

A phone charger, flashlight, comfy chair.

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On 1/10/2022 at 11:20 AM, scott the fishman said:

A clean dinner plate to put stuff on when i am trimming or cleaning my HTB filters. and my cat for moral support!

I use a shallow aluminum baking dish instead.  In addition:

  • A cookie sheet and a bus tub in strategic locations for scissors, nets, tongs, etc so they can dry.
  • Assorted measuring cups.  They come in handy for quite a few things, and the pouring spout and handles make them more useful than a glass jar.
  • A measuring cup with holes drilled in the side.  I've posted a picture here before, but I hang it on the side of the tank and pour the water into it.  The water is dispersed through the holes, which prevents disturbing the substrate.
  • A set of very small measuring spoons (starting with 1/64 tsp).  It comes in handy for measuring food; especially for when I have someone else feed for me.
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I have a fish tank corner in my basement office.  All of my frequently used equipment (nets, pruning tools, scrapers) and food is under my tanks in cloth bins or hanging from magnetic hooks on the metal tank stands.  The 5 gallon is my daphnia & snail tank.  All the rarely used stuff is in a bin on a shelf next to the python and water change buckets in my utility room.



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Dedicated infant medicine syringes to make water testing easier and accurate for each tank.



If racks are metal/have a metal reinforcement, heavy duty magnets (like professional mechanics and kitchen chefs use) are great for keeping plant pruning tools easily accessible and dry (when not in use), as well as keeping nets in easy reach.

If I am breeding, some of Dean's fry systems are definitely a must have!

In my dream fish room (I don't currently have), a linear piston pump, auto water change system with a fry catch built in, a fridge for plant/ moss specimens (and blackworm culture) and  a freezer for fish food. Drawers to organize meds, foods, tools, and storage,  and the bottom shelf of each rack would be high enough to slide bins underneath for gravel/substrate storage.

Timers for lights, and pymeter to control any heaters that are needed. I would heat the room, not the tanks, but if this is my dream room I would have discus & bettas who need a warmer environment than most of my other fish.

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