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  1. oh ok. I think you should be fine as Cory has used a similar solar panel set up a few years ago and seemed to have success.
  2. I have 2 mini ponds out right now, this is my second year w/ mini ponds, and I only use a small sponge in each and it works great! Hope this helps.
  3. That molly looks really cool! I have seen that on guppies but never mollies. It would certainly be an undertaking to make a that trait into a strain tho.
  4. Hey free shipping at 29 bucks! Not to shabby!
  5. Those fish look great! As for breeding them/collecting eggs, that is way over my head lol.
  6. Well to be quite honest I am not doing anything for the plants except giving them eco complete lol
  7. This is coming from my Anubias golden coin. I am not sure if it is a flower or what. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. That aquarium looks great! I love the neons in there!
  9. I would suggest that you add the shrimp and snails first as @Will Billy said. After a few weeks I would add the guppies and then just treat the entire aquarium with the med trio as @Fish Folk suggested.
  10. I have always wanted to try to breed nerites because they breed in brackish! there is very little info out there.
  11. Maybe you could use a dehumidifier to heat the room up. I have used one in my bedroom (to get aquarium water out of the carpet of course lol) and it raised the temp by quite a bit.
  12. I would suggest adding a pre-filter sponge and or a sponge filter as this helps give the bacteria that turn the nitrites into nitrates a place to multiply. You might also want to add some more live plants to help you with the nitrates when the bacteria starts doing its job. I hope this helps!
  13. You get less color from bolivian rams but they are a chunky centerpiece fish. If I were you I would go for the apistogramma cacatuoides. I hope this helps you make a decision! That tank looks great!
  14. That is a helpful chart @Socqua! That looks to be a "low grade" cherry shrimp. I like how they look though lol!
  15. That is Crazy! I have never seen that happen with fish before! It looks like an endler of some kind.
  16. My favorite thing about Repashy is that it stays stable in the water for hours so they can feed on it for a long time. I do agree that it takes them a minute to find it though.
  17. I use the community for my guppies and they love it!
  18. Just put a male and a female in a 20 gallon or larger and give them some caves and good food like algae and keep the water parameters good and they should breed for you.
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