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  1. They are awesome! Haven't seen those around before, are they hard to get?
  2. Welcome to the forum, and welcome back to the hobby!
  3. My experience was completely depressing to me, every guppy we seemed to buy locally was dying. Petco/Petsmart were the worst. However, like @Guppysnail said, once I had some fry born from those guppies (and some we got from a breeder) they have been great! We're waiting on the next generation to see how they do!
  4. I like Salvinia Minima or Water Spangles. Smaller than frogbit, shorter roots, less invasive than duck weed.
  5. Welcome! I would bet that Saltwater tanks are the norm in Hawaii, but I only base that off of its geography.
  6. We enjoyed Halloween Kills, its quite brutal! Tonight we watch Dune 🙂
  7. I love finding this on Jukeboxes and playing it over and over! 🙂
  8. If you want another small schooling/shoaling fish you could try Ember Tetras, they would give a nice orange pop to go with the reds and blues you have. You could also do Black Neons for a contrast. Sounds like great stocking so far, I'd be tempted to just get more cardinals! I also read Guppies are great tankmates for Cardinals, and I'm a little partial to Guppies. Good luck!
  9. I would think they would be fine as long as the rhizomes aren't smothered. They might not grow as fast, but Anubias are slow growing anyway.
  10. I will 2nd the CPDs! You can also keep them with shrimp.
  11. Im a HUGE Peter Gabriel fan, and have been lucky enough to see him live twice. I found this to be completely sublime!
  12. That betta is going to love this home! AquaHuna sells awesome betta, and the best part is you can pick out the one you want via their live stream on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/aqua_huna https://www.twitch.tv/aqua_huna1 I check them out all the time just to see the pretty variants they get.
  13. I would think the betta would think you just gave him/her an all you can eat buffet. If a fry can fit in any other species mouth, it usually will from what I understand.
  14. Oh my gosh, this breaks my heart. Hopefully you can get some good advice. Paging Doctor @Colu!
  15. I know we have some AC/DC fans here, in my humble opinion this is one of the greatest riffs in rock history.
  16. This is the correct answer! I love our Mystery, our two Nerites are such great cleaners, I have mostly embraced our bladder snailmageddon, we love our Ramshorn, our pond snail, and lately our wee baby assassin snails. We love our snails!
  17. This is an old one I can still get, they are super cheap now too!
  18. It can be Halloween candy or any other candy you used to love but can't find anymore. Something that reminds you of your childhood! Here's one (of many) of my forgotten favorites
  19. Today's update, males disguised as females, Boss Baby, and baby assassins.
  20. Not saying that the editing and filming were spot on, but I was cheering at the end. Well done lads!
  21. They were obviously having a great time filming this. The kids were cracking me up hamming it up in the car. Thanks again Irene! You bring a lot to this community!
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