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  1. They still seem to be doing great, we just really have to tackle our bladder snail problem soon! Snailmageddon is real!
  2. Wow 6 generations! One day....one day. 😉
  3. Haha, I'm reading the monster cereal post while looking at my box of Boo Berry. 😉
  4. My favorite I really don't have often. I like eggs (sunny side up), sausage links, biscuits, and grits. Sausage patties or bacon work too.
  5. I like watching an ecosystem form, enjoying behavior. But if I'm honest right now my joy is watching baby guppies grow out!
  6. We use a clear storage tote for our guppy fry grow out tank, so far it works great and its easy to do water changes. I cut a small hole in the lid and mounted a very small LED light bar on it.
  7. I've heard that if you treat your tank with Tea for tannins it will turn your fish British.
  8. They not only do a great job moderating, but they have all been super helpful answering any questions I've had.
  9. Once they all mature, we'll pick a lucky couple and move them into the Honeymoon Suite.
  10. Buddy of mine turned me on to these guys today, been enjoying their sound.
  11. Yeah, just keep a check on water quality, you should be fine!
  12. I just feel like the bigger ones take up a lot of real estate.
  13. We have a similar combo in our 10 gallon tank, and it does a great job. I think you'll be fine with the sponge you have.
  14. We have scarlet temple and dwarf lilies, low light, no CO2, we do use Easy Green if the nitrates are below 10ish. They are both doing well, although the lily is definitely thriving more than the temple.
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