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Found 4 results

  1. Come on.... we all have them. That one tank that is amazing, that grows plants like nobody's business, that the fish love, that the shrimp love, that just thrives.... but it is ugly. So we never share pictures of them, because they don't LOOK the way we want them to. We don't find them pretty enough to share. So I thought I would make a place where we could share our ugly tanks that rock. I will introduce ours... please show me yours! Meet our 5 gallon, acrylic, curved tank that was part of a kit. It never looks clean, it always has algae, we can never get the substrate nice looking.... but this tank rocks. Plants thrive in here, plants that die in any other tank. (I mean, just look at that anubias in there) Our cherry shrimp LOVE this tank, and are always moving about and active. Our green neons LOVE this tank, and have done very well, and stayed healthy. This tank never seems to have parameter problems, but we never share pictures of it. Why? Because it isn't the prettiest, but if I am being honest, it is our best functioning tank.
  2. Hey all, My name is Dakota, and ive been in the hobby for approximately 5 years. I have tried different things and failed at different things, and have had great success with different things. Im a stay at home dad and absolutely love it. I love the aquarium hobby and love everything about it. But my true passion in the hobby is aquascapes and having it complement beautiful fish. My favourite fish has always been the German Blue Rams and absolutely fell in love with the behavior and the amazing colorations they have. This journal is gonna be my diary (lol) i guess you could say. I really appreciate input and can handle criticism. Im no expert, But i am trying and i am learning as much as i can and have learned that the best way for me to learn is to do. So here it goes.... This is my tank from a week ago... I have monty carlo growing on the bottom with Scarlett temple in the back right and an anubias behind the drift wood. There is my wife's Pothos plant on the top right. The tank is running an FX4 with a reduced flow rate. DIY CO2 Inector and a fluval heater. Will post additional Pic's. and then ive hung a blanched zucchini wedge for my oto's to the left. Second picture is my tank today.Went to my LFS and ordered my GBR's aswell as traded the Black neons, assassin snails and a couple of sterbai cory's. All i have left is the 25-30 neons, 3 cory's and some otocinclus cats. I have added some Anachris to the left and some Java fern on the wood. Everything is starting to come together. When i went to the fish store he sells the anachris in clumps, so i got a couple. But i got a hitch hiker and don't know what it is. Looks to big to be duckweed. Any Answers? Top View of Mystery Plant. My DIY setup which has served me well so far! Now Schedule! Please Excuse the handwriting. This is my maintenance schedule. It still needs some tweaking but i will work it out. EG= Easy Green EC=Easy Carbon WC= Water Change. Then of cource my Aquarium Coop sticker on the front right! Love you guys! So, This is just gonna be me keeping track of myself aswell as showing my tank off. I don't get a lot of guests at my house so, this is me being a good host as i welcome you guys into my home and passion.
  3. Hi all, I searched through posts for information on adding photos to posts and profiles, but did not find any I want to start adding photos and start tank journals, but cannot find any guidelines for size and when I tried to add one as my profile picture it was upside down and I couldn’t see a way to rotate it. Looking forward to getting answers! TIA Nanci
  4. I would say that most fishkeepers have a betta. They don't need a MASSIVE tank, easy to find, fairly cheap (really depends though), aboslutley stunning, and has a great persanolity! Whats not to love about bettas! Show us pictures of your betta! Heres Mine: His name is Hugo! The picture doesn't show it, but he has some blue flourecent on his fins. He is constantly begging for food or swimming, by far the most active betta I have owned, He refuses to rest on the betta hamock I got him. You can follow my betta tank thread here:
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