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  1. Hi all, i have 5 ruby minnows and 3 weeks ago i saw a tiny one.. i read that they produce 40 - 400 eggs.. is it unusual to see just one survivor..? It is growing and swimming around looking healthy.. i think too big to be eaten now.. Do you think i can expect more in the future..? I have some dragon rock which makes small caves so i guess the eggs were on the roof of one of those.. Thanx!
  2. haha! your tank looks great btw..
  3. update 02feb22 white movers hardly visible Ph 7.2 Am 0.25 No2 2.0 No3 5.0 Ammonia down, Nitrites slightly up..
  4. well, i got home early this morning and.. no white movers! After further research i think they are detritus worms.. My nerite snail was all over the new piece of mangrove root and the water looked clearer..🤔 Im gonna test again in the morning..
  5. Ok thanks so much ill try for a pic when i get back home..
  6. Wow, ok thanks.. Do you think they are from the SeaChem..?
  7. oh and my numbers last night..Ph 7.2 Ammonia 0.5 No2 2.0 No3 5.0
  8. gawd, i now have millions of tiny white dots on my glass, and they are moving! 20 gal long near the end of fishless cycle, plants in substrate, a couple floating.. I've been adding sachem stability for a few days on the advice from lfs. I'm fertilizing easy green, and fish flakes twice a week. i put in a piece of mangrove root saturday after giving it a good boiling water rinse.. i was so close and now i am starting to panic at this infestation.. any advice gratefully received! Seadevl
  9. Hi all, i am about to pull the trigger on some fish!.. These numbers look ok to me, they have been stable for a week now. Ph-7.2 Ammonia-0.5 No2-0.5 N03-10 Just added one Nerite snail who is being busy.. i am looking to get some small shrimp, maybe 3 Oto and some Danio or White Cloud to start.. Any thoughts or input gratefully received! Seadevl.
  10. Great advice.. Question: if i attach the co-op powerhead, should i use the airstone separately, or modify the lifttube and keep it in the sponge filter..?
  11. thanks.. its a 20gal long med sponge filter with airstone, gravel substrate with dragon rock and a cholla log(?), hygger led light on its own timer.. No green algae but some cloudiness on the glass, some clear looking algae on some plant leaves.. i am addicted to this hobby and i don't have any fish yet! current pic.. Thanks again!
  12. Hi all, so i put water in my new tank on New Years Eve.. a few plants a couple of days later.. been adding easy green and small amounts of fish food(no fish yet).. my Ph has been steady around 7, almost no Ammonia,Nitrites or Nitrates.. I planted a few more plants on Jan 20 and today Jan 22 i have: Ph 7.2 Ammonia 0.5 N02 0.5 No3 20 .. Do you guys think this is my Ammonia spike happening..? Want to add a few Nerite snails and maybe a small Pleco or some Catfish but think i should wait a few more days now until my numbers come back down.. Please share your wisdom! I want to put some lifeforms in there but don't want to go too early.. Thanks for any help.. Regards, Seadevl Ammonia Spike not Algae..🙄
  13. much appreciated! yea im not planning on breeding, they will be my first ones in.. last few days and if my numbers remain good i will get fish this weekend.. and i have some more plants coming from the co-op! Thanx again, so much good info here!
  14. Hi all, i am getting my 20 gal long ready for fish, would this structure be ok for a small pleco to hang out in..? There's about 4 inches going back and a small opening in back.. Thanks in advance!
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