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Found 7 results

  1. Was looking to get another fish tank soon (10 gallon) and was thinking of the dollar per gallon sales pet I has. Does anybody have a calendar or know the dates of these sales? Thanks, Jack
  2. I am still trying to figure out American Football. Being Italian, I only know "futbol" and am a fan of Juventus. Now, if you were to draw an analogy between the American sport and a tank to explain the game to someone, how would you do it? I can map basketball to shrimp playing with snails, but have no idea how a tank would be the field and the rules of the sport would map to critter behaviour (except for shrimp having a knack for piling on top of each other).
  3. Come on.... we all have them. That one tank that is amazing, that grows plants like nobody's business, that the fish love, that the shrimp love, that just thrives.... but it is ugly. So we never share pictures of them, because they don't LOOK the way we want them to. We don't find them pretty enough to share. So I thought I would make a place where we could share our ugly tanks that rock. I will introduce ours... please show me yours! Meet our 5 gallon, acrylic, curved tank that was part of a kit. It never looks clean, it always has algae, we can never get the substrate nice looking.... but this tank rocks. Plants thrive in here, plants that die in any other tank. (I mean, just look at that anubias in there) Our cherry shrimp LOVE this tank, and are always moving about and active. Our green neons LOVE this tank, and have done very well, and stayed healthy. This tank never seems to have parameter problems, but we never share pictures of it. Why? Because it isn't the prettiest, but if I am being honest, it is our best functioning tank.
  4. I’m probably a little late in asking about this… I am moving to a new town - about 30 miles away - next week. I have a 75 gal African cichlid tank, a 40 gal planted community setup, and a small betta setup. Should I do any preventative meds, etc before/after the move? The cichlids and betta have been 100% healthy for months. no signs of illness. In the community tank, I have lost a couple of Tetras in the last 2-3 months to what appeared to be dropsy… One at a time, spaced weeks apart. Still trying to figure that issue out, but haven’t treated for anything since the cases seemed mostly isolated and water parameters are stable with regular 25-30% water changes.
  5. How many plants, rocks, and filtration elements do you need to set up a stable fresh water tank? Do you need a lot of plants? I have seen people set up salt water tanks that are pretty stable. I right now I am prone to like plants that get their nutrients from the water.
  6. I got everything planted. Should I dose with Easy Green? These have been sitting in the box overnight at the Post Office then another three and a half days in my aquarium.
  7. Lets say someone knocked on your door and says "a new law came out where you can only keep one aquarium at a time" what aquarium that your currently own would you choose to keep? Mine would probably be my community tank with my angels and tetras.
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