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  1. Thank you i will see if i can get a refund
  2. Exactly the side pane is not aligned with the horizontal pane
  3. So i just bougth a aqueon tank from petco but after filling it up i noticed that the frontal panes stuck out this one is sticking out This one isnt Will this afect my aquarium???
  4. a lot has happened since the last post there's only one betta left the rest got killed by diseases that hit at different moments so i took down all the aquarium and added. some 3 cardinal tetras 6 ember tetras 3 khuli loaches 1 hill stream loach and a bunch of shrimps
  5. bettas in the fish store bettas at home
  6. @Teabone3 sometimes the aggressiveness can be an issue but you should try with a young female and you should introduce her to him by a plastic bottle so he can get used to her but also some males that are just to aggresive
  7. thank for all the answers i am going to think about it
  8. hi i am thinking on getting a panda cories for my 10 gallon how many can i get
  9. thank for all the opinion there are bettas in a 10 gallon tank a sorority the problem is that they disappear the foood in second so i need or a fast alge eater or a bottom dweller
  10. well it was some time i went to a vacation of `2 weeks someone took care of the bettas but when i got home i found one dead the next day a betta was being lethargic and found her half eaten i added black sand and a couple of plant and it looks good
  11. i am loking for some alge eaters (it cannot be shrimp)
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