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  1. Why not have a slow continuous water change going? A 100 gallon tank at 30% a week is about 4-1/4 gallons a day or 0.18 gallons an hour. At that rate I don't think temperature would ever be an issue, or the rate at which you can make filtered water. Even if you have 10 of them (1000 gallons of aquariums) you're still only up to a couple gallons an hour. With an overflow system I would think that would be the simplest system you could come up with. But, people don't do it that way, I wonder why not?
  2. Here's a good thread on what you're wanting to accomplish. He doesn't talk much about what it does to other components of the water though (GH/KH/pH) I'll bet if you tag him he'll elaborate.
  3. I wonder if there is a list of Brand Ambassadors? Some of them are fish breeders/shippers.
  4. My daily driver is a 1999 Mazda Miata, year 'round, in Utah. I put a 10 gallon aquarium in it once, it took up the whole passenger side, it wouldn't fit in the trunk. The car is very impractical but I throw the top down and drive it like I stole it grinning like a fool.
  5. Two with medium grit Black Diamond Blasting Sand and two with sand, gravel and small rocks from up the road on the side of a mountain.
  6. The Lemons are more fun to watch. The Cardinals just kind of drift around, even at feeding time. The Lemons are "busier". Something funny that happens occasionally is a Lemon will zoom across the tank with a Panda Cory hot on it's tail, I've never seen what brings it on but it's amusing.
  7. The view from my chair right now, about 9:30pm our time. I spend way too much time just like this after the Mrs. goes to bed. @Ben Ochart just got a giant new tank, I'm not much of a cichlid fan but he presents a lot of good general knowledge.
  8. I keep the bag in the bucket I use to carry around the end of the Python to prevent drips on the carpet. my shrimp and I like some mulm, but not that much dumped all at once😉.
  9. According to this you're high light. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/led-aquarium-lighting
  10. I have both Lemons and Cardinals in a 40. The Lemons can blend into the Amazon Sword and Val a bit despite their bright looking colors. The Cardinals pop from across the room. My Lemons are more active and larger than the Cardinals.
  11. Get the Kasa Smart Plugs (greatest thing since sliced bread) and adjust the total light time how you want with a siesta in the middle for when you're not home. The fish don't care, you can cut back algae and the plants do well. I run them with both kit hoods and LED lights.
  12. I put two assassins in my 20L about 3 months ago to help with the pest snail problem. I haven't seen any evidence that they have eaten any of the cherry shrimp, nor are they getting ahead of the pest snail population. I am debating whether to add more assassins or just keep trapping out the pest snails. Common wisdom is that if your snail population is growing you're over feeding and should cut back. I don't seem to be able to do that. Maybe it could work for you.
  13. I feed both... for very different uses. Easy Fry is very small and works really well for fry early on. Extreme Nano isn't really all that small, I use it for every-day food for all my of community fish.
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