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  1. I just finished up a bottle of EZ Green that I bought 8 months ago, other than a little gunk drying up on the pump spout it was a good as day one. It is stored in a cabinet under one of the tanks.
  2. I'm sure we'll know soon. I just gave @Daniel a negative review 'cause I don't have any of those mini sunfish yet, or maybe to just get some info. @Daniel I really hope you turn all this off when you're done, I realize it's the middle of the night there.
  3. I've had just as good results from Aqua Huna as a good LFS. If I were worried at all about the locals I wouldn't hesitate to go with Aqua Huna. In my opinion acclimation is not that big of deal. I assume Aqua Huna has soft and low hardness water based on their location, mine is super hard and and 8pH, I do I standard acclimation and everybody does just fine. @Hobbit brings up a good point, go to the Aqua Huna by way of the CoOp site to get a discount.
  4. My Panda Corys came from Aqua Huna. I bought 6 about a year and half ago, up to about 17 now.
  5. The best bet is a good LFS. The one I deal with quarantines for a week but doesn't automatically medicate, so they get the med-trio when they get home. If you can't find a LFS you trust I'd go to Aqua Huna. Everything I've bought there has been healthy. If the big box stores in your area do a good job I don't think I would be too afraid to buy fish there, unfortunately around here they tend to have a lot of dead fish in their tanks.
  6. No. I decided I wanted to have a sand in the front of the tank with the size of the gravel graduating up as it went back in the tank. Like MD does in a lot of his videos. You just can't run an undergravel with sand. I still think an undergravel filter is a good idea. I don't know why all the Betta people don't use them, it seems like a perfect fit.
  7. Leave it alone. You are off to a good start, it won't be much longer now.
  8. It is still a concern in my area. This is today. https://www.ksl.com/article/50147733/3-utah-petsmart-locations-halt-fish-sales-out-of-concern-for-zebra-mussels
  9. That looks pretty close. You're probably right that I'll have to wait a while and see how they grow up.
  10. I bought three of these from the LFS about 6 weeks ago labeled "Hillstream Loach". They look like a some variety of Borneo Loach to me but I can't find any pictures with this pattern. Their color changes a lot and very quickly to match whatever they are sitting on or how they feel. They are super active and great fun to watch. Any ideas on specific type?
  11. I have seen several references to a fish food called golden pearls. It's supposed to be neutrally buoyant and you can buy it in very specific sizes. It looks to be kind of a magic bullet for some applications. I think @Bob mentioned it in a video but I can't find it again. Anybody tried it? How did it do?
  12. I suspect the dog didn't want a taste, he wanted to roll in it.
  13. Probably, I don't know what an Aqua Air is. But, I run 3 medium and 2 small sponge filters on a Tetra Whisper 100. You'll need a valve at each filter and on the other thing to get each working as it should. I'd probably get the CoOp USB Nano pumps if I were doing it again, not much more money and the one on my BBS hatchery is very nearly silent.
  14. Here's different opinion, ammonia only feeds a specific set of bacteria. If you use fish food, and/or plants, the entire ecosystem gets started. It may be slower but it will hold up better when the fish go in.
  15. Ich-X doesn't hurt plants. I've put in new plants during the med-trio (not on purpose, it was like the situation you have) and they did fine.
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