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  1. My experience. My plants weren't doing as well as I thought they could because they were constantly coated with whatever the current crop of algae was. In my mind denying light and fertilizer to a plant (thus killing the algae) that is already struggling was counter-intuitive. So I started dosing Excel, As soon as it started killing the algae I added 1-1/4 hours to the light cycle and increased EZ Green liquid and root tabs. The plants have really taken off. It's only been 3 weeks but I'm hoping the giant increase of plant growth has got the tank closer to balance and Excel won't be needed in the future, but it's still in the cabinet. The plants are: Vallisneria Dwarf Sag Crypt Lutea Amazon Sword Java Windelov Guppy Grass Pearl Weed and a couple Marimo Moss Balls
  2. As I was rooting around in my 40B for the next delivery of Cherry Shrimp to the LFS tomorrow I happened across a baby Panda Cory that has made it to be big enough to not be food. Cute little feller. Pretty cool. No pictures, it's pretty fast and I put the blob of Java Moss back so as not to stress it out. Netting out Cherry's is a bother in a heavily planted tank.
  3. What's on the radio? Sorry, Grandpa joke. I'll bet the fish is fine.
  4. Get the Python. I only use a bucket to carry the end of the Python in so doesn't drip on the carpet.
  5. I finally put plants and water in the 20L. The water doesn't look great right now because of the bubbles and I cleaned the filter media from the 40B in it to help the cycle get going. Now... what fish? By the way, the new MarineLand Pro filters are pretty much silent.
  6. This is my quarantine tank, The Lemon Tetras in there now are about the fifth occupants, the plants and snails have lived there the whole time. The only effect I have even seen is the silicone went blue.
  7. Cory has addressed this topic before. It's not an issue.
  8. @Irene did some extensive testing on getting rid of hitchhikers (and not killing the plants in the process), she did at least one video and a blog on the topic. She settled on alum. I've been using her method successfully.
  9. That's a great idea! I'll be using it next water change.
  10. I want an aquarium light that doesn't affect plant growth. So I can have a light on during siesta time if I want.
  11. We were using it to decontaminate chemical weapons and the people doing so. It was important. We eliminated 44% of the US stockpile of chemical weapons. You're welcome.
  12. It always amazes me to watch how fast snails get around when they feel the need to go somewhere.
  13. I don't know a thing about purigen but know a little about bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution). Household bleach can be anywhere from 3% to 6% sodium hypochlorite and can contain all kinds other stuff you probably don't want in your aquarium. It has a surprisingly short shelf life, 1-2% drop in sodium hypochlorite in as little as a couple months. The labels are somewhat useless as far contents other than water and sodium hypochlorite go but the MSDS will get you there. Where I used it we bought plain clorox brand and got rid of it after 6 months from date of manufacture. We were pretty worried about purity of contents and strength.
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