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How have you been enjoying nature recently? Whether it’s the nature you keep and maintain in your home, or somewhere you explored, if it has brought you joy feel free to share! 

I have mostly been working outside the store since returning to work. The other day I got to enjoy a few moments of this visiting dragonfly between customers. 


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18 hours ago, Cory said:

With the travel restrictions, I haven't gotten out much into nature at all. I need to though, need to go looking in some rivers or something 😉

The trick is to find someplace that's not too crowded.  We were up at Sunday Lake near Stanwood.  It's a small lake with one rickety old dock that is nominally maintained by the state.   But it was perfect for two boys and their inflatable kayaks.  We pretty much had it all to ourselves on a Friday.

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Thanks. That was my iPhone with the Osmo Mobile 3, not the Osmo Pocket. I leave the mini tripod attached to the gimbal.

Fun fact, Lake Champlain is home to the oldest known coral reefs. I think Isle La Motte, specifically, but there are reefs all around, and we are reminded of them when sailboat racing sometimes. Shouldn't have cut that corner around the island! 😉

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We spent half a day at a local state park and had some fun walking some short trails.   I was fascinated by the black slugs, we get some that are as large or larger in our yard, but they are always baby poop brown.  Other times I've seen the bright green ones.  Black was new to me.   I was super disappointed to discover that they are invasive.  

That's my face mask for size reference.  They have all sorts of uses!




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This isn't my image, but it was taken about 2 miles from my house a couple days ago


The next two pics I took from where I am sitting right now typing this. I don't do anything at all with with about a quarter acre of our property, except pile brush in the late summer and early fall months, so we sometimes get a family of fox or turkey that move in.




The next one is another one of my hobbies. We live right on lake Ontario and my kayak sits right by the water for most of the year. I love getting out on the bay by us and just paddle all day. So much to see, especially during the bird migrations. 


This last one was a few years ago. It was taken on a nice day in January. the temps were pretty warm and the lake was like glass, so I went out for a paddle. That ice on the shore is a good ten foot thick. 



Here is a video from that day... I guess it was longer than a few years ago, the date is over ten years ago. 🙂



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This was one of those "uh-oh" things:  we tried to grow a pineapple, but it died. So, my hubby pitched it to the back corner of the yard. A year later...Ta-Da!!! Our cute little pineapple was growing. We enjoyed watching the progress of it, and the EATING of it a few weeks ago. You will never taste a sweeter pineapple than the ones that grow in your own back yard! 🙂 


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Just came in from working the honey bees and my wife said "what is that on your head?"

It was nature in the form of a big robber fly that had just assassinated a honey bee on my head enjoying a meal while I enjoyed looking at my new sparkling gouramis.


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