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  1. When I kept panda corys I loved seeing the little babies pop up! They're so cute!
  2. I've kept 4 senegals so far, and I do keep them on sand. The only one I would have worried about eating gravel would have been this little female I had (who passed away after about 2 years from bloat); she put EVERYTHING in her mouth. She'd dig up root tabs and eat them! But she was also a special case who seemed to have deformities and never grew much. I think most of the time you're safe from it happening, but there's always a chance for something weird to happen. It's just a case on how much you want to switch out the substrate, how safe you want to play it.
  3. If you like bichirs, and want a smaller size, senegals don't get too huge; the males get around 8 or 9 inches, and the females can reach a foot. The albinos stay even smaller most of the time. Mine is about 6 inches so far. They're still predators, and will catch and eat smaller fish. And as for growth rate, in my experience they can grow pretty fast. My big boy was 8 inches within 6 months. I'd imagine it's the same sort of growth rate for the bigger species, only with a bigger size ratio.
  4. Just what the title says. I'm new to cichlids so I don't really know what I should do, if anything. The blood parrot just laid eggs a few days ago, and allowed the acara to come in and out of the cave she spawned in, which I thought was odd. Then the acara started showing off for her, doing little flicking dances and staying close to her. Now they're lip locking. Will it resolve itself, and just keep an eye on them? Should I move him outright? I'm worried about him hurting her.
  5. I'd remove him and put him in a breeder box/net asap if he's in there with goldfish. Other than that, feed little foods: crushed up flakes or powdered pellets. Fry usually do best if you feed them several small meals a day.
  6. All of my snails climb on each other; I've seen my ramshorns on my mystery snails now and then. Just check on them later and see if they're still snailing around.
  7. First I'll post a video I just took tonight of Pooka's tank. It was dinner time and she was very ready for food! Her tank is a 40 breeder, she's a featherfin catfish, and she lives with blue platys and a super red bristlenose. Next is my 75, housing two senegal bichirs, a blood parrot cichlid, an electric blue acara and a ctenopoma. Here's my 29 gal, housing my humpback limia colony, male blue platys and a molly. There's some miscellaneous snails in there as well. 5 gallon betta tank (my oldest tank) And my 20 long, deep substrate invertebrate tank. There's mystery snails, ramshorns, malaysian trumpet snails and the beginnings of a bloody mary neocaridina colony. I didn't take pics of my pea puffer tank or my snail tank, as I'm wanting to give them both makeovers.
  8. Cute little guy. Love the yellow color.
  9. I don't keep any shell dwellers, but if I ever go that route in the future, I really like how Gold ocellatus look (Lamprologus ocellatus)... pretty much only for the fact that they are a nice yellow color. As for buying them, check out Aquabid.
  10. I keep on hand: Seachem Prime - during water changes Easy Green - once a week on a few tanks (water column feeders) Flourish Tabs - every few weeks on a few tanks (root feeders) API Erythromycin - general anti bacterial Prazi Pro - general anti parasitic (gill flukes, worms) Ich X - kills Ich Crushed coral - add to harden water when needed, mostly just when setting up a tank
  11. Finally, I have found someone else who uses the phrase "turd burglar." Handsome little dude. Congrats on the new tank setup!
  12. Definitely look on Aquabid! You can get great deals on hobbyist bred inverts. Some great shrimp breeders on there.
  13. Are you looking for a big group of small, colorful fish? Or a "community" tank with bottom, middle, and top swimmers, featuring a "center piece" fish? Or does the idea of a "water pet" appeal, where you keep a lone specimen? Is your water hard or soft? Do you want to use a heater? Do you want plants, or just hardscape? Answering these questions first will help us give some some more narrowed down suggestions. 🙂
  14. Igor is laying eggs today, and unfortunately I decided to do a little maintenance on the 75. Blood parrots may have weird mouths, but they can still bite! She was so angry with me, she actually left little red marks all over my arm and hand! XD
  15. Definitely look for the "eye wrinkles." It will take a few months for them to develop if they're young. Females will be a bit more spotty, rounder and lack the eye wrinkles. These are not my pictures, but will show what to look for, Male Female
  16. I like to stick to one color. I've done yellows and blues, but always seem to go back to bloody marys. I currently have a dirted 20 long that houses bloody marys, and a few kinds of snails (mystery, pink ramshorn and maylasian trumpet). My advice is to definitely let the tank season for several months, and if you want snails, add them first to help get some bacteria and poop going - you want a "dirty" tank. Also, in my experience, shrimp do best with the least water changed as possible; I aim for no water changes, but if you must change water, do as little as possible. Here's my tank. It's got rocks and driftwood, valisineria, dwarf aquarium lily, susswassertang, and duckweed. Not running a filter and I'm waiting to see how cold that room will get this winter before I add a heater.
  17. Synodontis eupterus (Featherfin catfish) are commonly kept in aggressive tanks, such as african cichlids, as they can very much hold their own. Depending on how aggressive your tank is, their beautiful feathery dorsal fin might get cropped short. Featherfins are territorial and need a cave to call their own. They seem to max out at 8 to 10 inches in home aquaria, with outliers reaching a foot. Here's mine. She's my favorite fish.
  18. We went to Missouri for a week to visit my husband's mom, and while there we checked out the St. Louis aquarium, as well as the zoo. The aquarium was small, but a few of the exhibits were very well done. Here's some highlights: The entrance had this neat clock with cichlids inside, as well as a projected display on the wall. I was in love with their tank full of red garra (they called them Doctor Fish, since they're used to treat psoriasis). Do panda garra do this? I want a tank full of them now. They had this great set up for archer fish, where someone was holding a target covered in fish food for the fish to spit at. Of course I had to linger and stare at any catfish they had. Leafy sea dragons are always a fav. As are sea turtles Never seen this before - reminded me of those brushes you put in cow pastures for enrichment. And at the zoo, they had this great enclosure for the hippos that featured fish they coexist with, including a display on how the hippos feed the fish with their poop. X3 I think next time we're going to drive up through Springfield and see the wildlife museum/aquarium they have there.
  19. I've been gone for a week, visiting my hubby's family, and we came back to find Mystery snail eggs! These guys are my fav colors of the ones I have, so I'm eager to have more. This aquarium top has never fit right for some reason, so I had to tape some plastic wrap on the edge to keep humidity and any baby snails in. The aquarium lily is getting crazy again. Also, I decreased water flow a ton to stop all the duckweed roots from getting caught on everything. And just some snail pics, because they're cute. Must be some tasty stuff on the Marimo today.
  20. Hey guys. So I tried editing my signature just now, and it's been giving me the error that my image is bigger than "___ x 128." I think it's missing the first value, so even though my I resized the image to be 127x97, it still wasn't allowing it. Just a heads up!
  21. I'm in Madison, right outside of Huntsville here. I agree the nature is awesome, if only it wasn't so dang hot!
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