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  1. Flowering plants need red light to do their flower thing. I don't know about lilies but some terrestrial plants can take a year or two to mature enough to flower. I do know that if the plant has to spend all it's time making new leaves, then it won't put energy towards flowers as it's already putting all it has into new leaves and/or roots. Plants also like to take ya by surprise. Hope for the best and with proper nutrients and light one day like an anubias, poof there will be a flower 🙂
  2. On accident once. Hahaha. Was doing a tank swap and left a few inches of water in the old tank for like 6 days. Went to finish emptying it and found baby fish in the vacuum bucket. The trick is to remove the eggs or remove the parents. If they are well fed and water is clean, then they are probably spawning already but someone keeps eating the eggs or maybe the filter flow is impeding the fertilization. You could try a spawning mop so you can just move it with the eggs still attached to raise up the fry for a couple months. They are extremely slow growers. Aquarium Coop fry food and very finely crushed flake brought mine up just fine. As long as they are well fed and there's lots of hiding spots they don't seem to predate much on fry. At least mine haven't gone after the cherry barb fry yet. Good Luck!!
  3. Small spider and some wild turkeys in the suburbs.
  4. It will take a while for the tank to balance out. Algae can live with nothing and flourish with all the things. If you're not running a high tech setup, you will have some kind of algae. The plants are in competition with each other and the algae for nutrients. Maybe they need some fertilizer? Some of your new plants may be melting because they are converting to underwater or new conditions in general. Like your pennywort. If it was grown as a floating plant, then sometimes when it's submerged it will shed the leaves to grow new ones that are adapted to underwater life. Young/small cryptocoryne are notorious for melting over small things like a sight change in lighting. Substrate rooted plants are similar to your lawn or garden plants outside. When transplanted they need time to adjust and mainly focus on root production which can take from the leaves and delay flowering. Keep trying and eventually things will level out. It takes time. Plants are really strange when you think too hard about it. For a living thing that has no brain they sure seem to think and problem solve just slow to act. I'm sorry I am of no help with your fish. That may be an unfortunate side effect of ammonia spikes like Travis said. Cory from aquarium coop said in a live stream (or 2 or 4) that maybe sometimes we are doing too much. Try tackling one problem at a time. Spend a couple months focusing on just the plants. That way you're not risking your fish, wallet and sanity while the plants figure out what they're doing. It all takes time unfortunately.
  5. Frogzilla laid eggs in the pond and apparently the fish didn't eat all of them like I thought. Found 2 tadpoles eating the spirulina flake food today. Saw something hit the top of the water and got excited, thought it was a sign the flag fish were alive and well... Turned out to be these lil fellas. Watched them for the longest. They're so cute the way they nom across the water surface. I grew up in the woods and am a nature enthusiast but had no idea tadpoles would search out fish food and act kinda fish like. Learn something new every day. Love all of natures gifts this year so far.
  6. The cherry barbs spawned in the 75 gallon community tank again. Started with 6 fry when I found them, down to 4 or so that I know of. So happy they grow fast. Unlike last years dwarf neon rainbows that decided to take 7 months to get big enough to move them.... The black mollies had more babies too. About 11 of those tinies. Now the 10 gallon is definitely way too small. Wish they would all hold still for a good shot. My phone takes forever to focus.
  7. Crypt. Wendtii red. But if my pink flamingo crypts take off like this red, it'll take the place as favorite/prettiest.
  8. Java fern, anubias, cryptocorynes, java moss, dwarf sagittaria, hornwort (as a floating). There a many types of crypts, my favs are wendtii red and parva. Parva is really small compared to other grass like plants. Java fern will fill your tank in a year or two. Java moss on a stick makes nice little trees. Anubias nana petite is very small, anubias nana is bigger and either (or both) would be a nice addition. You might luck out and get it to flower. My bettas like napping in java fern, catch the habrosus cories resting on anubias nana. Have seen other people's bettas enjoying a nap on anubias nana. Hornwort will shed old needles but it's a fast grower and great nitrate eater. Dwarf sag can be love/hate. When it stays short it's great, but if it decides to get taller it may not fit the look you were going for.
  9. Been busy lately with gardening, deck building, pond planting, daily chores, and set up a new betta tank. Went into a box store a few weeks ago. Saw a glow betta cup with nasty water. Poor thing was on her/his side at the top gills just a going. All the other cups were clean water. Sticker said female, lid rang up as male. Got it for the female price though. I couldn't just leave it there. Was pretty sure it just needed clean water. Yep next morning it was swimming more normal and the following day after that he/she was right as rain. Today was the first time in years that the Ocala FL area had a fish talk and swap. My antisocial self actually went and it was fun. A few of them even watch some of the same youtube channels I do, including Aquarium Coop. Got a nice looking aponogeton, tons of jungle val, a big cool rock, lid for my 10 gallon quarantine tank, an aloe variety I didn't already have, yellow shrimp and flagfish from the lfs that was there, and some baby mixed guppies from a really nice lady. Out of the 8 or so bags of plants I brought, the hornwort and baby duckweed were first to go. Caught some crap for giving away the plants- " Make your money," they said... But I still have sooo much hornwort and baby java ferns why charge? Hopefully there will be a next time. If so, then I'll be better prepared. Maybe with enough of these meets we could actually put together a club. Now that I'm home there's water changes and planting to be done. Also have to get the 10 set up for the guppies to grow out in. Never had guppies before, wish me luck and any tips are greatly appreciated.
  10. Nature/Birds gifted me 2 baby blackberry bushes in the most perfect spot in my yard. One has flowers, the other doesn't... Didn't think anything of the flowers till I found the no flower lil thorny thing with my foot. Yeah, cute little flower plant bites lol.
  11. Oof, life... Been working on multiple projects around the house and yard the last 2 weeks. Went to a new lfs to check them out. Great people and store, great healthy fish. I couldn't leave without buying something. So Shark-Bait got a new 5 gallon set up. Going to put a cull shrimp in with him later this week and see what he does. Put up the dragon t.p. holder I got my husband for Christmas. Had some 2x8's laying around, hubby helped me get a wood patio started. Need bricks and to get it in place before we can finish it. Then will come the 110 gallon tub. Got a solar air pump off Amazon to hook to a large Aquarium Coop sponge filter. If it holds up and does it's job, then I will update and share which one I bought. The plants have been in the 40 gallon tub for over a month growing out beautifully. Replaced some broken, too small plant pots and dead plants on the front porch. Still not done with that either. Poor Fairy Town is ripped apart lol. I spent 3 days cleaning the yard just to trash it, go me. Hahaha.
  12. I too only name certain fish. For me animal names come from their characteristics and some randomness. Betta 1 was called Lil Buddy and Fishy Friend for over a year and one day a scene from Gilligan's Island popped in my head so now he is Gilligan. Betta 2 is Sharkbait- when he looks up he reminds me of how they draw and color cartoon sharks. Pudge is the only male flagfish in my 75 gallon so I felt he needed a name. He's pudgy compared to my other fish and his face/stature reminds me of an english bulldog. He however does not control the weather or eat peanut butter sandwiches. I have not tried the latter, I'm just assuming. Then there's Oddball the neon tetra. He has never developed the bright blue that the others have, just a dull blah line. He has a very pretty thin gold stripe though. Last, we have Gary the female nerite... Thanks kids lol
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