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  1. Not sure if it counts as really weird...one of my golden guppies gave birth to conjoined twins today. I watched the female struggle, she had such a tough time pushing out something big. Eventually, two babies came out at once, both with perfectly normal head and tail, but joined at their bellies. They twisted and turned and tried desperately to free themselves of each other, with no success. I thought I'll try to raise them anyways and see what happens...but the guppy mom thought they are an easy snack and ate them on the spot. Oh well... at least there were normal babies as well and they were alive and kicking :)
  2. I can only select categories, not specific videos: Breeding fish for profit series Top 10 lists Unboxings Aquarium Co-op store and warehouse tours Fish care guides But my real answer would be "please, just continue to be yourself and only make content that you want/like/enjoy to make."
  3. Mine too. Where they hang more depends mostly on the amount of tasty algae in this particular spot.
  4. A bit less flamboyant park inhabitants
  5. Went to the local park today to enjoy the warm weather. The spring is in the air and in the water :)
  6. White clouds are nice beginner fish for cold water tanks. Not so much for tropical temperatures.
  7. Rainbow fish (can someone tell me what species is it?)
  8. I'm not sure I find the baby eyes staring at me through the mama's belly very attractive...they seem huge! Definitely an interesting (and very pregnant) look though, I guess she is going to drop tonight or tomorrow.
  9. "They are looking at you!" Soon-to-be baby platies starting their modeling career early.
  10. If hair algae in my tanks looked like yours, I would have tried to grow it on purpose. The variety I got, however, was an entangled mess of free-floating foot-long strands, not good looking at all. Therefore, not allowed to thrive in my aquariums. That being said, I actually prefer hair algae to any other kind of algae, because it's the easiest to remove. Pulling it out with tweezers feels satisfying and relaxing for some strange reason.
  11. What is the size of this filter and how is it mounted? And what is your primary goal for the prefilter? I used black nylon socks (new, washed with warm water only) on my small internal filters (they were mounted on suction cups).
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