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  1. Larger/lighter colored gravel gets and looks quite dirty after some time. So in a setup like yours I would do a good deep gravel vac near the front glass, and a light surface-only vac around the plants to keep the tank clean and the plants undisturbed.
  2. I had the same concern soon after getting nerites, they were so efficient in dealing with algae. So I started feeding blanched carrots and algae tablets and the snails took that readily, especially the carrots. When feeding algae tablets, I put them right next to the snails and I skip feeding the fishes.
  3. I have a bunch of struggling plants grown from fruit pits and a seriously tenacious anthurium that flowers and makes babies all-year-round despite the relative humidity around 30%. Too bad I can't stick the babies into my fish tanks, it would have been quite a decor :)
  4. Seriouslyfish.com might be the site you are looking for.
  5. I took it out of the pot and the bottom looks like a rhizome, although I'm not sure. Tried to separate it, but it does not divide easily, feels like a single plant rather than a bunch.
  6. Microwaving works very well indeed. My critters won't eat raw veggies, but gorge on slightly cooked ones. And it's extra easy to spare a slice of a carrot or zucchini while cooking for people. I always peel off skins and use small pieces so nothing remains after a day or two.
  7. There is a park near me with calm ponds full of myriophyllum which is covered with silt and does not look very good. However, there is just one special bush of myrio that is emerald green, very dense and awesome-looking. It grows right in front of the opening of the huge pipe that pumps clean water into all the ponds. The substrate there is just rocks and sand. So yes, very clean water seems to be the key for dust-free myriophyllum.
  8. I once had several wine glasses filled with water, mini-salvinia/giant duckweed, and pond snails on a windowsill. Some of the glasses developed lively colonies of cool-looking tiny round crustaceans. Was quite fun to observe them.
  9. Wow, what a spectacular creature! How big it is? Is it a male or female?
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