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I haven’t been able to get out much this week but fall is here and the leaves are gorgeous. Also, wow y’all are some real photographers, all these photos are incredible! A few weeks ago I saw this bird of prey while taking a walk on my college campus, and we followed it down the trail a bit. I’ve also been enjoying all my many plants, and this bioactive vivarium with live plants, various microfauna, and a crested gecko. I meant to go skateboarding today but didn’t get around to it, hopefully later this week. Also, got those matching crocs from those earlier kayaking pics. I didn’t get a chance to go to my lake cabin this summer so I’m super jealous and miss my kayak 😂













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When we were at the gap on the Appalachian ridgeline a few days ago we saw monarchs cresting the ridge headed Southwest.

Today when we got home I found these in our milkweed patch.


This monarch chrysalis above still has a ways to go, but this one below (you can just make out the orange on folded wings) is imminent.


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7 minutes ago, Cory said:

Was working with @Lizzie Block at the new house when this guy came strolling by. Lizzie spotted him.


Get used to the country life. I used to have a herd of about 15 white tail that would visit my old place every morning. One night I came upon this little one when I got home from work.


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Living in Spain for a few years now and love the nature around me. I started birding this year and love to get out with my binoculars and just see what's around here. Being close to Barcelona, it is just a few hours ride to get into the Pyrenees mountains where you can fish for brown trout, brook trout and rainbow. There is an abundance of wildlife and birds as well. 

On the rooftop of our apartment, we have about 40 plants in pots including Peachtrees, pear, lemons, pomme granate, and we raised tomatoes this year. 





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The park I frequent used to have koi in just one pond out of many. Other water bodies were housing "normal" fish like common carp, eels, bitterlings, and similarly less flashy species. This year the koi population increased a lot. Almost every pond now has a bunch of these colorful carp. Joy to see, hard to take pictures!








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