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  1. Same happened to me with an Aquael 50W in a 7G with CPDs and Shrimps, fortunately without casualties. I've ordered externals temps controllers, to have a double protection just in case.
  2. He is beautiful! Quite a cousin of my betta, pintor:
  3. Thanks! Yes, in the center are 3 anubias and valls nano. There are 8 more inserted on the rocks, the center ones rooted to the substrate early than the others and grew much more. I suspect they like more to be on wood than on rocks too. It is a constant work to maintain vals in the background, the rocks helps to block them. Anyway, every month there are some runners that crosses underground to the front. Also to cut the leaves when they arrive to the center every week.
  4. Hi there! Wanted to share with all of you the evolution and changes on my tanks of the last months. Past year, had these 3 tanks (44g long and 2*7g): The 44g long is doing really well, fish and plants seems to chill and thrive. Now has 6 honey gourami, 2 pygmy gourami, 12 peppered corys, 10 pygmy corys, 5 otos, 5 chili rasboras, 8 adults endlers (and sons), 5 amano and 1 blue ram. The blue ram is the last to join the community. He is quite inquisitive and social, even shoals with the gourami. Really happy about the way everyone chill and interact without chases or nippings. The ratio of endlers fry that survive is really high, every 3 weeks I give like 60-80 of them to LFSs. IDK if this is sustainable, maybe will rehome adult endlers in some months, and add a bigger group of pygmy gouramis and chilli rasboras. About the nano tanks, one had 4 CPD with shrimps and the other only shrimps. CPD were happy with very nice colours, but wanted to increase numbers and space for them as felt it was not enough. So, as there is a local glassworker who make custom and cheap tanks, asked for a 15g long to maximize space vs water volume. Now they are 11 CPD + 1 emerald rasbora (LFS error) with blue, yellow, cherry and jellyfish shrimp. Also wanted to try and emersed set up, it has been more difficult but with a very rewarding result! Also did kind of a DIY light support with fisherman cable, just in case anyone is interested! Used tape to make a lateral cover just to block light to reach the coach area. What about the 2*7g tanks? Stored 1 of the 7g for quarantine/hospital reasons... And the other? Used the last space possible without breaking with gf to take home 'el pintor' (the painter) today. He is a betta, I felt in love with him at first sight 1 month ago. Everytime i went to the LFS, there he was lying on his side and waking up to salute. He is super inquisitive, doesn't scares of anything and even eat from my finger! Also catches amanos and snails but up to date, without any bite (yet). Here a video. Cheers guys and stay safe!
  5. I had some chili rasboras on a 7g, in a shelf 1 meter up of a 44g, both with lids. One day, just looking at the endler fry in the 44g, found kind of a red-shark shaped fry. It was like wow, what the hell is that.. It was a chilli rasbora! I use different siphon/tools for both tanks, so he/she may jumped one meter heigh and land down in the little lid hole for the HOB filter. Lucky/airborne guy!
  6. Awesome tanks guys, so inspiring! Here are my 44g long, 2*7g and the new 15g long(under construction). Cheers!!
  7. I use a piece of low density foam in to the output of the hob. It does not reduce much the quantity of water but it reduce quite the current.
  8. So, finally decided to change the 2*7g for a 16g long (90*30*22 cm). The glass craft guy told it would be 40€, so went for it 🙂It is already made, tomorrow will go to take it home: I'm going to reuse almost all the plants, scape, filters, lights.. from the actuals to set up the new one (will sell the 7g or save them for quarentine/fry tanks). About stocking, will go for 10-12 CPD and mixed colors neos. Then, 4-5 rocket killifish. What do you think about rocket killifish in a shallow densely planted tank? Maybe better a betta or 2-3 sparkling gouramis? In the 44g definetly need something to control endler population. A single angel seems like too much, as when he grows up probably will snack chili rasbora and adult endler. Other option is a single bolivian ram or up the sparklings from 2 to 8. What do you think?
  9. Hi there, Just an update. Endlers started to reproduce quite fast, there will be like 60 frys and juveniles. Gouramis ate some of them but definetly not enough to control population. Corys are so happy and fat, maybe too much.. Added some plants, also more pygmy corys (hide during day, go our afternoon-night) and 6 chillis rasboras. About the chillis, one jumped from the upper 7g to the 44g (lucky kamikaze), so moved the other 5 as they appreciate the extra space. Want to order +10 chillis, 2 more honey and will give some endlers to the LFS next week. Overall, really happy about the community. About the upper 2*7g, 1st has 4*CPD (2 came with fungus and didn't survive) and yellow fire neos. CPD have amazing colors, as they have dark zones I think they feel quite confortable. When I click with the pliers on the water, appear dashing for food! The 2nd 7g has only blue and blue jelly neos (and algae, trying to stabilize the bloom) after chillis jumping down. I'm thinking on changes to the upper tanks, these are the options: - Add 3 more CPD to the 1st 7g. Add to the 2nd 3*Rocket Killifish/3 *Sparkling Gourami/1*Betta. - To change the 2*g for a 15g long (35w*12d*9h''). Then stock with 10*CPD + 5*Sparkling gourami/1* Betta/2*Apisto. What do you think? Other ideas?
  10. Honey and sparkling gouramis: both are inquisitive and social, love the way they interact. Corydoras: no comments needed : D Shrimps: I can still watch them for 30 minutes, just to see how they grab their back or how play with plants. Other fishes: CPD, endlers, otos, bettas..
  11. I don't think they'll eat adult ones, definetly yes small ones.. Mines let alone +1-1,5cm shrimp and 2 weeks old endler frys, but definetly will try to eat smaller than that. Specially sparklings, they are quite patient until have they prey in a corner and then.. In a precissely dash movement, done. They have a small mouth anyway.
  12. +1 on small gouramis I have Honey Gouramis and Sparkling Gouramis and they seem to do a good job with endlers frys in a 44g. Specially sparklings, they are micropredators. Both of then are beautiful fish and have social/inquisitive character.
  13. I have 2 fluval C4 in a 44g long and it is definetly enough. Have both of them installed in each side, at half of the flow rate. The hob output level is at same level of the water, this way I avoid water splash sound and flow disrupts well water surface for oxigen exchange. In every WC I clean one filter (just the prefilter sponge and interior sponge).
  14. Hi, Had a trio in the past with sparklings, tetras, cherry barbs and corys in a 44g and they showed no aggression at all. Maybe some chase while nesting, but they were quite calm. Now I have 5 with sparklings, endlers and corys and is definetly one of my favorite fish. They hang out together, do racing.. Really fun.
  15. Early than expected, the gourami group is here! After 4 days they have acclimated so well. Playing and investigating the tank all day, love their interactions and racing 😂. Now they are 2m+3f. Endlers also are doing fine, they are so inquisitive too. Started with 3m and 6f, I think 2f are already pregnant! 1 came pregnant and gave birth the 2nd day, some fry have survived (honeys chase them). Corys are more happy and active, also the pygmys sometimes swim in the open for first time in 4 or 6 months! Otos are ok and the two sparkling gouramis are in they own way. Sometimes interact between them but no chasing at all (I think both are males) Really happy about the new stocking, all of them seems to thrive and to have no stress at all. Probably next week will add some pygmy corys (from 8 to 14-16) and 1 or 2 honeys. Also some new plants to give more cover to endler fry. I would like to up Sparklings from 2 to 6 or 8 but I'm afraid they will start again defending territories. Will see. Wanna thank you again for sharing your experiences with honeys 👍👍👍
  16. That's an astonishing tank! Beautiful brackish biotope, congrats! Looking forward to establish the honey group after your experiences, will keep this post updated. Thanks!!
  17. Something similar happened to me with the peppered corys. Other fishes went directly to the waffers making difficult to eat. What works for me is to throw pellets left, center an right and at the same time the wafers where corys are (usually front center). When there is almost no pellet floating just turn lights off and filters on. That makes harder for swimming fishes to find the pellets left in the ground and wafers, as corys seem to not need light at all to eat. Nowadays corys are quite chubby 🙂. Also to dip pellets and waffers just for 20 secs before throwing. That make pellets to swell, out of fish stomach, and waffers to be more munchy for corys. So, I think definitely will go for de 6 Honeys, 12 Endlers, 12 Peppered Cory, 4 Oto and amano. Then will see, or sparklers or norman lampeye. Maybe 6 honeys and 8 sparklers are 'too much' gouramis in a tank.
  18. Thanks @Hobbit for the referral! That's so true Alesha. Everytime I've lost an animal think about that while he/she was alive was happy and cared for. That gives me energy to do it again and do it better if possible! Wow thats a lot of folks in the 55g, must be gorgeous to see! Also with the dwarf loaches, they are great, wanted them but here costs 24-30€, thats 150-180€ for a 6 group 😞 Excited about hearing that the honey group is doing well with endlers and guppys. Hope that honeys and Sparkling groups get together as well. I've seen in your thread that also have sparkling gourami in group in another tank, is their behavior ok? My Sparklings seems to have bolder character than the honeys. About the Cherry Barbs, that happened in my case but probably yours will be different. Your tank is bigger/higher and probably they will be overwhelmed by the endlers and guppys to not create territorys. In my tank the 4 males occupied all the back and forced all other fishes to be in front. Chased anyone who pass through, and chased between them. Anyways, didn't see any nipped fins, was only chasing. Probably mines came with some desease that make them behave like this, they were like this already in the LFS tank..
  19. I don't know if they are nocturnal, but mines go out after lights go off (at the begining was not like that).
  20. Hi there! I'm opening this thread to talk about the restocking of my 44g long tank after a series of deaths that have massacred half of the stock. This was the stocking 1 month ago: 2 Honey Gourami (m+f) 5 Sparkling Gourami (3m+2f) 10 Peppered Cory 8 Cardinal tetra 8 Glowlight tetra 12 Cherry Barb (4m+8f) 4 Otocinclus 6 Amano Shrimp The barbs were the last to arrive and finished the community stocking. Before them, the tank was quite chilling and everyone was pretty clam. After them, everything scaled up with their chasing and territory defense. Tetras packed in one group, Honeys started to be always on one side, Sparklings started to ram between them and with the barbs and corys dispersed on tank. 2 weeks ago, deaths started, +3 every day. First 2 sparkling gouramis without symptoms, then the cherry barbs and some tetras started to be quickly bloated and died. Also some barbs, tetras and 1 sparkling appeared dead without any symptoms. PH and GH didn't change, 0 ammonia, 0 no2, 5-10 no3, same 20+20% weekly WC, same quantity of food and type (hikari, azoo, NLS) no fungus, no wounds, no fin rot, no quick breaths.. They just suddenly died (apart from bloated barbs and tetras). With that situation and no clue, 10 days ago upped temp 3C° and treated the whole tank with Dajana Multicure, a full spectre medication (green malachite, methylene blue..). After 2 days, deaths slowed down to 1 fish per day. Today is the second day without loses, tomorrow will start to clean the water with carbon, extra big WC and low temperature as normal. No ammonia or no2 appeared, so seems like medication didn't kill beneficial bacteria. I don't know what the **** happened. Maybe the barbs stressed the fish and weakened them? Maybe too crowded? Maybe they came with something? I don't know, the strange thing is that no Honey gouramis, otos, corydoras and amano died during these weeks (including the hard medication). The 2*7g aquariums with shrimps+5 cpd and shrimps+8 chili rasboras have been not affected. Said that, the plan is to wait some weeks, rehome tetras (5) and barbs(4) left and restock progressively with hardy, more water parameters compatible and friendly fish (Honeys/corys attitude) to avoid that happening again. Also want to start breeding fish (just bought sponge filter and heater for 2*4g acrylic cubes). Grown fish will be rehomed. Tank parameters and picture: Ph 8, GH 6, KH 11, temp 25 up to 29 C° in summer, 130*38*35 cm. Fishes I'll keep: 2 honey gourami 2 sparkling gourami 10 peppered cory 4 otocinclus Amanos are difficult to find all, seen 4 together his night. Thought about upping gouramis and adding live bearers, something like: A) honeys to 6, sparkling to 8, peppered cory to 14 and add 12 endlers. B) honeys and sparkling to 3, peppered cory to 12, add 10 endlers and 8 platys. What do you think? Someone has experience with big groups of honeys/sparkling gouramis? Experiences mixing gouramis and livebearers? Thought about forktails, but they seem quite hiperactive. Rams are beautiful but maybe too much breeding-aggressive fish. Rummynose are nice but didn't match parameters, silvertip tetras are aggressive sometimes.. Other ideas/proposals are much appreciated!! Thanks!!
  21. Mine do the same. First 2 months were quite active and visible, came instantly foe food. After that, they rest during day on rocks and anubias/crytocoryne and go out at night. Thats way I try to feed just beforw closing lights.
  22. Nice combo indeed 🙂 here are difficult to find the dwarf emerald.
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