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Found 23 results

  1. Okay y'all my tap water is pH 7 gh 300+ kh 40 A 0 ni 0 na 0, I'm raising guppies, Pilates and Molly's along with mystery snails. I've been wanting to raise my KH and crushed coral isn't available and I'm not comfortable using like alkaline buffers so I put some aragonite in a filter media bag and put it in some filters, it's raised one tank, my 55g to pH 7.8 -8 gh 300+ kh 120ish which is running a standard canister filter with 1 bag inside instead of carbon pellets, will the aragonite eventually stop or is it just going to keep on raising the pH on up and up
  2. So Newb question for y'all. Is plant fertilizer (like Aquarium Co-op's All-in-One) "food" for aquatic plants? Do I need to provide animal waste so my plants do not die while the tank is cycling?
  3. Hey Guys. I hope everyone is holding up well. I have seen my Harlequin Rasbora school doing the motions of breeding. However no one actually seems to be laying eggs. I don't know if this is because they are still to small or not. So I have decided to try a new Repashy food and get some weight on them. What would you suggest is the best one for this? Community Plus?
  4. I have these plants I’ve picked up from a hobbyist who didn’t know much about them. what are they? I see that they have rhizomes; will the rhizome be okay beneath some crushed gravel? I just planted this today and realized what I’d done!!!
  5. I've tested my water out of my tap and it only measures between 0 to 25ppm I usually use wonder shells and equilibrium to harden the water. I have recently "restarted" my 75g aquarium after a couple years of it sitting empty I power washed and cleaned it and filled it with water from my tap and treated with fritz complete. The only things in the tank when I measured it was 2 medium sponge filters and 2 aqueon heaters otherwise it was an empty tank and it measured over 300 ppm. Very confused as to what could cause this I have 2 10g tanks and a 29g and none of them have this issue any ideas what this could be?
  6. Hi I have a question I have a 40 breeder with a pair of discus not full grown, 1 L139 gold nugget pleco, and 3 panda garas. First off currently is it overstocked, and secondly when everything is full grown will it be overstocked. If Corey and Dean could respond that would be great but I will take any info from anyone. I'm limited with tank size due to college.
  7. I had two large discus that I got that were constantly fighting. I returned them and got 4 babies of the same species. I have a 40 breeder heavy planted could 4 babies and 3 panda garas work for 2 years to 3 max. My goal is to get a breeding pair and take the others back or could I keep all four and the pandas. I'm In college so 40 b is the max till I'm out water perameters are perfect also. I will be taking the drift wood out and put in rocks for more space. And info is great thx. Could anyone give any incite that would be great thankyou.
  8. Hi I’m in college and have a 40 breeder now everyone know the dimensions of a 40 breeder. If I upgrade to a 60 gallon the dimensions are 48 wide 12 in deep 25 high. Would that be better because I have 4 discus and 3 panda garas.
  9. Me and my wife were talking about past fish tanks and how many goods we have had along the way and she asked me probably one of the best questions ever.. "If you could tell your younger self one thing fish related what would it be?" My answer take it slow. New fish and tanks are exciting but giving your full attention to a special tank or fish is 100x more rewarding. So I ask you the same question what's one piece of advice you would tell your younger self?
  10. Hey everyone, I feel like it would be a pain to manage many different posts of questions I had, so I figured that I would just ask them all on the same thread. Has anybody had any experience with Thick-Lipped Gouramis (Colisa labiosa/Trichogaster labiosa)? If so, are they peaceful? What are good tankmates for them? The reason for this is because I found one amongst some honey gouramis at my LFS, and I was considering getting one. I've also seen them in some of Cory's videos, specifically the store tours. How easy are Rosy Barbs to breed? Can they be bred/kept outside during the summer in tubs? Can white cloud mountain minnows and endlers be kept together where they both breed? Do they prey on each other's fry? How about platies? Schooling fish recommendations for a 29 gallon aquariums with endlers and cories? I am looking for something that 1) doesn't get too big, and can live happily in a 29 gallon tank, 2) won't prey too much on the endler babies, and 3) that doesn't fin nip or is food aggressive. Bonus if they are easy to breed and easy to raise their fry. I was at first considering cardinal tetras, but now I am overwhelmed with many other great looking fish my LFS carries. I need to narrow down from this list: cardinal tetra, cherry barb, rosy tetra, lemon tetra, Cochu's blue tetra, black neon tetra, black skirt tetra, glowlight danio, dwarf neon rainbow, white cloud mountain minnow, diamond tetra, emperor tetra, phoenix rasbora, penguin tetra. How much do plants affect filtration/stocking? Like the number of plants in relation to the amount of fish and size of tank. Plant recommendations. I need them to be tall, really easy to keep, low-medium light (I have a Nicrew 30 inch light on my 29, not sure if it is low light or high light), and preferably not a stem plant. I already have water sprite, vallisneria, crypt wendtii, Java fern, dwarf lily, amazon sword, and dwarf hairgrass in the tank, but I want something different. If not, then I'll just do more water sprite. I'd appreciate the advice and answers. Thanks guys.
  11. I think it would be fun if the forum did a question of the day like this some ideas who does breeding for profit who keeps co2 planted tanks what's your favorite guppy strain
  12. I've got bronze corydoras and I've got them to breed 3 times now(at 2 to 3 week intervals). I was pretty excited when I saw the eggs as it was my first time EVER seeing fish eggs in my tank(i'm pretty new to the hobby, 1 year experience only). I spent the whole afternoon making diy breeder containers from tupperware since i read that the baby fry and eggs may be eaten and I only have one 10 gal. I also read that eggs will turn brownish if it was fertilized. You can imagine my disappointment when i checked on them the next day and they were all white. And this has been happening all 3 times. I see the catfish doing the "T" position but not quite the "T" position. I've seen many videos of corydoras breeding and I always see the male lying on the side while doing this, but mine are just on their belly. The female also isn't actively trying to get the sperm, she just normally breathes(sorry for bad description,I don't have any video footage). So I am wondering if thats the issue none of the eggs are fertilized. Is it because my catfish don't know how to properly breed yet? Idk. Much help appreciated:)
  13. My fridge has a cartridge filter that filters chlorine (we don't have chloramine in our city water either) and other things like heavy metals. I'm wondering if I could use that instead of adding drops to my water change water. I presume it would also soften my water but tap water here is really soft and i add salts anyway. Does anyone already use 'fridge water in their tank?
  14. I have a 10 gallon that I have a betta in. I was looking at tank mates and I've come to ember tetras and pygmy corydoras, but I have one concern. I have crushed coral topped with river stones and I'm wondering if, while they're digging through the substrate, the crushed coral could hurt their barbels. It's just a shallow layer of each so the crushed coral does show through a little bit around the river stones. If this is the case, I'll just go with malaysian trumpet snails or maybe kuhli loaches if they wouldn't have the same problem, but I'd really prefer the corydoras if ya'll don't think it'll be a problem. I'm also wondering if there may be problems with this plan that ya'll can see that I, as a new hobbyist, might not have thought about. I do have a backup plan if the ember tetras and corydoras don't work in the tank, btw, so I'm not too concerned about that.
  15. So, I have a newly cycled 29 gallon that I would like to start a breeding project in. Im down to either gbr, apistogramma macmasteri, or albino kribensis. In your opinions, what would be the most interesting, easiest, most profitable, etc to breed. Thanks!
  16. So about 2 months ago I started a 10 gallon cycle with ammonia only realizing now (the day I got my betta) that I used ammonia with surfactants. I eventually got the cycle but am I totally screwed? It's a planted tank if that makes any difference. I haven't noticed anything but Ive also only had the betta for 12 hours. Thanks. Should I do some large water changes or just see how things pan out, I really don't want to tear it all down
  17. Starting off with, hey! I just joined because I thought this place might be able to help. I tried Google and FB to try and find this out to not much avail. But would real bird feathers work as aquarium decor? Plastic ornaments always make me nervous because they can be pretty sharp at times. I know feathers are part of the debris of aquatic nature and if they would be safe as more... homemade aquarium decor ideas. Obviously after enough inspection for things like mites and such. Thanks for any insight on this. :)
  18. Hello everyone. This is my first aquarium. I love plants so this seemed an obvious progression of my obsession. Haha! There is so much to know, so I’ve been studying this forum. The knowledge here is epic and very helpful. I’ll lay out what I have set up and some issues I’m encountering. Of course I would delight in any insight you all may have. Thank you! Fluval Flora 14.5 gallon tank- Fluval nano light - Co2 45g kit - Aqua Clear power filter - Fluval M50 heater Substrate- Tropica soil powder - Nutrafin plant gro fertilizer - Plants- Hemianthus Cuba -Littorella - Eriocaulon cinereum - Microsorum windelov - Alternathera - Vesicularia Christmas - Ludwigia Repens Rubin- Dragon stone - Spider wood I did an emersive planting for the first 10 days. Seemed to go well except for the Ludwigia which I delayed until I filled ‘er up. -First week - a bit of melting which I expected. Then a cloudiness on the 7th day. 50% water change -Second week - Started to see a tiny bit of algae. Clear goo blobs appearing on tree bark. (Boiled for tannin removal) Read they can be fungus or from tree sugars/sap. Scraped off goo. Clouding bloom gone. Pruned Ludwigia and Moss. 40% water change. Trying to figure out best placement for Co2 and heater. Need longer hose for Co2! - Third week - Realized I had the lights way to strong! Used the pre-program ‘Plants’. Then I discovered Bentley Pascoe! Thank you Sir I now have your Day SIM Red Late as my Pro setting. The goo seems to be subsiding. But the algae is appearing on the sand. 😞 Some dark spots appearing on Windelov and Ludwigia. 😳 Questions- Should I introduce some shrimp at this point? Would help the inevitable new tank algae? I plan on having a Betta and perhaps some Neon Tetra also. Maybe a snail. Is it best to establish one at a time? Water test kit on its way and don’t want to add until I know water is safe. I live in Vancouver, Canada and the water is a neutral PH. What kind of fertilizer do you recommend? Using the Free sample Size Nutrafin. Should I get separate micro and macro nutrients? I’ll stop now. It’s a lot. Haha Thank you all!
  19. My wife says I collect hobbies. Ham radio, remote control cars and planes, beer and wine making, complicated christmas light displays, and this year fish keeping, which is the best of all time. Am I wrong?
  20. Does anyone know if an inline CO2 diffuser needs to be positioned vertically?
  21. I'm a relatively novice aquarium hobbyist, and I need some advice on this issue. I recently made a small cotton bag for some filter media out of an old black T-Shirt. Everything was fine until, about 5 or so days later, it started turning the water grey. By the time I figured out what was causing the problem, the aquarium water had turned completely black (or very, very dark grey). There are currently no fish in the tank; it's a new, planted 10 gallon that was getting ready for a betta. I'm prepared to do a 90% water change, which will hopefully clear up the water, but I don't know if I should be concerned about toxins or harmful chemicals in the dye. I was planning on getting a betta this week, but now am worried that it might not be safe. What would people recommend I do? The tank was all ready to go (seemed to be cycled, plants growing, water parameters in the clear, etc.) up until these past few days. Thank you in advance for any help or advise you might give.
  22. I'm wondering that if it would be cheaper to get a used tank and fix some part of it or get a brand new tank instead to avoid the hassle. Which one do you prefer when getting a new tank?
  23. I'm new and im not sure if its ok to ask questions but i cant seem to find the answer to this anywhere.I got a possible swordtail hybrid fry you see and i want to make sure i'm really taking care of him/her well. I've seen people that say you need to feed them 3 times a day and all that but for how long? How long does it take for them to become like adults and only need once or twice a day feedings? How often do you do a water change for frys? And is it ok to keep a swordtail fry in a 5 gallon tank?
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