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  1. I had a hydra problem in my tank so I got this stuff called No Planeria that did the trick for me. I am pretty sure it is NOT snail safe, though, so probably doesn't hurt to do some additional reading into the product before purchasing. As others have said, there are some fish that do the trick also. My thick lipped gourami appear to keep the hydra in check in their tank.
  2. I will cut to the chase. How do you deal with all the waste a pleco produces? When I was treating my tank for ich, I actually sort of enjoyed it because the daily water changes meant I could gravel val and clean up the poop for the day. There is lots of poop. Maybe I am putting the blame on the plecos when it's a combination of everyone in the tank (but the poop all looks like it came from the pleco who leaves droppings in all his favorite places to hang out). But goodness gracious me, there is so much poop. My 29 gallon tank with more fish doesn't look this poopy between my weekly water changes. This 75 looks very poopy and I last gravel vaccd on Wednesday. If there a trick to dealing with it? Or am I just going to have to let go and deal with it?
  3. I only have one tank big enough for them they aren't going anywhere!
  4. The acaras are also very food crazy so I have been giving them food first so they can to nuts on like freeze dried tubifex and then I feed live black worms directly to the rope fish with some long ass tongs and as a result the acara are less interested in the food I have presented the ropefish. I guess I can as more concerned with whether it was not nice to move fish to different tanks temporarily but it sounds like that's not even an issue?
  5. I would like to give my two voracious thick lipped gouramis a job: eat hydra in my rope fish tank. They are very outgoing and apparently very good at keeping hydra in check in their tank because I had never seen one before until I set up my other tanks. I know the hydra aren't really going to be able to hurt the fish in my rope tank (2 ropefish, 2 electric blue acaras, and one sailfin pleco), but I hate knowing they are there. Is it mean to move fish to another tank temporarily? They would probably like being in there. It's spacious and very planted. They can't fit in a rope fish's mouth because they are too big. I would love to get some of your thoughts
  6. I am still pretty new to this hobby so I haven't had a lot happen, but I haven't been entirely spared. After my tank was set up for weeks and got cycled, I finally got some fish in my tank. I was thrilled. One week later, my husband has to go to work very early in the morning. It is 4am, I am asleep in bed, he kisses me good bye and says "there is a lot of water on the floor down here (the basement), I think your tank is leaking." What he says doesn't really hit me for a hot sec since I was basically still asleep. I groggily get up and as I walk out into the basement living room, I step in water. The first thing I think is that one of the dogs peed on the floor but then remember oh yeah the tank. I go upstairs to see that the water level has dropped several inches in my tank. I inspect the walls of the aquarium, the edges, the rim, anything for a sign of some sort of breach, but the tank is completely dry. Then I notice the wall behind it is wet and I discover that one of the hoses on my canister filter is leaking. In my semi-lucid state, I am somewhat satisfied with the discovery, unplug the filter so it stops running and stops leaking, and go back to sleep. When I wake up I have to deal with the reality of the all the water that leaked from my upstairs dining room into my downstairs basement. Thankfully I only had a 29 gallon running at the time so I was able to sop up all the water with most of my towels. Good thing it was laundry day. I still had to contend with the leaking hose situation. I tried every remedy I could think of to patch it up. Super glue didn't work. Duct tape didn't work. Flex tape didn't work. The stupid hose is ribbed so none of my solutions were working. I tried to get some flex caulk delivered to my house but it never showed up. After a couple of hours of being upset about this and worried about my fish and the bacteria I spent weeks establishing, it finally occurred to me that I could just trim the hose down past where the puncture was. Don't know why I didn't think of that first! It ended up working just fine and I have not had any problems since. This was not an all-bad situation however. Apparently my gourami are hyperaware of water levels and the low water level triggered my pair to mate. I didn't even know I had a male and female at the time. They successfully mated and hatched several eggs. Unfortunately my red phantom tetras ate every last one of them all up. I was unprepared to rear fry anyway. Thanks for reading haha
  7. I really like my python. I can see your point about wasting a lot of water. I just turn the faucet off once the suction has established and it does it thing. I am not strong enough to carry buckets back and forth so it is extremely helpful for me.
  8. Like just sticking the piece you cut off back into the substrate? That's easy enough!
  9. When I bought this plant, I bought a plant bundle and the seller chose all of the plants as a part of the bundle but they also did not label the plants (which they said they would not do so I knew going in). They have doubled in height since I got them two weeks ago. Can I cut these in half and replant the trimming for new plants?
  10. Thank you. I thought so too Just dosed it after watching corys video about treating ich. Glad I bought ich-x ahead of time.
  11. Title asks it all. Is this ich on my fish? Pictures are from today and Tuesday. I am devastated. I obviously can't take back my pleco if I have ich-y fish so that puts a wrench in things. I think I spotted a couple of white dots on the pleco too. Can I treat my entire 75 gallon tank? I just have two acaras, two ropefish, and the one pleco.
  12. I mean it's all my fault. He seemed very knowledgeable and he had made good suggestions and echoed a lot of the things I poured over for months when deciding on getting ropefish, so I felt good about getting suggested from him. He also suggested another fish that I had planned to get to go with my ropes. I didn't want to seem rude pulling out my phone as he was talking to me after I had asked for suggestions.
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