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  1. I did have the fritz zyme on hand and I performed a water change after the filter was up and running for a little. I will test my water and swap some substrate from my established tank. I have a fluval 306
  2. Well this is a brand new tank that I installed a seeded filter onto but never ran for 48 hours. If I do have any saving grace, the bacteria was kept wet the whole time. The filter is still running thankfully
  3. That is a great idea. I forgot i had fritz zyme 7 (bought it when I started seeding this filter) so I have added it. I did a water change and treated with fritz ACCR. Thank you for the input.
  4. Well you guys, I done messed up. I seeded my new tank's filter on my cycled tank for four weeks. I transferred and installed the filter outlet and inlets in the tank. I installed the canister in the cabinet beneath the tank. I spent a couple hours acclimating my fish to my water. Everything is awesome, right? Well in the transfer from cycled tank to new, I shut the valve when I moved it over so the water from the canister wouldn't spill. I never opened the valve back up. So from Saturday 8pm to today at 7pm, the filter has been plugged in but no water flowing through it. How big did I eff up here? Are all my bacteria just dead? I am devastated at my own stupidity. I only have 5 fish in this 75 gallon (2 small electric blue acaras, two 8 ish inch rope fish, and one marble sailfin pleco). What do?
  5. Hi all, I have been seeding a canister filter on my cycled tank for a couple of weeks now (can't remember if 3 or 4 now). My husband and I are going to be making a 6 hour total trek to pick up the fish I plan on stocking my new tank in. Right now this tank does not have any fish, just some plants and whatever hitchhikers came with them. If I transfer the seeded filter before we go, I don't think there will be anything for the bacteria to consume and I don't want them to die. Is it best to wait until we have returned with the fish to install the seeded filter?
  6. Well I am glad i didn't put it in my prized 29 gallon and just in my 75. They won't have anything to eat so hopefully they will die
  7. Ok that's horrifying. Time to reach out to the place I bought the plants!
  8. I found a worm in my 75 gallon tank. It only has plants so it came from one of two sources. Is it cool to feed to my fish in another tank?
  9. Hi all, trying to figure out a mystery here! I have nerites, ramshorn, and bladder snails in my puffer tank. These don't look like the bladder snail clusters I have seen before so I am I think ruling them out. Whose eggs are these?
  10. Did your otos look like this before they spawned? This one is plump compared to the others.
  11. I just discovered I have seven otos. I can't begin to explain how confused I am. Maybe it's not the end of the world if they have some extra food.
  12. Mine were hesitant at first but I left the chunk of cucumber in there for a couple days and they then figured it out. I sort of regret it because now they spend most of their day searching the substrate for like algae wafer remnants instead of eating algae like they used to hahaha
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