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Found 6 results

  1. I have a heavily planted 20 long and started with 8 pygmy corys. Now I think I have about 15 and today I noticed them doing the chasing and mating thing again. My tank was comfortably stocked in the beginning now its heavily stocked and pretty soon I have a feeling that I'm going to be overrun with pygmy corys. Anybody have any ideas on how to get them to stop? There is a gaggle of chili rasboras, a couple hillstream loaches, about five cherry shrimp, and a single honey gourami. I was thinking of rehoming the chili's and some of the more amorous Cory's them putting in something that will actively eat the Cory eggs. Anybody have any ideas on a fish that will play nice and eat eggs?
  2. After a grueling, messy 30 minutes to catch 20 stressed out endler juveniles from my livebearer tank and barely making a dent in their population, I'm getting a little worried that I'm massively overstocked in my 36g or soon will be. Current plan is to set up a smaller, bare bottom tank, go back in a couple days and catch as many fry as I can to help isolate them and sell them off since my local pet store isn't offering any money or store credit for them, then starting again with more population controls in check. Current thoughts are to feed less and not work so hard to harden up the water, just enough keep the plants happy. But are there some good fish out there who'd be happy in a 36g livebearer tank who'd snack on some fry but leave the parents alone? A single angelfish? A pair of dwarf gourami? Something else?
  3. Currently have a heavily planted 20 gallon with neo shrimp and I have endlers coming in the mail tomorrow! Obviously this question is for down the line as I don't have a full colony yet. But if all goes well, I assume I'll eventually have more endlers and shrimp than I'll know what to do with. Is there a species that would work well to do some population control without eating everyone? Maybe a centerpiece fish? Something that wouldn't eat the adults but might eat some fry. I'm also open to non-fish aquatic species like frogs. Interested to hear what y'all would put in this tank so I can have some options down the road. Thanks!
  4. I have a 40 breeder that had just corys, so I added 2 male and 4 female guppy, because the tank was at eye level for my daughter, and what kid doesn't like babies? Fast forward 3 months and I have a full (I mean FULL) tank of guppies. The parents seem to have no interest in predating (the tank is well fed). Is there any fish that would pick off some here and there, but not decimate them? I had a thought that a few scarlet badis would be cool, but any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Hey all, We know that in livebearer tanks, overpopulation is more or less prevented by virtue of the fact that the adults eat the fry, and keep their numbers under control if they become too numerous for the fry to hide effectively. It's a nice feature: population control with nutrition built-in! I have a couple Neolamprologus multifasciatus tanks where the numbers are really growing. Does anyone know if they tend to slow down their breeding cycles if the numbers grow too high? What's your story? Thanks! Bill
  6. Hi all! I’m looking to transition my 20 gallon long full of beautiful breeding Endlers (it’s time) to something else. Do you experts have any recommendations for a fish(s) that could help me control the baby boom of Endlers? you all are THE BEST!! emily
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