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Found 5 results

  1. Noticed one if my tanks was a few of degrees higher than usual a couple of days ago. Didn’t think that much of it as it’s warming up around here but we haven’t used the AC yet. Usually keep tanks 76-78. Went to do water changes today and as soon as I touched the water I knew that same tank was way high. It was 93. Pulled heater out right away and it was very warm. Got temp down with slow water changes to about 83. Leaving lid off and turned the overhead fan on to cool the rest if the way. Fish seem ok. Guppies, lamb chop rasboras, and plecos. It was an Aqueon Pro 150 watt heater about two years old. Glad I caught it in time. Threw a 50 watt heater I had in there for now until I get another one.
  2. Today one of my floating plant corrals failed. I suspect sabotage.
  3. I've never kept one but have seriously thought about it. What is required (aside from luck) to have success in a sorority for more than just a year or so? I've considered keeping bettas again because I'm falling back in love with them but have only kept them in solo/community settings. Would several females be at a better chance of success when they're in a larger tank with dither fish? With the information I have I feel like I'd personally be happiest with any betta (male or female!) in a solo or small community setting. Factors in failure I've often heard: As the females mature and become egg-bound, their aggression toward each other increases. The tank is overstocked and there is not enough territory. The tank is understocked and there aren't enough fish to disperse aggression.
  4. We all have aquariums; some more than others. They come in different styles, designs and fabricated materials. But did you ever have a tank outright bust open? Or perhaps even a slow leak? Always wondered what the percentage of tank failures were, compared to aquariums in operation, for many years.
  5. I decided to give my clown pleco and cories a special treat, and last night I dropped a chunk of zucchini into my tank following a method I think found on YouTube, using a bullet sinker stuck in the center to weigh it down. Tonight, when I got home from work, the tank is filled with seeds and pieces of the zuke, and the large portion is split into sections, floating on the top. Wish I had a video feed to know what happened!
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