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  1. I would think that would work very well for tank size regarding number of honey gouramis. They're wonderful little fish, my two have not been shy at all.
  2. From what I know the gender won't matter, males can be kept with other males and females with other females or mix. Make sure tank is big enough and plants.
  3. I've had one for a few weeks alone, happy enough with a group of tetras. He grew beautifully but when we did decide to add another one I have to admit the colors on our first improved and it seems to provide a lot of interest for them. Once in a while they chase, but not a problem at feeding time and a joy to have two. I know that people recommend keeping them in a bigger group 3-4 or more, sometimes 2 is a problem for chasing but it really hasn't been for me. Hope this helps!
  4. What about the substrate, is rinsing enough since it's so porous? Do I do a part light peroxide or bleach quick bath for plants and moss ball? Thanks so much I think I'd rather be safe and take the tank down and give a good clean like you said.
  5. I had to euthanize my betta, can I leave the tank running for a month or so, preform weekly water changes and have all the "whatever needs a host fish to live" die off? What should I do before it's ready to house new fish, thinking about substrate and plants in there (java fern, stem plants and moss ball) as well as it housing the same sponge (in hopes of keeping it cycled) in the HOB filter. Should I sanitize everything in bleach solution and rinse the substrate or throw it out? Here's the history of the tank and betta below if it helps. I had a betta that developed a moldy ventral fin, I added "tetra all in one" tabs, I think two, but stopped after and kept up increased water changes and it was all looking good. A few weeks would pass and saw maybe only 4 ich spots or so show up, I preformed water changes at the sight of anything and we were back to normal and what seemed healthy. Then some time passed and he was at the bottom of the tank breathing really heavy, tested the water all was good, no ammonia, no nitrites and super low nitrates, but did a water change added aquarium salt.. after some time that did not resolve and I had to euthanize, heartbreaking. Now the tank is running with some plants, a moss ball and fluval stratum. I syphoned all the water out (as low as I could) and added fresh with prime of course. I'll add that my fear is that I introduced something to that tank from another when adding a plant. I had gotten a sick glowlight tetra, breathing super fast since I got it but stayed like that for weeks, looked maybe malformed, I never really knew. I've since euthanized that fish in fear of other inhabitants in the tank (this is a separate tank), but all other fish have been doing well for some time. Maybe my betta was old and low immune system (don't know the age we were his third home). Should I be scared of fish TB (possibly from glowlight tetra infecting both tanks), or unlikely the case? Thank you for reading, I've tried to learn as much as I can and I don't want to be too stress out that it turns me off fish keeping. I really appreciate any input.
  6. Thanks for sharing, same with my glowlights and the female honey gourami for feeding! I wonder how the males are with guarding their bubble nest with the female in there? It's my first honey gourami, I can see why so easy to love them.
  7. Anyone willing to share their experience keeping a honey gourami pair M/F. Are they generally peaceful or will the male chase the female off too much. I have no desire to breed. My tank dimensions are 24 L x 12 W x 15.5 H" with one female honey gourami and 8 glowlight tetras in a planted tank. Any other stocking options and opinions welcomed, or am I fully stocked already? Thank you!
  8. James Black, I would be surprised if stressed. Always out and about pecking at plants and the log in there, greeting us at the glass. Out to eat with the others, pretty happy fish, quite lovely to watch. Pearl Gourami's are so lovely..but for sure not pearl. Thanks everyone!
  9. Could I have a male and female honey in a 16 gallon housed with 8 glowlight tetras? Or too cramped? Thoughts for the future.
  10. Thanks everyone! Maybe I'll try to talk to the pet shop to see what they say (just curious). Fish folk, your honey gouramis and aquarium are beautiful.
  11. I've had my honey gourami for a month now. When I asked my pet shop to order one for me, I have to admit I was expecting a yellow fish. I really questioned if it was a female honey gourami and they told me they only get males and the order form also states males. So is my gourami one of the more wild (looking) type that have been bred? Will the fish change color with time? I was told he is 5 months at time of purchase so 6 months now.Just give me any info on what you see. Oh and Clyde is a great little fish, not shy as they sometimes are and a joy to watch.
  12. How would you use the aquarium salt? In a hospital tank and leave the fish 5 days or so at 1TBS per 3 gallons, Or do salt bath for a short period of time and if so how much salt?
  13. Thank you really appreciate knowing that! Might be my go to for this little fish.
  14. I've read that Tetras don't respond well to salt, but don't know if it's all tetras. Anyone have experience with Tetra and aquarium salt? Should I worry?
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