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  1. We have two golden rams in our tank (a pair) and then these two blue rams. Are these both males? If so are two more females required?
  2. Hey everyone! I've read some articles online but none have made sense, lets hope I can figure this out. I'm not trying to breed my angelfish, rather just curious the sex of them. How do you sex angelfish? Are they even old enough to sex yet? Thankyou in advance! Here's a little backstory about my angelfish, I have five of them currently, the one in the third picture is the boss. They all get along great, sharing the food. The other black and white one is much smaller then the rest of the angelfish. At first we were concerned it wasn't getting enough to eat but after a close observation at feeding time we have found that they all are pigs. Lol.
  3. I got three young-ish pearl gouramis last week and am having trouble sexing them in QT. There are two that hang out together constantly, and then a third that gets picked on by one of the other two. I'm thinking that maybe the two that aren't getting along are both males, and the third is a female, but I'm not sure. The two that are hanging out together: The one that's getting picked on: Now, if it turns out to be 2 males and 1 female, can I remove the dominant male and still have the subdominant male pair with the female? The subdominant male has much, much more color than the dominant male, although you can't see it much in the pics.
  4. Are the bigger multies males and smaller females how can you tell which is which.
  5. Hi, Needs some helps to tell the gender of rainbow shiner. Also I saw same of the rainbow shiner I have showing blue fluorescent color. Are they all females? Thanks John
  6. So I have a pair of clown killifish for about four weeks. One definitely has darker bands than the other and has a reflective spot behind the eyes that you can see from above (2nd photo). Also that particular one has a very slight hint of orange you can see from above. However, it isn't doesn't have the truly telltale tailfin coloration. How long does it take for rocket killifish to fully mature and is the reflective dot a sexing trait? Or am I just overly hopeful and I probably got two females?
  7. Do you think I have a male and female, or are these both males? I'm pretty sure this one is male with the streamers off his tail. I am not sure about this one though. Here they are side by side. What do you think? 2 males or a pair?
  8. Hey all. I purchased a group of 6 baby rainbows about five weeks ago. They have since grown to about 1 inch and they all look female. At what age can you sex Furcata Rainbows? I am looking to breed them in my 29 gallon and I am considering getting more to make sure there is at least two males in my tank. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have a swordtail that has no sword but has an obvious gonopodium. Is this a male or female?
  10. Aloha all so long story short, I got two remaining angel fish from petco, started with 6 lol we know how those fish go all 4 were being treated till they just gave up but I have two left and I may have just got lucky enough to have gotten a pair out of them all,(or so I pray). Now this is where I need some serious trained eyes to help me identify these two specimens. By going by all traits I’ve been collecting online about what separates them in sex and to me I think they might be but this would be my first pair to attempt to breed and I just want to be sure. They swim together pretty much all the time I notice there’s very little aggression except for when I feed them for ex. For the first time today while feeding they were starting to peck and chase til both faced off and legit held each other by the mouth and were kinda in a tug of war type of deal not too sure if this is common with pairs? I know from what I could collect online for info, the one sure fire way to identify a male and female is by breeding tubes and they only protrude those out when they’re nearing ready to breed which is hard with just two angels haha 😆. Anyways I really hope we can shine some light on these guys and get to moving on my next little project. Thank you for taking the time and helping out much mahalo and Aloha 🤙🏽
  11. I have 4 corydoras in my 36 gallon and 3 in my five. And I can’t for the life of me. Figure out what they are. One in my 36 I’m pretty positive is female. But it’s just so hard to tell. Not necessarily wanting to breed but would like to know if I have out numbered female. As I got them all at same time. I have to get better pic of my other corys that are with my betta. Female I believe above as she’s the biggest. I think are both malealso think male. Okay what do we think folks. I got them all at petco at roughly an inch long. Around May 20th 2021
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a novice fish keeper. I recently read an article (https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2021/05/betta-fish-sex-determination/618889/) that talked about how male bettas can sometimes by XX and females can also be XY. I'm not an expert on genetics so I was wondering if anyone knew if there are visible signs of a male or female presenting betta carrying the opposite chromosome? I've had two bettas that looked almost like they were a mix of both sexes. I have a beautiful male betta with a large belly area (it's not bloat and he's not sick), and who seems to be missing his beard? Even his ventrals seem a little bit suspect, but his anal and caudal fins definitely look male. After reading the article, I started wondering if maybe I had a male who used to be a female? Or is it more likely that I just have a feminine-looking male betta? I've also had females that I was told look like males but I'm not sure if the XX/XY change works that way.
  13. New to guppies. This is my first time keeping them...is this a female? Was told it was a male by LFS but after looking at how to sex them, I'm not sure...My other ones are defintely male... Thanks 😊
  14. So, I have a guppy named Daisy. I previously thought Daisy was female, the man at my lfs that helped pick out my guppies did as well. A couple weeks ago I separated my boys and girls because of how many fry they were having. Daisy is the same size as everyone else but I noticed that Daisy was the only one not pregnant and was chasing the others. I looked closer at the dorsal and anal fins and they were slightly different. I tried my best to get good photos but it was pretty difficult. Is it possible for a guppy to be a sneaker male?
  15. I have two angels that have been breeding for quite a while now. Although none of the eggs have been fertilized ever and this would be around their 5-6 batch. It's been bugging me for awhile now so I want some help identifying the angels breeder tubes and figuring out which is a male or if they are both females. The second angel is my larger angel of the pair and the first angel is the smaller and fatter of the pair. I want to know if I either have a male who's aim is really bad or two females paired off. I've never caught them laying eggs before.
  16. Recently Ive noticed what i originally thought to be a female endler developing color. Is it actually a male or can females develop color as well? Shes the only female out of 20 or so with the colors.
  17. At what age about can you reliably sex a honey gourami? Is this still too young to tell?
  18. Hello , could this be male and female ? They do fight , head bumb etc.
  19. This one isn’t as yellow as my other two, but still looks like a male possibly.
  20. I currently have 10 mollies/platies/variatus in my 125 with a dwarf gourami. Do you think it's a big enough tank to get away with adding one or two more gouramis?
  21. They are always swimming together just trying to find out if they are male and female and they are always right next two each other one seems a little bigger than the other any help is great. Their Very active, and them and 3 panda garas are in a 40B I'm in college so that is the max tank size I can have will they be fine in there for three years and could the two discus get to full growth and live comfortably.
  22. So a while back I got 4 golden wonder killi - 3 males and 1 female. Not a great ratio I know but it’s all that was available. One of the males has a crooked spine and one disappeared. So now 2 males and 1 female. The males almost never leave the surface of the tank by the females is all over the tank. Now I’m wondering if she is what I was told she was. Can anyone confirm for me? Thanks pics of one of the males and the female in question thanks
  23. Does anyone know how old/big paradise fish have to get before they are sexable? My LFS has some 2” juvies and I don’t know if they are too small to start developing the long fins or if they are all truly females. here’s one in a 20L just so that you can see the sale size
  24. The white ones are camera shy so I might have caught the same ones on camera
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