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Found 17 results

  1. I figured this would probably not go in the disease section just cause this isn't a question about disease itself, more of using bleach to nuke a tank and everything in it. So I made a bleach solution last night and let all of the equipment for the tank as well as the aquarium sit with it over night. I woke up and siphoned all of the water out with the two siphons I have for the fish room because both had been in contact with this tank before and after I realized that the fish that lived in this tank was sick. I rinsed out the tank with steaming hot water about 3-4 times and then with cold 1-2 and lastly with enough water conditioner for 100 gallons in total a few times. Siphoned the water out all of those times so that the water would run through the siphons. The items that were sitting in this tank were 2 siphons, three nets of various sizes, a floating breeding box, and an aquarium coop sponge filter (no air stone in the middle, just an air tube). My questions are should all of these items be safe to use after all of this, bleach wise and disease wise or should I throw some of these items away, and if the siphons are safe to use right now or should they dry? All of these items besides the siphons will be sitting to dry for the next 3 days at least. I need to siphons for a quarantine tank that needs a water change today for some medicine. I did a sniff test of all of the equipment and none of it smells like bleach or anything other than water and plastic. TLDR; Should the tank and all associated equipment for the tank be safe to use with fish after nuking with bleach, rinsing 1000 times, and using a crap ton of dechlorinator the last two rinses after the aquarium and equipment sits for a few days.
  2. Hey! So for those who know, about 2 weeks ago I got a bunch of plants to fill up the empty space in my tank. The problem is that algae blossomed EVERYWHERE in my tank. Green and brown algae on the glass along with green spot algae, and blue-green algae coating the substrate and covering the tips of my plants. I'm able to clean the algae off the glass, but I have no idea how to clean the algae off the substrate. I do have a sand vacuum, but it's quite big for a ten gallon and doesn't fit well between gaps in the rocks and plants. I don't have anything stocked in the tank except for a betta fish, but I don't think the quality of my tank is good enough to introduce shrimp or other cleaning fish/inverts. For example, the GH is way too high and I've been struggling to get it down, and there aren't enough hiding places for tiny animals like shrimp in case my betta gets aggressive. Any tips to how I can effectively clean the algae and muck without a cleaning crew or ripping up my scape?
  3. I just got finished with bleaching and rinsing my tools and my 5 gallon tank by following Irene's how to disinfect an aquarium with bleach video and was wondering how long should I let the tank and tools air-dry. Does anyone know how long I should?
  4. So my 2 year old poured some bubble solution in my 25 gal patio pond. Dosed 10 mil of prime and water changing till there's no more bubbles tonight. I'll update if there's any losses. All endlers. Trying to use nutgrass as a bog filter and working so far. I have to dose easy green to get nitrates to even register. Crazy hard water so I use dehumidifier water for topoffs.
  5. I'm having trouble keeping my tank clean, it keeps getting very cloudy and has like a yellowish tint to it. We've done a water change and it still looks nasty afterwards. I've also treated the water with some tetra aquasafe for tap water, and tips would be great to get my tank looking clear.
  6. What is the best method to clean a used tank before its ready for fish
  7. My decorations have stewed to grow brown algea and are being taken over. I have three otto's but they are still small and can't keep up. I have to do a water change today. I was wondering. Can i scrub the brown algea of the decor in old tank water in a bucket with my scrub brush? Also will I lose bb if I do? Tia
  8. I want to convert my 55 gallon tank to saltwater I recently transferred my freshwater to a new smaller tank because they kept dying from ich and I only have a 6 fish and 4 shrimp left how long should I wait after the tank has been drained and cleaned( I plan on cleaning it very well) to refill it without risking anything going wrong with the new set-up
  9. I'm picking up a used saltwater tank and setting it up as a freshwater system. I am planning on useing the coarse sand substrate that's already in it. Is there anything significant I should be aware of or do besides doing a good rinsing and cleaning of the tank and substrate?
  10. I have a tank I put just a little too close to the floor. I was using gravel vac with a thumb pump to clean it as gravity was not gonna help. It was poorly made and the seal broke making it pointless. Tried another, same issue. I imagine in the spring I can run a hose out of the back door, but until then, can anyone suggest a pump or electric gravel vac? All I can find is something that collects mulm and such, but doesn't actually change water. I can attach a pump to a hose, but then, all the ick I'm vaccuming up would travel through the pump. Thanks.
  11. HI All! Our main tank is doing really well, due to all the tips I've received on here. Thank you for that! I ended up getting a second tank on Sunday for a our guppy fry, because our female guppy had babies! YAY! It was very exciting. I didn't like them separated in a breeding tank in the main tank so I took 5 gallons of water from the main tank and put it in the new 5 gallon tank. I also had a large filter in the main tank just to get good bacteria on it and moved it to 5 gallon one. It's way too big for that one, but it's got all the good bacteria on it. I bought a small filter from Aquarium Coop on Sunday but forgot to buy tubing so I just threw it in the main tank so that it could start getting some good bacteria on it. I'm going to move it to the 5 gallon tank after I get tubing and let it run in the main one for a bit. There's also a snail in the 5 gallon. I have been reading a little bit about having guppy fry and what I've read is: - do frequent water changes - give them a variety of food. (I'm giving them Aquarium Coop's Fry food, and crushed up flake food.) I also picked up crushed coral to put in the tank. - Feed them often (I've been doing 3-4 times a day.) I've not done a water change yet, it's Wednesday, they've been in there since Sunday. I imagine I should do one today, any tips on doing one with the tiny fry in there? I'm concerned I will suck them up with the vacuum hose. On top of it our bathroom which is right next to this is being remodeled so I need to plug into a faucet that is much farther away, so I'm concerned about the delay in yelling to turn the water off or whatever. I've included tips of our new 5 gallon tank, and our main tank. Any tips? How often is frequent?
  12. So I think I may have the start of disease outbreak in my tank (I think it could be columnaris). Although only one fish has died and the others look fine, its only been a day. Backstory: I've been QTing new fish in my very nicely planted tank that I had been establishing waiting for an expensive betta to arrive. I realized now that was dumb because with a fish dying I'm terrified whatever could still be around for when the betta comes... So whether this is columnaris or something else I need to know how I can disinfect the tank or what I can do to make sure its safe sometime down the road for the betta. So far my plan is to set up a third tank somewhere and start cycling a sponge from my healthy tank to have ready for the betta that will be here in two weeks. But if all the fish die in the "QT tank" or if the other fish live what can I do to disinfect it for the betta eventually? Also this tank has a lot of plants in it, deep sand substrate, and lots of snails (mostly MTS, but also a few nice nerites that I really like) with sponge filters. I don't really want to have to tear it all apart or harm the plants or snails. Plants I'm worried about are: java ferns, banana plant, anacharist, dwarf sag, a struggling jungle val, and some sort of sword I think? Tank survivors thus far: 2 Guppies, 1 corydora, 5 anchor cats, nerites (I could technically return the nerites still). The anchor cats were supposed to stay in the "QT tank" with the betta and everyone else is supposed to go into my 29 gallon with the other schools. If all the fish die, could I leave it set for two months and everything be okay? or could the snails harbor something? I also considered dosing with hydrogen peroxide and/or salt, but what levels would be safe for the plants? If fish live, how long should I QT for until deeming them safe to move to my other tank or add the betta too?
  13. I had to euthanize my betta, can I leave the tank running for a month or so, preform weekly water changes and have all the "whatever needs a host fish to live" die off? What should I do before it's ready to house new fish, thinking about substrate and plants in there (java fern, stem plants and moss ball) as well as it housing the same sponge (in hopes of keeping it cycled) in the HOB filter. Should I sanitize everything in bleach solution and rinse the substrate or throw it out? Here's the history of the tank and betta below if it helps. I had a betta that developed a moldy ventral fin, I added "tetra all in one" tabs, I think two, but stopped after and kept up increased water changes and it was all looking good. A few weeks would pass and saw maybe only 4 ich spots or so show up, I preformed water changes at the sight of anything and we were back to normal and what seemed healthy. Then some time passed and he was at the bottom of the tank breathing really heavy, tested the water all was good, no ammonia, no nitrites and super low nitrates, but did a water change added aquarium salt.. after some time that did not resolve and I had to euthanize, heartbreaking. Now the tank is running with some plants, a moss ball and fluval stratum. I syphoned all the water out (as low as I could) and added fresh with prime of course. I'll add that my fear is that I introduced something to that tank from another when adding a plant. I had gotten a sick glowlight tetra, breathing super fast since I got it but stayed like that for weeks, looked maybe malformed, I never really knew. I've since euthanized that fish in fear of other inhabitants in the tank (this is a separate tank), but all other fish have been doing well for some time. Maybe my betta was old and low immune system (don't know the age we were his third home). Should I be scared of fish TB (possibly from glowlight tetra infecting both tanks), or unlikely the case? Thank you for reading, I've tried to learn as much as I can and I don't want to be too stress out that it turns me off fish keeping. I really appreciate any input.
  14. How long would I have to simply leave a tank dry for before it would be deemed "sterile"? Not reusing any of the contents except the heater and lid.
  15. Afternoon Forum One of my neighbors toss out a 29 gallon set-up so naturally i picked it up for a spare tank...anyway the inside of the tank was just NASTY...dried algae and just dried up gunk is best i can describe it...any suggestions for a cleaning solution that is safe other than a straight edge and elbow grease?? i know the razor is risking but this stuff is really on the inside of the tank... or is this just a useless cause??? Right now i`m just soakin the tank with soapy water.. Thanking everyone for you time Be Safe out there!!! Frank C
  16. Would letting a tank and it's filters and accessories go bone dry basically kill any bacteria and parasites? I'd rather do that than go through a bleaching process.
  17. What do you do to sterilize Aquarium Nets, Planting tools regularly?
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