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  1. Hello everyone, new to the forum, can anyone recommend some fish that can live with mystery snails in a cold water aquarium that WON'T bite off their antenna? I have a planted 10 gallon with 6 zebra danio and 2 mystery snails and they like to nip the antenna and I feel bad for the little guys, so I would like to find another schooling fish that might fit nicely. Water is harder with a ph closer to 8 than 6 and cold as I stated before. I like cyprinids but is there any that will be nicer than zebra danio?
  2. I was watching a video recently in which info about Bristlenose Plecos came up and it was mentioned that they are notorious for eating sword plants even if fed well. I was considering adding some to my current planted tank however I have 2 well established compact Amazon swords. What is your experience with the Bristlenose Pleco? Have you ever heard this before?
  3. Hi all, soon I will be setting up a 75 gallon planted tank with nano fish. I love dwarf chain loaches and am looking forward to finally having a large school of them. But I also have 5 Venezuelan corys in a smallish 20 long and I feel they need more space, plus I would love to see if they might breed in the 75. Both of these species mostly inhabit the bottom of the tank, although the dwarf chain loaches tend to use the whole water column. can I have a good sized school of each that will be happy in the same 75 gallon? TIA!
  4. Has anyone ever kept whip tail cats with barbs and African cichlids?
  5. I have a 90g set up that I’m stocking and thinking of doing a Senegal bichir in. Could the Sen cohabitate with a large school of tiger barbs or will they just be tasty treats. Right now I just have 1 firemouth, 3 HRP, and 1 bristlenose
  6. I have a 125g tank with 23 mollies/platies/variatus in it right now. I recently purchased 3 male swordtails, 1 female swordtail, and 3 other female mollies/platies/variatus. All of these new fish are in my 10g QT tank. My question is do the female mollies/platies/variatus count towards a 4 to 1 female/male ratio with the swordtails after I have all the fish in my 125? Thoughts?? Maybe I've been reading too much about swordtail aggression. Lol
  7. So I know axolotls are really meant to have tank mates but I just started my Axolotls new 40b and since he’s a baby ish I would like to know if I could try a small school or something else also @Lifeisgood I’m @ you because you helped me a lot when I was getting mine and I know you have them so I was wondering if you know at all
  8. Hello, I’m considering getting an axolotl in the future, but I wanted to have an idea of what getting one would include. In particular I wanted advice from people who have had axolotls. First, in terms of temperature, do you believe that a room temperature of 70-72F would be too high? That is a relatively normal room temperature for me. If not, how big of an impact do you think having a sponge filter, an open lid, and possibly insulation would have? These seem to be the easiest means to bring the temperature down a bit without resorting to a chiller or ice. In of tankmates, I understand that there is some risk for having fish, snails, or shrimps with an axolotl, but I’m curious how real this is. I’m primarily interested in cherry shrimp or small cleaner fish. I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
  9. Curious what a male betta can be housed with? I have one in a 10 gallon but might need to move my pea puffers in there and could put my betta in my 29 but want to stock it with fish that will get along with the betta. Need suggestions
  10. I have a planted ten gallon with a betta fish, and I've heard that cardinal tetras could make good tank mates for bettas. I've never kept a betta with other fish and I'm, just not sure if I should risk it. I'm also not sure if ten gallons is enough room for a happy school. Should I just get another tank? Any oppinions?
  11. I've youtubed and internet searched this topic to death and have plenty of general ideas. I'd like to hear from other Betta keepers that have them in community tanks what works best for them. I'm going to be setting up a Fluval Flex 9 gallon (which to my understanding is more like a 7.5 gallon as far as living space goes) and like an idea for a few small community fish to keep my female Betta entertained. I was thinking Neons since they stay rather small but they're not my favorite, I'm a fan of rasboras but already have Harlequins. I'd like ideas if you've got any! thanks!
  12. My tetras are a bit nippy towards each other and towards my rather docile betta fish. I've heard that rasboras are quieter and less aggressive. Is this true?
  13. Thinking of tank mates for my betta whos in a 5 gallon
  14. What can I breed in the same tank, same parameters from the list below and what size tank Multis - Shell Sweller Pair of corycats Apisto Pair Apisto Pair Platinum Ricefish Xentotoca Doadrioi Zoogoneticus Tequila Odessa barbs BN Plecos
  15. I have a Longfin Albino Oscar and 3 pictus catfish in quarenteen while I cycle their 75 gallon tank. What would be a good mid swimming tank mate that would go well with the Oscar if any. Right now he's only 2" so want to introduce him early. Got a local breeder of Polar Blue Parrots, would 1 of those work?
  16. I upgraded from a non Retina to a Retina Screen. All my previous photography that was crystal clear now comes in blurred in Photo's. Posting to internet sites that don't support retina screen technology will show the same poor quality until all sites upgrade I've been told. Thought the improvement to a higher pixel density would be glorious, I can't say I'm too excited and much preferred my MacBook Pro 13' Mid 2012, that had maxed out ram, and hard drive. The kids keep telling me to switch to PC but I was raised on Apple's since the 512's. Any opinions?
  17. Obviously, many Central and South American Cichlids are enormous. I love watching Canadian mater aquarist Jim Cumming showcase his gigantic cichlids, or watch tanks in the Wessel Fish House. But there are a number of medium-sized Cichlids that would make a meal of a Neon Tetra at first light but won’t bother larger Tetras. So what’s your go-to larger-sized tetras for keeping with Cichlids? Right now, mine are Colombian Tetras. I love the silver-blue with bright red fins. Plus, they school tightly in a large enough group.
  18. So I wanted some smaller fish to go with my discus but the only problem is that all the fish I want can fit in a rope fish’s mouth if something can possibly fit in there mouth the will eat it so I need something that’s small like a tetra but won’t fit in a rope fish’s mouth
  19. I wanted to try and do a blackwater community tank just because I haven't seen too many videos on it. I saw someone local was selling a betta mahachai pair and I already was planning on getting some chili rasboras and I have 3 black venezulan corydoras. I was thinking of doing a blackwater setup with fluval stratum, capped with sand, some plants, and sponge filter. Probably going to have lots of driftwood and possibly some river rocks. Would a pair of betta mahachai, 10 chili rasboras, and 3 black venezualn corydoras be good in a 20 gallon?
  20. So when I got my Black Neons (14) they started picking each other off- mostly at night under the cover of darkness. In the morning I'd count them and there would be 1 less so I'd look to recover the bodies. The first body when it started seemed untouched- I didn't see any visible wounds and the fish didn't have any outward signs of illness. Naturally one might think, just a natural death. Then it continued to happen, the other 2 I found had their fins nipped off all around. THEN there was the ultimate mystery- one of the bodies was never found! From that point forward Black Neons are now known as Murder Fish. When the number got down to 10 this behavior stopped. Or so I thought. I counted tails today as I do just about every day around feeding time (I think I didn't count yesterday so I could have lost it any time between then and this morning) and now I'm down to 9. And like the last one NO BODY!? It's like they're just perfecting their art. Before you ask, could it have jumped, that's a resounding no, my tank is rimmed and has a tight fitting lid there is a small gap but not one that any fish or snail could escape. I've checked the floor surrounding. I'm their only cartaker andd the lid is only opened for feedings and cleanings. I was starting to get things together to clean today and that's when I counted, multiple times. Can they eat the body that quickly? Does anybody else have this issue with supposed peaceful community fish?? It kind of creeps me out the little buggers.
  21. So I am in the process of setting up a new 90 gallon tank. I have some fish I really want, but others im unsure if compatible? It's so hard to search one by one which fish are compatible with which. The fish I 100% want are: electric blue acara severums blood parrot Fish I am wondering if compatible: geophagus such as steindachneri, balzanii, pellegrini, pearl cichlid, altifrons, ect. I love almost all the geophagus species Any help appreciated! thanks in advance.
  22. Hello my fabulous fish keeper fam. I've had these 2 Ornate Bichirs ( M&F ) for the last few years in my 45g, knowing they can reach up to 2 ft. and a 90g is minimum size tank to house them I still want to add some more tank mates mainly gouramis ( Pearl ) just a pair to see how they get along but the forums I've read recommend larger fish i.e. Oscars, Black Knife, etc... has anyone else kept these wonderful fish with other types of tank mates ( that didn't get nipped or out competed for food ). My pair are healthy with good appetites ( asstd. frozen foods and pellets ) I think one more year till they have to be re-homed. I set up a 5g for quarantining this week added a cycled sponge from the 45g along with a most ball and a bit of alt, I have 2 of the med trio for now and I have to big box pet stores near me so next weekend I'd like to be choosing the tank mates so what you say all.
  23. My Angelfish, after eating 13 Neon Tetras was moved back into my 20 high. I am wondering what would be a suitable tank mate for him/her. Would a Betta work or would they be prone to fighting?
  24. My Flame Gourami has developed a taste for his tank mates my neon tetras. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Or will I be forced to have a ten gallon tank with only my gourami. I almost think he is just bored.
  25. I was interested in some german blue rams but I'm not really sure what they can be kept with. I have a 20 gallon long with some corys and was wondering if I could maybe keep them with my venezulan corydoras. Is it possible to keep a breeding pair with corys? Its a planted tank with a good amount of cover. Also, does anyone have any tips on how to keep them and to breed them? Thanks.
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