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  1. I recently bought a pair of betta mahachaensis and I’m looking for some ideas on tank mates within a 15 gallon. Currently I’m considering trying scarlet badis, pencilfish, or a small schooling fish like ember tetras and just wanted some general advice since I’ve never kept this type of betta before.
  2. Hello! This is my very first post! I am looking for info on blue/three-spot gourami stocking. Some resources I have seen recommend keeping them in a pair or trio, however I have also read that males in particular can be very territorial. At my local fish store, they had probably 30 of them together. Which is best? Thank you in advance!
  3. Tried to introduced 10 of 30 Cherry Barbs to my established 90 gallon community tank with 2 large angelfish, 20 black neons, 15 X-ray tetras, 10 peppered Cory Cats, and several BN plecos... My thought was with 10 they would school together and hold their own. What really happened was there weren’t enough of them and they scattered as soon as they hit the tank... I can only assume since I feed a lot of red food (Xterme Krill and Hikari Vibra Bites) and their size the Angels started going after them one at a time and even the larger tetras did as well... The lesson is to only introduce bigger community fish and in larger schools as the Angels and the Tank are so big...
  4. Hi all. Got two questions regarding compatibility. 1. I plan to transfer fish from the quarantine tank to the main, among them will be 8 Threadfin Rainbow (Iriatherina werneri). The main tank has 8 Emperor Tetras (Nematobrycon palmeri) and 14 White/Gold Cloud Mountain Minows (Tanichthys albonubes), 6 Corys and 3 - 4 Otos. All sources suggest to keep the Threadfins out but I have noticed that the fish don't go on the internet. So, am I looking for troubles? 2. I have fallen in love with shrimps, don't know why, but my wife and I found them interesting to watch. Currently we have 3 Amano Shrimps in a 8gl. tank. We would like to have Vampire Shrimps in the main tank. On top of the fish that have already been mentioned there will possibly be Bosemans (Melanotaenia boeseman) and Neon Rainbows (Melanotaenia praecox). One site that I have checked claimed that the rainbows will attack the shrimp, is it so? I have seen this shrimp at a size of ~ 3". Thank you for your advice.
  5. Hey all, I have a 20 gal community tank here and it started with the male Betta (long term I will be upgrading to at least 30gal). I then added some pork chop Rasboras, Ember Tetras, 1 angelfish as center piece and finally a double red Apisto. All of which I bought here at co-op, which they said should typically act as a friendly tank. I don’t expect things to always be sweet and tidy as nature also doesn’t allow that, but I also don’t want all out wars being waged. They were all getting along really well in fact and actually played together. It was a peaceful time in the swimming hole.... then both Betta and Angelfish got fin rot and I isolated them in a hospital tank with salt and meds. They are both recovering and doing better now. Bettas fins are still in healing phase but doing better. I then decided to reintroduce both of them into the 20gal again while maintaining meds in there to ensure any bacteria that started this is killed completely. But immediately the Apisto started chasing them and actually hunting the Betta, and when he would find him, would literally thrash him. So I moved the betta back in isolation but the Angelfish seems to handling his own well enough. things have calmed down in there it seems but I would really prefer to get Betta back in his home without him getting effed up. what might you all suggest or try to help reintroduce him to the tank again? I know some of you would be like, bigger tank, but that’s not possible currently and they are all pretty small and have decent space to play etc. But help me or roast me, either way 😉
  6. What tankmates can live with my male veiltail betta in a 5.5 gallon tank?
  7. Hi all, I want to add SOME tankmates to my 5.5 gallon tank with my betta fish. PH: 7.5 Temp: 79 degrees Lighting: Moderate to high. Can someone tell me how to identify if my betta is peaceful? Can someone give some suggestions in my 5.5 gallon tank? Thanks!
  8. So I recently set up a 20 gallon planted tank aquascape (picture attached). Plants are starting to fill in (there is a large group of various Rotala species to the left that you can't really see) and so far I have 10 Amano shrimp in there and 4 otocinclus. When I was working on the hardscape I ended up creating two caves. When trying to think of what to put in the tank I was doing research and found that Apistogrammas would appreciate a cave. I was specifically looking at either a pair of Agassizzii, Macmasteri or Viejita. I've never kept a Apistogrammas before but looking for opinions of those that have. Will these make dinner out of my Amanos or is this one of those depends on the individual fish situations? I don't mind if the Amano shrimp are more stealth to hide from the Apistos but I don't want them living in fear and ultimately they are there to eat algae which they won't do a great job of if they are constantly hiding. So do I have a shot with the Apistos or should I move on and try something like a school of Celestial Pearl Danios instead?
  9. Hello, I have one dwarf flame gourami and was wondering if I got a pair of dwarf cichlids would they get along? Also I’ve heard they like sand but my substrate is gravel. Would that be a problem? Appreciate any feedback, Annie
  10. Hi, I have two orandas and saw Corys recent video about goldfish tank mates. I would like to add my bristlenose to that tank. The tank is unheated and at room temperature, so about 67 degrees. Will that work for the pleco? Seems cold to me. Has anyone done this safely? What has your experience with this been? my tank has lots of hiding spots too. Thanks
  11. So I finally got some German Blue Rams for a 40 gallon breeder tank. I was just looking for some suggestions for tankmates. I'm not going to be getting any until I know I am able to keep these rams alive. The main thing is trying to find fish that work in the same temperature range. So far I am considering a school of either neon or rummynose tetras which both like the heat. I thought about a school of cory cats but I am not sure which do best with the higher temperatures. I believe sterbai do well with it? Or how about another type of bottom feeder you guys would recommend? I have plenty of cory cats in all my other tanks already. I also like to have a pleco in each tank, so maybe some type of smaller pleco that of course can handle the temperature as well. I thought about kuhli loaches but I believe keeping a group of them would be too much for a 40 gallon. Any and all recommendations are welcome! Thanks in advance!
  12. I have had my two gourami for a couple days and in the first couple, they were coexisting without incident but this appears to have changed. I have noticed has started chasing the other around the tank. I guess they are both males? I have been observing the. This evening and the chasee appears to be hanging low and hiding between decor. I can imagine this is very stressful on a fish, especially a laborinth fish who needs access to the top to breathe. In the meantime I am working on getting a little more driftwood in this tank to hopefully give a little more cover, but should one be relocated to another tank?
  13. Hello, I have been getting ready for a L018 gold nugget pleco for months and while shopping today, could not resist picking up a juvenile. It’s not til tonight that I paused to think about whether this will work long term with my hillstream loaches. This may be a rare combo 🤷🏽‍♀️ Does anyone have experience in this area? I can move one or the other if I need to, but would love to keep them together in my 75g. Thoughts?
  14. I was watching a video recently in which info about Bristlenose Plecos came up and it was mentioned that they are notorious for eating sword plants even if fed well. I was considering adding some to my current planted tank however I have 2 well established compact Amazon swords. What is your experience with the Bristlenose Pleco? Have you ever heard this before?
  15. I'm setting up a couple new tanks, and planning to plant some carpet plants (specifically dwarf hair grass and dwarf baby tears) that will eventually cover a significant portion of my substrate. After watching Cory's videos on MTS, I decided they'd make a great addition to the tank and help keep my soil healthy. But after a bit more research, I found some folks say that MTS dug up their carpet plants, and that the carpet plants themselves do the job of aerating the soil just by having their roots reach everywhere. Does anyone here have any experience with trumpet snails in a carpet-planted tank?
  16. I mentioned in a different forum that I put up a fish fence to keep the Silver Dollars from eating every plant in the tank. Due to a measuring mistake, it took them less than an hour to figure out how to get past it. I have two options: Fix the fence, or move the SDs to a different tank. Moving the SDs means homing them with the Tinfoil Barbs. The barbs are supposed to be a peaceful community fish, and the Silver Dollars are too big to be on the menu. Does anyone see a problem with this option?
  17. First time Post, I have two tanks currently. 1 40 gallon breeder established I have been running for over a year. Current population is 1 angel, 5 corydoras, 1 Kuhli Loach, 8 Neon Tetras, 1 Albino Bristle nose 3.5 inch, 6 adult swordtails, 1 Juvenile sword tail, and 40 + Fry. I'm looking to take the 40 + fry of the sword tails and put them into the 75 gallon, I'm looking for ideas on tank mates and compatibility. the only fish other then the fry I want to move is the Kuhli loach and plan on purchasing more as the others have passed throughout the last year, from issues with the filter for the smallest one to stress on another. thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, Im getting an adult frontosa soon for a 200 gallon tank, and I was wondering if you guys had any cool suggestions for tank mates??? thanks
  19. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am curious if it is worth it to try and move some of the fry for the Dwarf pike or just let the parents do their thing for a while. I'm assuming they are similar to other cichlids with parental care and they are pretty attentive so far. This pair formed in summer 2019 and relentlessly attacked the subdominant pair until I removed them. After a month of regular runs of COOP BBS for the fish room this is the first time they have produced. My plan would be to use a few ziss breeder boxes for easier observation and feeding of bbs etc. Seems like a decent size group for a first time pair but I am a pike rookie.
  20. Howdy, I have a 5.5 moderately planted tank with 8 neocardina shrimp, 6 exclamation point rasboras, 6 strawberry rasboras , and a variety of snails. The back and sides are planted, and the middle and front is fairly open. The tank is about two months old. I started off with just the shrimp and the exclamation points, but the fish seemed really shy and spent most of thier time huddled in the back of the tank. I thought maybe 6 was too few, so I wanted to get them some more friends to reduce their stress. When I went to the LFS, they didn't have any exclamation points in, but they had a bunch of very cute and very active strawberries. The shop employee said that the strawberries would shoal with the exclamation points, and they would get along just fine, so I brought them home and added them to the tank. In general, the strawberries have been much more active than the exclamation points, but I have seen them mixed together and swimming around. The last few days, I have seen a few of the bigger strawberries chasing and nipping some of the smaller exclamation points, and one was even nipping at some bladder snails. Is there anything I can do to ameliorate this? Everything I read talks about how strawberries are peaceful community fish, great with shrimp, not aggressive, etc. Do I just have a particularly rowdy group?
  21. I have a 20 gallons, planted. it’s currently stocked with a honey gourami and 7 false julii corydoras. I will be getting a female honey gourami and probably 5 otocinclus because algeas drive me nuts - I don’t have much but my snails are ignoring my anubias 😖 can I still get a small school of 6-8 fishes or will I be too overstocked? I do 30% WC per week and have s HOB filter as well as a sponge filter. I am looking for something a bit out of the ordinary but still not too hard to find.
  22. So I have a 75 gallon heavier planted tank with cardinal tetras, ember tetras, and some rasboras. Want to add to it and had some suggestions of rainbows and Bolivian rams. Would Bolivian rams and rainbows work with my current fish? I know anything is possible I’m just nervous of getting them and waking up and all my tetras and rasboras gone with the rams and rainbows with full bellies . I guess I’m looking for possible reassurance that this combination is doable 😂
  23. I have a 75 gallon heavier planted tank with a school of cardinal tetras and a school of ember tetras. Is there any type of “bigger” fish I can put with them that won’t eat them like angels, rainbows etc.. I also have a few shrimp in the tank and this will be harder I’m imagining but maybe something that won’t eat shrimp as well .
  24. Hi Folks, I have been doing a round of ParaCleanse (on day 3 atm) on my tank when I noticed a bit of fin rot on a couple of my corydoras. Is it possible to use Maracyn in conjunction with ParaCleanse as a full dose? I won’t be adding any more packets of ParaCleanse after today. Can I add Maracyn starting tomorrow or even as early as tonight? TIA! pH 7.4 Nitrates 0 Hardness 71.6 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 89.5 Water Temperature 77
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