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  1. I agree, dosing to 20 ppm nitrates should be enough. Well, I'm dosing fertilizer and my plants aren't getting enough iron and potassium still......lol (I got it figured out)
  2. Yeah, he's okay, he hasn't escaped since I sealed the gap in the lid and he's happy and thriving again!
  3. Thanks guys. I agree, with a shy fish having more fish of it's own kind will help it feel more comfortable. I have another question though. (Sorry) A 20 gal tank would be the ideal for a trio and for 4 a 29 gal, right?
  4. Yeah, I agree. They are a slow-growing plant so I got concerned but I think they're bouncing back, I am seeing a few, new small leaves on the buce! Hey @Seattle_Aquarist Informative! That did help, thank you! Got a mini lesson on plants melting, I am glad I got the science part of it.
  5. From the feedback, it seems like they wouldn't be lving their BEST possible life if they are kept alone. I think it would be the better choice to keep 3-4 since they like each others company. Question: If you get 2 males and 2 female will fighting be inevitable? Thanks again!
  6. Haha, cute (and funny) 😅! I would love to get them at least sometime in my life. They seem like cool fish. It's also a plus for me that they aren't shy, I especially love fish who are enjoyable and aren't skittish. Ok, Thank you. I will try the blackout. 🤞
  7. I will for sure keep you guys posted. Thanks a bunch guys, I really appreciated the help. I will update this thread once i have tinkered with the lights and ferts and see what is right for my tank. 🤞🙂
  8. Heyo guys! I was wondering, can a honey gourami live alone? Just 1, by itself? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ohh, they seem like nice fish. If I ever get a 20 gal or bigger tank I will for sure try them out. They kinda look like plecos imo. 🙂 The otocinclus are nice, I'm enjoying them. I was actually going to do a blackout but wasn't sure if the plants would melt. Will the plants melt at all if I do a blackout for a week? Yeah, I think regular maintenance and the algae-eaters would solve the diatom problem. They've got it pretty covered, the diatoms are almost gone! Yes, I have got 2 snails and I want more, I can't get enough of them! (Though I think my tank is a bit overstocked 😬) Same! I thought snails were a bit gross (sorry) but now that I have got them they are pretty cool!! I think the same, I think the otos are doing more work but I still love the snails.
  10. Yeah, I see the little panda cory! Though I don't think my light timer can stagger lighting like yours. I guess I will have to compromise. BTW, your tank looks really nice! Lush, thriving, and algae-free. I think I put too many root tabs though, I'll cut back on those as well. Also, unrelated question, do your cardinal tetras attack your shrimp? (Sorry for so many questions) Thanks. I will halt the fertlizer and put it down to one pump per week. I will start my lights a 5 hours per day and go from there. I will make sure to do it one at a time, slowly. I will try it out and see if it has any effect on my algae, fingers crossed!
  11. I will try the schedule since I was actually looking for someone's light and fert scedule to follow. I will update and let you know how it went! Question: What light do you use on this tank and is this low-tech or high-tech tank? Thanks @Ken! No, no, it's fine!! No need to apolgize! I just want the cyanobacteria and the green spot to go away. I am fine with the diatoms sticking around though for my snails and otos. But atsm I would be fine with all the algae going away since I feed all my fish. Thanks a bunch guys!! I will update once I have got the algae under control, triied out new light and fert schedules, etc. Though it might be a while, lol.
  12. Informative! I will asap get potassium fert and see how it goes. I heard that as well with otos and mine actually aren't picky at all! They go for diatoms, cyanobacteria, green spot, you name it, mine go for it. Lol, IDK if that's normal. My snails also help out. Anyway, I will try to remove as much as I can. Every day I have to scrub off algae, I am desperate to balance my tank. Hopefully, with cutting back on lighting, nutrients, etc, I will finally balance my tank. Thanks.
  13. No, I haven't. Would it work for cyanobacteria, brown diatom algae, and green spot algae as well? I am also feeding my otos well with food as well such as blanched veggies and repashy soilent green. Repashy is made out of aufuchws which is what otos eat in the wild. I also have a cholla wood log that also is a food source for my snails and otos. That cholla wood grows SO MUCH and such thick biofilm. It is a like a repleshing food source for them. My otos are well-fed and their bellies are full, I can tell when they are on the glass. I agree, the "balance" part is time-consuming and frustrating. But! It's important!
  14. The tank took a long time to cycle about 3 months, plants were added November and that's when algae problem started arising. Fish were added in December. So, the tank has been running, in total for about 4 and a half months. I don't add Co2 and it's not high light, etc. So, yes, it's a low-tech tank. I will cut back on the nutrients and lighting but I have one problem.....My plants have a potassium deficiency so I need I add more potassium fertilizer.....😬 More nutrients = More algae. (I wil also watch that video you gave)
  15. Haha, lol. I agree my otos love diatom algae. Otos in general do. I feed them real food as well such as blanched veggies and repashy soilent green. Repashy is made out of aufuchws which is what otos eat in the wild. I also have a cholla wood log that also is a food source for my snails and otos. That cholla wood grows SO MUCH and such thick biofilm. It is a like a replenshing food source for them. My betta likes hiding in it as well so it's a win-win! They are well-fed!
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