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  1. I don’t know what to do at this point the fish died last night I had already treated the entire tank after the first one died I don’t really know what to do at this point any tips?
  2. In my experience there’s definitely a lot more guys but weirdly that how a lot of my Hobby’s are like rc cars I couldn’t name 1 girl in that hobby
  3. Im gouging to get the stuff early tomorrow unfortunately my local fish store closed about and hour before I found this discus hoping they have have everything I don’t have any of this on hand as I used everything when the first fish died of what I now release was the same thing😩
  4. What caused this in the first place? After further research it is most likely discus plauge
  5. a couple weeks ago I had a discus die from what I would assume was attacked but to be sure I treated the tank for everything everything was fine until now one of the other discus eyes seem to be swelling and hes going pale in the face he’s hurting rn but I’ll try and get him to come out and if so I’ll upload pictures edit: here’s the best picture I got of him
  6. So I have a 55 gallon that I need to move literally 10 feet but it’s on carpet so I can’t side it anyone have recommendations
  7. My rescue betta is currently in a 5G but I finally was able to get ahold of a 10 gallon for him and I want to make it planted my substrate is gonna be eco complete(unless someone has a better idea) I want a hairy carpet and some more center piece plants attached to wood and rocks and some planted In the substrate so what and how many would you do of plants I found a photo of what I kinda want it to look like
  8. If I had a 3D printer I would be willing to bet I could do this pretty easily
  9. Unfortunately the damage to him and his Finns was to severe and he ended up passing away last night
  10. Yep already started thanks for the help
  11. Hello so I looked at one my discus today and noticed he looked weird anyone know what happened it just appeared overnight he’s also been swimming Kinda weird edit: I believe he’s been attacked and this is damage from that he’s currently in a cricket pin a bit bigger 1 gallon as a hospital tank I’m trying to get a 10 gallon I broke the only one I have trying to get it off the shelf eventually he will go back in with the other discus once he’s healed and I might try to grow him out a bit so he’s bigger than the others therefore there less tempted to atack it he had been in there for months with no issues until now
  12. I have a tank that needs to stay in the mid to low 60s and want some plants does temp matter
  13. I didn’t go with any tank mates until I can get the plants I want this is the tank right now sorry no cute axolotl pics today he doesn’t want to come out of his pipes
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