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  1. This is helpful, thank you! That makes sense that they only hide when they need to - my community tank with guppies and endlers doesn't have anything predatory (just them, CPDs, shrimp, and kuhlis) so I guess they feel safe enough to hang out with the other fish when they're small.
  2. Hey y'all. I'm itching to get a new betta since my last one passed several months ago. I've gotten into endlers and guppies since then and I just started a new 10 gallon tank with a few endlers with the intention of starting a colony. Could I keep a betta (one with a good temperament of course) with them? Or would it eat too many babies for the colony to take off? Some baby eating is fine - maybe even a good thing so I don't end up with too many too quickly, but I don't want the betta to over eat and get sick / I don't want the colony to be too thin. It is a heavily planted tank with lots of hiding, but in my experience of having endlers and guppies breed over the past few months, the babies are kinda dumb and don't use the hiding places lol.
  3. This is my first apisto. he was sold to me as a cacatuoides double red male from an LFS, unsure of the age but he's about 2 inches long total and I've had him a week. I believe he is indeed a male because of the longer spikes at the front of his dorsal fin, but I'd like to know what others think. I'm also wondering is he really a double red? He has that one spot on his tail but otherwise he seems to be starting to color up orange. Could he be an orange flash? Or is he just still getting his coloring? If he is a male double red, when should I expect to see more color? Currently he's alone in quarantine
  4. Are these things on the glass of my tank eggs? And are they CPD eggs? Fish in the tank are CPDs, guppies, neo shrimp, and kuhli loaches.
  5. This is purely speculation but I would guess that if his default is the paler color and the darker coloration only shows up sometimes that it's a mating display. My males definitely get more contrast in colors when they're showing off for the ladies
  6. I got a pair of panda guppies yesterday and I'm absolutely in love with them
  7. Definitely my earliest fish keeping memory, only my favorite because my mom loves to tell it to everyone 😅 When I was a toddler my family had a fish tank that they'd successfully kept all the fish alive in for a few years. Well I was going through a phase of really loving bubbles, and I knew that you could make bubbles with shampoo like in the bath. So I decided to pour shampoo into the fish tank and "wash their hair." My mom had no idea what to do, so my family just watched the fish die while my cousin pointed out each one and said "that one's a goner" 🤣
  8. I have a pretty basic light and my pearl weed is thriving. 🤷‍♂️ Employee at my LFS told me I couldn't grow it without high light and/or Co2, clearly that's not true lol I've had it over a month and it's grown substantially
  9. How high is high nitrates? My tap water is hard with 10-20ppm nitrates and I don't have any issues with it in my tanks. But lots of live plants could be a simple solution
  10. Oh wow that's interesting. I had never thought about the reverting to wild type thing in relation to dogs, but you're right mutts do tend to have those characteristics.
  11. I think others have already explained that it's not like mixing paint for the most part. Just wanted to add something I found interesting - I heard from someone that they started their colony with only red cherries but didn't cull at all and still ended up with almost entirely wild types.
  12. I think my favorite is pearl weed. I love how versatile it is and I think it's cute. And it's done really well growing for me
  13. Thank you! Any resources on how to do this to get it to hold water? I've tried looking it up but everything seems to be the opposite - turning tanks into terrariums lol
  14. I bought it at the thrift store for cheap, got too excited without checking to see if it'd hold water lol after I bought it I saw the sticker saying it will not. I'm thinking maybe there's a way to add it to the top of a tank and create a paludarium? But open to ideas lol. I think it's 20 gallons, similar size to a 20 long
  15. Thanks y'all but I went against the poll and got some pretty guppies lol. The guppies I have are kinda ugly so I wanted some color in the tank. Might get a couple more endlers too, we'll see, I already have a few endler fry though so I'm deciding still.
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