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  1. I don’t think there’s risk of death,but the treatment protocols aren’t pleasant. Plus in our case a 2 month old was involved
  2. Thanks for that! Can you post a picture of some of your otos? We can probably determine species if you don’t already know.
  3. Species make a big diff too. The only one I can personally predictably reproduce are true vittatus. That’s maddening because basically all stores call “common” otos either vittatus or affinis. Some are true vittatus, basically none are affinis. They seem to be able to handle cocama.
  4. Purigen. Scott has written a bunch on “Clearwater botanicals” in his blog, like so https://tanninaquatics.com/blogs/the-tint-1/on-the-tint Carbon doesn’t remove a meaningful amount of fertilizer btw, though the number is non zero. Otherwise we’d all just run carbon rather than removing nitrate with water changes
  5. Neat, always like seeing oto spawning reports. What’s your water management like?
  6. I used to be heavily involved,but it’s been a LONG time. This was one of the last articles I wrote I think. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?214275-Eraser-XE-Plettenberg-Ergo-Combination-Review I was also doing aerial photography back then before you could just plop down $100 on something out of the box 🙂
  7. If I had to guess it’s because of the rarity of it, combined with relatively few firm diagnoses. I know we had it because it was diagnosed by a veterinary pathologist, but if you look through an average disease post on an average site most people don’t have the faintest clue how to figure out what’s affecting their fish. It’s the old joke about the tetra that’s bitten in half being diagnose with Ich. Then even when people are careful, they’re usually looked at as paranoid. I remember an interview with Gianne the betta lady where she said she doesn’t touch fish tank water without gloves on, and at the time I thought that was way overkill. I likewise remember someone asking Cory about it on a stream and he said he’d never seen it and thus wasn’t overly concerned about doing things like Gianne does. So, there you go I guess. I don’t do gloves but I also basically don’t buy fish anymore. I was super paranoid around the ones I have for about a year acting like they were contaminated, and now I’m just breeding those to maintain the population. It definitely changes how you keep fish, for sure.
  8. Sympathies, but I’m not in a position to say not to be. Getting it is statistically rare, especially with bettas given how they’re raised isolated.
  9. All good, if some good can come out of it it’s at least being able to warn others. We’ve dealt with it and moved on (though I only keep a single tank now). Nerd cred requires me to point out that they’re actually egg fish (blue egg phoenix’s) rather than fantails. Biggest difference is eggfish don’t have dorsal fins 🙂
  10. Sadly so @Brandy. I detailed what happened here if it helps:
  11. Got the FX5 hooked up today and...I’m underwhelmed. Think there’s a gyre pump in my future. Also got my CO2 tank strapped in and chained down, and the regulator hooked up and checked. No time to run tubing because I did my first 50% water change (daily for first week), so the CO2 might be for tomorrow. Not a big deal because I ran out of smart switches, so I have some more on order.
  12. If you could be sure it was gill flukes you need far more than the standard dose. This shows concentration https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fa033 When we had them I think it ended up as triple strength Prazipro but I can’t quite remember.
  13. I gave up and bought a little bar fridge. They’re typically pretty cheap used.
  14. Typically black is indicating damage that’s at least trying to heal. Often ammonia burn, parasite damage etc. How long have you had the fish?
  15. I just pulled 15 or so out of my 29. The tank gets Soilent Green every few days, and veggies once a week or so. There were also 30 habrosus cories in that tank.
  16. The limit is purely because supply is limited, not for the benefit of the fish. They act very differently in large groups (I like 20+), but are okay in smaller groups too (or don’t die, anyway)
  17. Basically yep. The theory is the plants grow quicker with more access to the CO2 that’s in the air.
  18. Finally got the stream tank flooded! Big job. Lots of cosmetics and the CO2 system still to hook up...oh, and the FX5
  19. Next, the livestock got added to the bottom and the sponge filter was brought over. I’ll run the sponge until I figure out how much media I want in the FX5. I moved the two little circulation pumps over for the evening, but I didn’t feel like trying to get the FX5 working tonight. Lastly, it was just a case of slowly filling the rest of the tank, and admiring the view. I chucked the CO2 diffuser into the tank to soak, but I won’t actually hook it up until tomorrow. Oh, and I drilled the doors for cabinet locks so the small human can’t get in. All in all, a satisfying evening.
  20. Well, not sure that I’d do another dry start with tissue culture plants that aren’t carpeting plants. Those were about the only ones that didn’t hate life for the last week. My son had a 5 hour nap today (woot) so I actually had time to swap the tanks. First step was to break down the 29, pull out all the plants, and capture all the livestock. I lost count, but I think I was at about 30 habrosus Corys and 20 otos thereabouts. Then it was just a matter of selecting the best plants, trimming them appropriately, and planting them in the new tank. I also filled the tank just to the substrate level to make that a bit easier.
  21. Sadly the hack doesn’t work anymore, so back to white mode it is for the time being
  22. I work for Shopify (we power the Aquarium CoOp site last I checked) as a senior web developer.
  23. Few tanks even let plants grow to their mature sizes. The Amano tank in Portugal is always noted as one of the few that gets that luxury.
  24. If you search for “siesta” I think it’s been talked about a few times. My personal experience is that it doesn’t really help with algae, but can be nice if you want to see the tank before and after work.
  25. Heartily recommend the Eheim Everyday feeder. Not only does it work well but it’s sort of subdued and classy rather than being colourful and distracting like some. There are Chinese knockoffs as well that work, but are a huge step down in quality from the name brand version.
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