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Found 6 results

  1. So I'm fairly new to the fish keeping world. Got my fish 6 months ago. I'm always fussing or worried about them. Does this fade with confidence?
  2. Hi everyone, I noticed that a lot of people here are from either the aviation community or the rc hobby, so why not have a thread in the forum about it? If you would like to you can post anything related to aviation &/or radio controlled planes, quadcopters, cars, crawlers, boats, etc here. Things like updates on projects, stories, etc are also welcome!
  3. Share some of the funniest moments you had when keeping fish! I just looked at my 5.5 gallon betta tank and my nerite snail is trying to escape. It is out of the water, and I have no idea why it is trying to escape. Should I pluck it back in the water? Once, one of my pygmy corydoras were sleeping diagonally with its head in the water and its tail on the gravel.
  4. What was everyone's fish/adjacent that got them into the hobby? Not necessarily the first but the one that made you take the hobby seriously. For me it was a Red Claw Crab named Window. Honestly I didn't even know what I was doing and tried to do research on the fly how to take care of one of these crabs. Turns out there isn't a lot of information on how to properly take care of one. The pet store I got them from wasn't much help either. So I utterly failed. Poor Window passed causing me to fall into a guilt spiral, I had invested a lot of time and money into this crab so I didn't want to give up after him. I spent the following weeks doing research before diving into aquatics again. I didn't want to cause another aquatic life harm. Thanks to Window I found my true passion for aquatics.
  5. I have a betta that no matter where I’m sitting or looking into my tank he will swim as close to where I am as he can. I was watching a small colony of cyclops in the back of my tank and he just came over to watch with me:) (forgive the photo quality but I didn’t want to scrub the glass back there as the cyclops have made their home)
  6. SOME FISH FOR THOUGHT As fellow Aquarists, whether we admit it or not, fish are part of our families. For most of us, we spend a lot of time, money & effort, giving our aquatic friends the best possible existence. They are there in our “ups & downs” of life. Always reminding us that life, in general, is more than just about ourselves, as individuals. I know they personally cheer me up a lot of times and am always looking forward to spending time with them and my aquariums. Watching their sometimes crazy antics and behaviors is very amusing. I think that's what I like best about fish-keeping; the simplicity of the hobby, in contrast to the complex world. What unique characteristics do you like best about your fish? Enjoy your fish!!!!! 🐳🐠🐡
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