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  1. Yeah I figured! My husband is insisting, before I get a 55 gallon to get some sort of coverage.
  2. Does anyone have insurance covering home damage if something goes wrong with a tank? I called my insurance (nationwide) but have gotten no where.
  3. I'm sure the stain is stuck to it, water definitely got under it. Ok I will try rubbing alcohol!!! Thanks!
  4. It's an old wood side table and no pad unfortunately!
  5. Have a Fluval Flex 15 gallon that seems to be stuck to the stand. I have used warm water, olive oil, even wedging fishing line underneath. It's driving me nuts. I just want to move it to another room. Help please!
  6. First time getting fry! I isolated her in a ten gallon. Wondering if it's soon? I'm so excited!
  7. So I'm fairly new to the fish keeping world. Got my fish 6 months ago. I'm always fussing or worried about them. Does this fade with confidence?
  8. If I'm away for a few days he is always waiting for me. Usually with a bubble nest to show off.
  9. KristinaC

    Fin Rot?

    Thanks! That makes sense.
  10. KristinaC

    Fin Rot?

    10 gallon tank is 6 months old. ph 6.7 amonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 0 (heavily planted) Temp 78-80 Our water is on the hard side. Is this fin rot? I'm not sure! He always had sort of fringy fins but now I'm worried it's something I should be treating. Thinking of using Maracyn on the whole tank.
  11. My red betta looks the same! I'm uncertain about it being fun rot. But I'm fairly new. Can you update us if your pretty guy got better?
  12. Oh man! I I didn't even think about shipping! Yeah that good point. One is a complete bully in mine too, I was quick to blame myself for it but maybe it's just their way. They do not mess with the betta, it's like they know. My betta is super gentle but definitely is the head fish in the tank.
  13. Same amount of time, bought them all 4 months ago.
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