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  1. I see on the website they have Tee and splice connectors on the website, but has the Co-op made elbow connectors in the past? I'm attempting to get my air line tube that goes into the sponge filter to be somewhat vertical as opposed to draping the air line on an angle.
  2. Hi everyone, I noticed that a lot of people here are from either the aviation community or the rc hobby, so why not have a thread in the forum about it? If you would like to you can post anything related to aviation &/or radio controlled planes, quadcopters, cars, crawlers, boats, etc here. Things like updates on projects, stories, etc are also welcome!
  3. Hello! I have been watching many videos lately on how people can take PVC, a piston air pump, a few other items and have the ability to run their sponge filters all off of the one pump. When I watch the videos the PVC is always on the ceiling. For aesthetic purposes, does anyone know if I'd have the ability to put the PVC on the ground? If you don't know what I am talking about I included a link from Prime Time Aquatics that I was watching that have the same filtration setup that I'd be going for. Thanks!
  4. I'm trying to run air to both my tank and my BBS hatchery. I thought this was a pretty simply endeavor: plug in Aquarium Co-op's AMAZING nano pump, then plug in two different outputs at the ends of the t splitter. But air only comes out one side (down to the BBS hatchery). I have checked that the valve is totally opened up....I clamped it all the way down and then opened it all the way up. So it's not that. Any clues? Is it because one is lower than the USB nano pump and the other is higher, so it doesn't send air up? Pictures below...I'm sorry they are pretty bad. 1. USB Nano connected to airline T splitter 2. One end of splitter goes into the tank: 3. Other end goes down to my BBS hatchery
  5. So I have a nano filter coming in today and I plan on adding air to another tank as well. I am cheap/ find what little money I have better for other things. So I created an air stone out of Airline tubing. Has anyone else tried this I'm sure it will clog at one point but in my initial testings it seems to work fairly well. The steps I use go like this I cut about a half inch of air tubing then a small amount that is about as long as the width of the tubing. Then I will use some super glue gel to seal the bottom and attach the tiny bit of tubing that has been cut in half to seal the end. I will let it dry for a few minutes and then I will take a large sail needle heat the end and make larger holes towards the bottom then I will take a regular size leather needle and make smaller holes to the top.
  6. I've seen people use air tubing as a barrier for floating plants and I think its a great idea but I'm wondering which tubing do you use? I ask because I have two kinds right now. A fairly stiff air tubing that keeps the shape it was coiled in and is therefor nearly impossible to get it to take any shape but the oval it was wrapped in. And i have some fairly heavy silicone tube that I used for a different project but it isn't buoyant enough. So what's you all's experience with a good brand of buoyant and flexible air line?
  7. Hello, So if I get the USB nano air pump, tubing and the never clog air stones do I need to get a check valve? I'm a little confused about the check valve. This will just be placed in my 9 gallon Fluval Flex. Thanks!
  8. Ive bought myself a 3-something gallon hexagon tank for my desk. I've got myself a nano usb airpump and neverclog airstone, and some other things from somewhere online to help complete the tank. Id like to ask whether an airstone's vertical placement in the tank makes much of a difference for dissolved oxygen. I understand that some lesser amount of oxygen will not dissolve as air bubbles will travel less distance if the airstone is near the surface. My feeling is that "I want all the oxygens I can get omnomnom" but my curiosity has me considering how much I can get away with. If the difference is minor, I might be able to get away with a 'low flow' tank. This most likely would be terrible as the water volume grows, but for a 3 gallon even 2 inches under the surface is a large percent. -- Besides curiosity, i have an accidentally rimless tank that i would love to grow duckweed as my tank lid. The guppies would love that too. The airstone being near the surface doesn't transfer as much force to disturb the water outwards. If the water surface moves too much duckweed gets unhappy. The tank is lightly planted with some guppy grass and some clay pellet substrate. Also has a wondershell in there. Thanks for reading. 🙂
  9. i have been looking around and have not found anything. What are some creative solutions people have?
  10. Does anyone know a good CO2 Splitter or if a standard airline splitter would work? I have a single co2 tank and was hoping to add a second diffuser to more evenly distribute the co2 throughout the tank. Thanks in advance!
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