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DIY air "tube" /stone

Jimmy Cleveland

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So I have a nano filter coming in today and I plan on adding air to another tank as well. I am cheap/ find what little money I have better for other things. So I created an air stone out of Airline tubing. Has anyone else tried this I'm sure it will clog at one point but in my initial testings it seems to work fairly well. The steps I use go like this I cut about a half inch of air tubing then a small amount that is about as long as the width of the tubing. Then I will use some super glue gel to seal the bottom and attach the tiny bit of tubing that has been cut in half to seal the end. I will let it dry for a few minutes and then I will take a large sail needle heat the end and make larger holes towards the bottom then I will take a regular size leather needle and make smaller holes to the top.


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