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Question on filtering multiple tanks at once

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Hello! I have been watching many videos lately on how people can take PVC, a piston air pump, a few other items and have the ability to run their sponge filters all off of the one pump. When I watch the videos the PVC is always on the ceiling. For aesthetic purposes, does anyone know if I'd have the ability to put the PVC on the ground? If you don't know what I am talking about I included a link from Prime Time Aquatics that I was watching that have the same filtration setup that I'd be going for. Thanks!



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9 hours ago, awymorePDX said:

If you do run it below the tanks, make sure and use check valves between the supply line and each filter, just in case!

Exactly! That's the only downside to putting the air down lower. If your power goes out and you don't have check valves, or a check valve fails, that whole air system can get flooded and destroy the air pump and more. With the air system higher up, gravity keeps the water down lower where it belongs.

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