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Found 7 results

  1. So I’m thinking about getting a water circulation pump for my 20 gallon. (Nano size). If I decide to get it, where would I position it in relation to my HOBs I have in the tank?
  2. How can fix my easy green pump head
  3. I'm trying to run air to both my tank and my BBS hatchery. I thought this was a pretty simply endeavor: plug in Aquarium Co-op's AMAZING nano pump, then plug in two different outputs at the ends of the t splitter. But air only comes out one side (down to the BBS hatchery). I have checked that the valve is totally opened up....I clamped it all the way down and then opened it all the way up. So it's not that. Any clues? Is it because one is lower than the USB nano pump and the other is higher, so it doesn't send air up? Pictures below...I'm sorry they are pretty bad. 1. USB Nano connected to airline T splitter 2. One end of splitter goes into the tank: 3. Other end goes down to my BBS hatchery
  4. Setting up 125 g planted tank w/ 3 large sponge filters. cgoing, Have 2 large wood pieces each end of tank. Bought wrong circ pump which was 2000 gph which "Hurricane Katrina" in my tank. How many pumps needed? What flow rate? Leave on all the time or put on a timer? Any recommended learning sites?
  5. This is where I have it. Is it supposed to be in big compartment at the end?
  6. Hello all I just ordered some Fritz Complete from aquarium coop but before I start using it I was a bit confused. The online description on the aquarium coop store page says 1 squirt for every 10 gallons, however when I opened the direction tab underneath it says 1 squirt or 1 tsp per every 50 gallons. Just want to make sure I use the right amount! Thank you https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/water-care/products/fritz-complete-water-conditioner-8oz
  7. Hi! I hope someone can help us with this issue! We recently inherited a 240 gallon tank, which we love but we've been noticing lately that we are getting occasional bursts of bubbles from the water return nozzles in our tank. We found that the water return pump/tank might be the culprit. Then noticed more bubbles today, checked the pump tank and the water was this low, with the pump making a gurgling (sucking water) noise: I filled the tank back up to the appropriate level and within an hour the water level was all the way back down to that same low level. Thoughts, suggestions, should we have gone with hamsters (LOL!)? Thanks for any and all advice!
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