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  1. Tilapia can really kick that tail around when they get scared. Was looking at ways of moving/sexing/inspecting them with less stress. ... But sometimes I don't always end up where I expect on the internet, which brings me to this video. I ... it was one of those things I couldn't not share here.
  2. Ahh that's cool for a floating plant! Duckweed is my floating plant of choice. I suppose I could tie it to a coconut bridge or something. ... Can you convert a venus fly trap to fully submersed? I wonder...
  3. I'm looking into my first carpet plant... and I think this one might be the one for me! I heard it was a dense carpet plant, and was sold on the idea when i heard it eats the little Infusoria in the water as a carnivorous plant. I always thought venus fly traps were cool, but they don't grow under water. Ill get a few cultures and see how it goes. My water is also pretty hard (guppies and guppy grass with snails) so Ill see if they have what it takes to survive. 🙂
  4. I don't feed my daphnia anything, but they are 'in cycle' -- which means (at least to me) that there is tiny little bits of green algae being produced at about the rate the daphnia are eating it. Due to how they grow i get explosions and drops, but it overall follows the amount of food they can get. Right now its cold for me, so only a few scattered daphnia here and there can be seen. They do like to hide though. In times where my culture is thinner than I would like, I get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it most of the way with water. Add grass from your yard or any dead grassy-like matter. Ive used dried guppy grass to great success. Stir it up and crunch it up, just a handful of grassy stuff. Put it outside in the sun. Add as many daphnia as you want, ive grown them out from as little as 10 or so. They dont take more than a few weeks to have 1000s of babies. -- When you start to notice that there are more daphnia, pour some back into your culture tank, keeping some in the bucket. Top off the bucket with water from your main culture. Seems like a bunch of exta effort, but its free food. so... kinda balances out As far as gut loading, when i catch daphnia I often see little green stripes of what I assume is somewhere between daphnia food and daphnia poop. I think that gives some extra 'free nutrients' to the fish when hey eat them.
  5. Yup yup! Those little ziss airstones are great. Very clever no-clog mechanism. I run that and a USB Nano Air Pump on my little hexagon tank. There is a post somewhere in the forums about it. Its honestly the best airstone I have had. I do wonder where the air intake on the USB Nano Air Pump is though. I can't seem to find it. I suppose that is another topic though. 😄
  6. Spent the last while frustrated and thinking about why my new airstone was only putting out bubbles near the top. I wanted a pretty 'bubble curtain' thing like I see online. 😄 ... Err, but I also wanted to do it for like $4 so i got a long thin single-barb airstone from LFS. A bit of googling later, I found out I might need to soak it in my tank for a day, or as some other guy on the internet said "up to a week for it to be optimum". Soaking my airstone now. Seeing if this helps. Posting here, because I searched for thing like airstone soaking and airstone uneven bubbles etc and didn't find anything. Just adding data to the pile. "go soak your airstone" sounds like a pretty nermy diss. 😄
  7. I had a fun thought, and wanted to share it here. I feel like there could be negative sides to changing the environment so drastically. But I also wonder if anyone has tried. The general idea is to light a tank from the clear bottom, instead of the top. Light coming in from the bottom glass would be the brightest light. Duckweed or some other short rooted floating plant would work to give the illusion of a substrate, and I imagine would look complete with shrimp running across it upsidedown. Plants i think would naturally try to grow towards the light. There is a whole world of 'upside down gardening'. In my head, floated from a string attached to the real bottom. I have seen 'floating rock' setups like this, but these plants would grow on the real bottom of the floating rocks, where the light shines from underneath. For fish, not sure if this was about fish or not. LOL Upside down catfish and some kind of goofy loach maybe. What do we think?
  8. Oh boy, hazards of throwing things in the tank -- I introduced a dragon fly larva! These things love to munch on small fish, and imagine they could seriously injure an adult guppy. I have 4 bigger fry, and I noticed a few more tiny babies! Then... all the babies were gone. Then ... I saw it. It was perched on the side of the aquarium, fat and happy with a smile on its face. I did manage to throw him back into my outside tanks without killing him.
  9. Enough time has passed that I think the tank is doing well now. Well, at least well enough to post some pictures. You can see baby fry in this first picture, hard to focus but there are two in the upper third of the picture, on the edge of the brown background. (The brown thing is a floating betta log) This is the male, or at least a male of that line that contributed to the fry. He is really pretty, but the females are far more stunning, when compared to their own gender. The dwarf baby tears have started to grow out after some melt.I think it will continue to improve and grow. Airstone hanging high, but I've also experimented with it inside the floating beta log to reduce air disturbance for the duckweed. More pictures attached.
  10. Welp I got all the wonderful things for my little desk tank in the mail yesterday. The guppies have taken to it well. I did notice that as the last of the guppy grass was melting away that the fry were all gone. They likely finally ended up eating them I imagine. Not to worry, now both guppies are boxing off as i type this. Ive setup the tank with the plants, but want to wait another day or so before I do pictures to let the small particles settle.
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