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Found 6 results

  1. Hey. I recently purchased three Cryptocoryne Parva from Aquarium Co-Op. I was considering just planting them as three clumps. But recently read they can carpet and plant each individual plant. Has anyone done this? How did it go? Would love to see pics. Any advice you wish you had been given on it? Thanks!!
  2. Hi All, I have a newly planted tank a couple of weeks old now with some small carpeting up in the foreground. Does anybody have any recommendations for some bottom dwellers that I can add that wont dig up all of the little plants as they get settled? I've heard that even corys can be a menace to this but any feedback and experience is very much welcomed. Thanks!
  3. So I have dwarf hair grass in 3 tanks--I love the stuff, when it works. Here it is planted in a dirted tank with a fine white sand cap. It is going CRAZY. I planted in larger clumps, because I happened to score a petsmart pot of it that was cheap and ridiculously healthy. When I planted it the roots were healthy and robust. This tank is barely 2 months old. I don't even bother to dose with easy green here, since all the plants are root feeders, and the soil is giving them plenty of nutrients. There is shockingly little algae in this tank. In my other tanks, with a mix of Eco-complete and ADA amazonia, it is struggling BADLY. Poor growth, lots of melt, infested with algae. The original plants came in as bunches, bare root. They looked pretty rough to begin with, and I spread them out in smaller clumps. These tanks are about 3-4 months old. They get easy green, but I am not using root tabs. I did give them some passive CO2 to start, for a month or two. I am ready to give up on them here. I would like to give my next attempt at growing a carpet a better shot. Options are: Start fresh with new dwarf hair grass plants Add root tabs Abandon hope with this substrate and choose a different plant for this space Some additional option I haven't thought of yet?
  4. Anyone have suggestions for a tight mat/dense mat foreground carpeting plant similar to utricularia graminifolia? I like the way it forms a very dense carpet. My water is pretty hard, pH of 7.5 or so, and I read that utricularia graminifolia prefers softer water, like pH of 6.5. The fish that are to go in the tank also prefer pHs of 7-8. Any ideas?
  5. Hello! I am planning on setting up a 20 gallon soon and I was thinking of getting a stingray from the Co-op, I want to try and carpet some pearl weed, and grow some Scarlett temple will this be good enough?
  6. I planted the monte carlo in my 5 gallon to see if it would carpet without co2. Its been a few months and nothing yet. Now time to try something esle. I need help on choosing what kind of plants to put in here. It houses one betta named Hugo. Floating plants are illegal where I live.
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