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Found 9 results

  1. Got this dwarf chain sword about three weeks ago. Did the root tab in the rock wool trick Cory shared. Already have a runner! Should I trim away the melting leaves? Should I add a root tab at the runner's roots? Any other tips/advice is welcome!
  2. With daily vacuuming it is easy to gravel vacuum daily, which means less nitrates, and maybe less water changes. If you carpet it looks cool but inevitably stuff is going to fall between the grasses make it hard to vacuum, but the grasses absorb a lot of the food and waste. What is the best approach for tank long term stability? I have plants but no carpet so far.
  3. Anyone have suggestions for a tight mat/dense mat foreground carpeting plant similar to utricularia graminifolia? I like the way it forms a very dense carpet. My water is pretty hard, pH of 7.5 or so, and I read that utricularia graminifolia prefers softer water, like pH of 6.5. The fish that are to go in the tank also prefer pHs of 7-8. Any ideas?
  4. What are the effects of carpeting an aquarium on corydoras, bristlenose plecos and kuhli loaches?
  5. I'm getting ready to give up on my montecarlo and am considering dwarf hairgrass. I have a gravel substrate with most pebbles being roughly 3-5mm across. From what I've read dwarf hairgrass likes sand and soil with lots of nutrients, which doesn't sound like a good fit. Is it that much harder to grow in gravel? would root tabs help? should I root tab closer than every 6" in this case? Also will it really carpet like the photos if I'm a mere mortal aqua-scaper? I've only seen photos of insane lush carpets and day 1 planting online. I've got medium light, ph 7.8 gh7 kh4, low nitrogen and phosphate that I'm still working on getting higher.
  6. I'm setting up a couple new tanks, and planning to plant some carpet plants (specifically dwarf hair grass and dwarf baby tears) that will eventually cover a significant portion of my substrate. After watching Cory's videos on MTS, I decided they'd make a great addition to the tank and help keep my soil healthy. But after a bit more research, I found some folks say that MTS dug up their carpet plants, and that the carpet plants themselves do the job of aerating the soil just by having their roots reach everywhere. Does anyone here have any experience with trumpet snails in a carpet-planted tank?
  7. I'm doing a native fish tank which is going to stay at room temperature. The water probably won't drop below 60 degrees during the winter. Is there a carpeting plant that can survive? It is a dirted tank.
  8. I'm looking into getting a carpeting plant for my 15 gallon betta tank. I love the overgrown jungle look , but there's so many plants to choose from. I would really appreciate some recommendations :'D
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