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  1. I recently purchased a 10 gallon tank to be used as my quarantine tank. I will soon be setting up my 20 gallon display tank. I am a little confused as to the best way to utilize the quartentine tank. As far as the tank goes I am planing on no substrate, I have a small HOB filter for it, heater and a few fake decorations and some PVC tubes for fish to hide in. I suppose I would need to cycle this quarantine tank before adding in any fish to be quarantined? If so what is the best way to cycle small quarantine tank without live plants? Do I always just have this tank up and running in case I purchase new fish and/or have to get sick fish out of display tank? Also, I don't need to empty out and disinfect tank after quarantining new fish if they did okay? Oh, and does everyone automatically give trio meds to all new fish once placed in quarantine tank? Thanks!
  2. I didn't know guppies were so good at eating brown algae!
  3. There is something I found on Etsy called Poth-o-carry. It is a little plastic holder with a hook to hang on aquarium that you just set the pothos on. I was thinking of trying it.
  4. Thank you. That is what I was thinking, putting in a small sponge filter with my air stone for more filtration!
  5. I have a Fluval 9.5 gallon all in one tank that has been set up since December. I am having a very hard time with brown algae. I have done my research. I know it is very common in new tanks. I feel like I have done everything I have read to do and it is not getting any better. I do 50% water change weekly, do NOT overfeed. I only have one Betta, one Nerite and one rabbit snail. My Betta is super aggressive so I cannot add any cleaner fish. It is lightly planted. I have my lights on 8 hour timer. I thought maybe phosphates were too high so I tested and seems to be in normal range (1.5) Nitrates at 40ppm. I have an air stone. I read that it can help to increase filtration. Perhaps the filter in the Fluval isn't good enough? Anyway, any thoughts could help. Has anyone else battled this problem and found a solution? I purchased a 16 gallon Waterbox that I don't want to set up yet until I can solve this problem in my Fluval! Ha! Thanks!
  6. Hello, So I purchased the Ziss airstone, Nano pump, tubing and check valve for my 9.5 gallon tank. I do not have a sponge filter so the airstone will not be placed in the filter. I guess I am unsure of how to place the tiny airstone into my aquarium and the whole set up process. The only setups I have seen are for use with a sponge filter. Do I push the little airstone into the substrate? If so, how deep? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I love your gravel in the top photo! May I ask what it is? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the link! I like the tables minimalist design
  9. Hello, I have a 16 gallon aquarium which will be placed in my living room. I am therefore looking at standard accent cabinets (Wayfair, ect) to use as a stand. although these cabinets look nice I am wondering if they are okay to hold the weight of my tank. Anyone use a regular cabinet for their small ish tanks? Any problems with weight capacity? Thanks!
  10. Thanks, that really does look great! Also, I love your AT-AT!
  11. Hello, I recently purchased a 16 gallon rimless tank. I was wondering if I should just leave it alone or place some kind of (black) background. I've heard of vinyl sheet, ect. I intend to place lots of live plants in the tank. What are your thoughts? I know one advantage is the black background can hide equipment. I am leaning toward just leaving it alone but not sure. Thanks!
  12. I like the idea of two nanos because they are easily hide-able but then I need two lines going to the pump, correct? I would need an air pump that allows for two connections?
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